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From 25-26 February 2016, the project Cross-Border Samaritan Flood Preparedness conducted the first of its two concluding exercises and put the working results to the test. At their meeting in Krakow, which took place from 20-23 September 2015, the project group learned about the involvement of volunteers in flood relief in Poland and finalised the process chain for cross-border Samaritan support. From 9th to 11th February, the 8 Samaritan organisations involved in the project Cross-Border Samaritan Flood Preparedness met in Prague to continue work on their process chain and alert mechanism.
In a report on flood preparedness commissioned by The Co-operators, Ottawa gets the highest grade of the 15 cities examined, but Winnipeg in number 2 on the list with a B+. To retrieve your password, enter your email address below and your password will be sent to you. Floodplains are generally flat areas adjacent to watercourses or the sea where water flows in time of flood or would flow, if not for the presence of flood protection.
Because floodplains vary so widely in size, shape, and potential depth of flooding, probably the best way to think of floodplains is that they are any land area that is subject to inundation by flood waters from any source.
Due to California’s diverse geography, we have all three major types of floodplains: alluvial fan, coastal, and riverine as well as other, less common, types of floodplains.
Coastal Floodplains are generally flat areas bordering the ocean where water flows during a tsunami or tidal storm surge or would flow if not for the presence of flood defenses like sea walls. Riverine Floodplains are generally flat areas bordering rivers and streams where water flows in time of flood or would flow if not for the presence of flood defenses like levees. 2013:  The Importance Of Earthquake-Resistant Homes And What We Can Do About ItIn line with my article on Earthquakes, Faultlines, and Real Estate Investing, I will now be discussing Geohazard Maps and how they can be useful for real estate investors.

Blair Feltmate, an associate professor in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.
So, even if a community has flood protection provided by levees or sea walls, that community is still in a floodplain – it is just better protected than it would be without levees and sea walls because while levees and sea walls reduce the risk of flooding, they do not completely eliminate the risk or consequences of flooding. And, this is where things can get a bit tricky: we can’t always see our potential flooding sources because of distance or other reasons, or we don’t think of small creeks or streams producing extreme flooding. Flooding on alluvial fans can be comprised of water, water that is laden with debris, and water that carries so much debris it is called “debris flow” flooding. Would you want to invest in a property that is in the middle of an area considered to be very susceptible to floods and landslides?
It looked at the preparedness of the 15 cities to limit flood damage caused by extreme rainfall, ranked on 16 different factors. Coastal floodplains experience at least two different types of flooding, and flooding on coastal floodplains can impact land and other floodplains adjacent to coastal floodplains.
Like alluvial fan and coastal floodplains, riverine floodplains experience different types of flooding, and flooding on riverine floodplains can impact land adjacent to the floodplain.
They found four key ways to help deal with floods: residential backwater valves, flood plain mapping, land use planning and urban drainage. Alluvial fans experience at least three different types of flooding, and flooding on alluvial fans can impact land and floodplains adjacent to the fan.
Said to be one of the biggest landslides in Philippine historyFloods and landslides are just some of the geohazards we all want to avoid.

So, now that these geohazard maps are available to the public, people may do research by themselves. The Philippines is divided into squares and you just need to choose which square the area you are interested in belongs to, or you can just use the search function.Quezon City Geohazard maps. This is what I got after I clicked on the folder icon in the attachments window shown above.ADVERTISEMENT Landslide and Flood Susceptibility map of the Quezon City. According to the said page, the map download facility is a collaborative effort of the Mines and GeoSciences Bureau (MGB-DENR) and the Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC).Landslide PreparednessOf course, the next step that you need to do, after being aware of where the landslide-prone areas are located and the possible disasters that may occur (which we pray will not happen), is to leave the unsafe place if you live there and move to a safe location.
If that cannot be done, the next best thing is to be prepared for such an event should it happen.The MGB (Mines and Geosciences Bureau, not Magandang Gabi Bayan ha) has prepared an informative three-page pamphlet about landslide preparedness which you can read below. She is the 2013 Internal Education Head of REBAP-LMPPingback: My #MMShakeDrill Earthquake Preparedness Experience() Jay Castillo You’re welcome and thank you also Veronica! This was demonstrated by the past disasters that came our way.I remember during Ondoy, my relatives in Cainta was in dire need of food. They were stuck at the second level of their home and all their food supply and water supply was quickly engulfed by the flood at the first floor.

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