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Not only this, the meal has to offer more, they are also giving the access to  3,000+ high-yield Step 1 questions with detailed explanations from the USMLERx Qmax! All of these perks are being announced at an introductory price of $599 for 6 months Express Review course + 6 months Step 1 Qmax. If you would like to submit a guest post and be heard on the leading medical blog read our submission policy. Cool the skin by sponging it with cool water or by soaking the affected area in a cold bath or a cool shower for ten minutes. Aims – when dealing somebody with sunburn, the aim is to move the casualty out of the sun or away from the source of the sunburn and to relieve any discomfort and pain.

Medique 40061 61 piece First aid kit Developed for all consumers, the Medique portable clamshell first aid kit (model 40061) is great to keep in your car, under the kitchen sink, or in your workshop. Whenever you want to access this menu (this goes for every category) just press the Tips button on the top of your screen.
It is also useful for sports teams and work place situations where a large steel cabinet is impractical. Designed to meet OSHA requirements, the contents are packed in a sturdy polypropylene carrying case with convenient carry handle, and locking brackets to keep contents in the box. Wounds and bleeding, head injures, poisoning, life saving procedures, effects of heat and cold… everything is covered in this app.

Since 1974, Medique has expanded its product line from ten SKU’s to over 3,000 different first aid and medical products.
The goal of every Medique Products team member is to provide consumers with the safest products for the markets we compete in, with the highest quality, at the best price.

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