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Emergency personal do their best to keep people comfortable, but the best course of action is to be entirely self-sufficient.
From the first of June to the end of November, Atlantic coastal dwellers pay close attention to their local weather channels.
While “recycling” means reclaiming materials to make something entirely new, “upcycling “ means converting something you were going to throw away into something new and useful. As the nation recovers from the housing market bust, homeowners seem to be asking themselves if they can be happier with less and in less space.
Wise Company dehydrated entrees and snacks are sealed in Mylar pouches and shipped in durable (reusable) black plastic buckets so you never need to worry about critters finding their way into your stored food. In the last blog post we made brief mention of how winter storms had unexpected and significant impacts in Georgia and North Carolina this year.

The city of San Francisco recently launched “SF72”, an online emergency preparedness site aimed at helping citizens in one of the most earthquake prone places in the country prepare for emergencies. This is a question customers ask all the time and in light of the disasters of 2013, we’ve changed how we answer.
Smart packaging provides for a long shelf life and easy storage of all Wise Company products. Wise products have the highest customer ratings for quality and convenience in the industry. If you find you have to evacuate to a shelter, you’ll be a lot more comfortable if you have everything you need for a few days. Hurricane season begins June 1st so now is a good time to check your supplies or get supplies together.

The shift away from McMansions to more modest housing caught our attention because the possibilities to use micro housing for emergency preparedness or off-the-grid living are virtually endless. They have an interesting perspective on disasters: “We believe in connection, not catastrophe. As we mentioned last week, you’ll want to carefully determine your calorie needs as you make your emergency plan.
Our easy to prepare (just add to boiling water) freeze dried food is also fantastic for camping, fishing, hunting, hiking or any outdoor activity.

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