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Evilio, a firefighter from Miami, and Doug, a trucking company owner from Tampa - what good times we had with the bow & drill. Rapid deforestation and excessive human intervention into wildlife habitat has lead to frequent straying of wild animals into human habitation.
Intrusion into wildlife habitat typically occurs due to illegal encroachment and also when roads, railroads, canals, electric power lines, and pipelines penetrate and divide wildlife habitat.
Road mortality has significantly impacted a number of prominent species in the United States and elsewhere, including white-tailed deer, Florida panthers, and black bears. In addition, species that are unable to migrate across roads to reach resources such as food, shelter and mates experiences reduced reproductive and survival rates.
One way to minimize human-wildlife conflict is to construct wildlife crossings such as bridges and underpasses that allow animals to cross human-made barriers safely.
Since then, several European countries including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and France have been using various crossing structures to reduce the conflict between wildlife and roads. To reduce to effect of the four lane highway, 24 vegetated overpasses and underpasses were built to ensure habitat connectivity and protect motorists.

The Cooney brothers are preparing for an adventure of a lifetime in South Africa defending rhinos from poaching. The Cooney’s are passionate about wildlife and habitat conservation and their knowledge of the subject is recognized in their many public awareness speaking engagements.
Another reason we spent the day at Tosohatchee, was to work on our wilderness survival skills. Even though they’re both Brevard County Lifeguards and knew more about first aid than I ever will, I was able to introduce them to my new favorite product, QuickClot. Plus, they have integral belt and buckle systems which makes them easy to attach and detach.I personally prefer to use a military surplus pouch made from either cotton canvas with a rubber coating inside, or heavy denier nylon. Wild animals attempting to cross roads often find themselves in front of speeding vehicles. In the Netherlands alone there are more than 600 tunnels installed under major and minor roads including the longest “ecoduct” viaduct, near Crailo that runs 800 meters. The most recognizable wildlife crossings in the world are found in Banff National Park in Alberta where the national park is bisected by a large commercial road called the Trans-Canada Highway.

These passes are used regularly by bears, moose, deer, wolves, elk, and many other species. They’ll be onsite four months working alongside armed anti-poaching special forces units in what can only be called, a war to save the rhino form extension.
I used to teach wilderness survival techniques to Boy Scouts during my days as a scoutmaster. That was a good thing because eventually the training devolved into guys chopping and playing with knives and tomahawks. I had the opportunity to accompany Morgan & Zach Cooney and their father Mike, of Cooney Wildlife Adventures, on this environmentally sensitive piece of land between Orlando and Cape Canaveral. We reviewed basic overnight survival, first aid, fire and shelter building as well as our wilderness survival kits.

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