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There are many ways these benefits could be halted in the future, including government budget problems, natural disasters, or widespread power outages.  So what can be done if food assistance benefits are unavailable? Other Local Charities.  Check with the United Way for other local charities that may be able to provide assistance to you or your family. Look for ways to decrease your dependence on government support.  With the state of the government lately, they are the last ones I would want to rely on to provide anything for my family. Whether or not you are currently receiving SNAP benefits, there are some very real possibilities if food assistance programs are stopped that you should be aware of. This all goes back to being self reliant and the basics of being prepared.  Just another possible scenario where having a plan, communications, food storage, and a means of protecting and defending yourself could be a life saver. Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article. Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites! You have forgotten that people relying on SNAP are already on the edge (and some over) of daily hunger and that they do not have the option for stocking up on food because that means actual hunger. I understand it may not be possible for some who receive SNAP to do anything but eat the food they can afford to purchase. While there may be some families that receive benefits that high, many do not and are still struggling. Something to consider: poor neighborhoods in the city frequently do not have supermarkets at all.
The latest outrage du jour from the left are the draconian food stamp cuts that hit individuals and families on November 1, 2013. At the outset, let me preface this post by saying that there is no doubt people are struggling to make ends meet in Obama’s economy. President Obama knowingly and willingly signed the Stimulus Bill into law, which was his crowning achievement until Obamacare. Scott Lincicome over at The Federalist wrote an excellent post on rising beef costs which are due to Uncle Sam. Lest I be accused of having no empathy for folks in need, as a former Boy Scout, we used to have canned food drives several times a year and I still make an effort to help private organizations engaged in the noble cause of feeding those in need.
Mike spent his law school years in Texas, where he was instrumental in founding a chapter of the Republican National Lawyers Association.
But, even most heartless Conservatives are in favor of emergency food assistance to destitute, starving people, which was the original purpose of the Lyndon Johnson a€?Great Societya€? era program. But now, 47+ million people are on SNAP, which has grown geometrically in recent years.A  The Obama administration aggressively promotes it and there have been gross abuses reported.
For many years, the annual farm bill has been joined at the hip with SNAP, virtually guaranteeing passage of the latter. Notice how rational, honest attempts to address runaway program abuses are met with the usual Progressive propaganda attacks on the heartless Republican accountant mentality and the last ditch a€?racisma€? trump card.

A George Miller is a a€?retireda€? operations management consultant and a Citizen Journalist, active in civic affairs,A living in Oxnard. Can you post your recipes for homemade hummus (with or without tahini), homemade pita, and one-pot roasted chicken mentioned above? This menu is very clearly high on the carbohydrate intake–is this how your family typically eats? We typically eat a plant-based menu during the week with lentils, legumes or beans as our protein. I had Snap benefits and when I was on the program, the $200 a month I received was way more than I have ever spent for one person in my life.
The media and talking heads have pointed to the Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) cuts, which range from $11 a month to $36 a month depending on the size of the family receiving the assistance. However, at the same time, there are some serious myths being pushed with respect to SNAP that need to be addressed in order for folks on both sides to be capable of having educated discussions regarding the program. Food stamps are meant to be supplemental, not the primary source of nourishment for needy individuals and families. It ignored the fact that individuals are supposed to be committing their own money to their food budgets in addition to SNAP benefits. Isn’t coupon clipping, comparison & bulk shopping, and deal-hunting something people should be doing anyway? Though what this does is drive up the prices of things that lower- and middle-class folks depend on most: food, fuel, education, and health care. While it’s not glamorous, an actual non-perishable food collection is probably the most cost-efficient way to get food to folks who really need the help. We also will have many Federal Reserve Bank governors talking about the state of the economy. He has an interest in advancing conservative and libertarian-leaning causes, which in his view have significant overlap.
Mike has also served as the president of an international youth organization, where he was involved in lobbying American elected officials in support of various not-for-profit philanthropic causes. The food stamp program, now known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)A has had bipartisan support for decades because of consensus on that very point. We have mostly all read of a€?food stampsa€? (actually it works more like a credit card now) being used to buy lobsters, caviar, champagne, treats at gambling casinos and more. With the spiraling program costs, and the major budget problems of recent years, the Republicans separated the two (agricultural subsidies are about $16 billion) in the House this year, allowing much higher visibility and debate on the food stamp program.
Surely, we can eliminate that much in fraud, waste and abuse?A  Technically, the whole program is unconstitutional and should instead be addressed by states, localities and private efforts, but we wona€™t go there now. Such programs should only be used as a€?safety netsa€? to help people in dire emergency need, not to fund multiple generations of loafers, structurally unemployed or underemployed people.
Kosher meat and cheese are notoriously expensive, which is one of the reasons that we typically eat vegetarian during the week and save meat for Shabbatot.

Below are some truths regarding SNAP which few folks point to, acknowledge, or (perhaps) are even aware of. As a reminder, the stimulus was passed by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives in 2009 (without a single Republican vote) and was passed by the Senate (with two GOP votes, both Senators from Maine, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins).
Whether their own money comes from public assistance, a part-time job, or whatever other source, it should be considered in order to get a full picture of how an individual or family on SNAP should be spending his, her, or their money. The 5-year annualized change in the food index from December 2007 to December 2012 was 2.6 percent.
In essence, when the Federal Reserve increases the money supply through QE and causes price inflation, the lower- and middle-class hurt the most.
There are numerous scams to get benefits for people who arena€™t, or at least shouldna€™t be, entitled to them. The disintegration of family structures has led to a loss of financial viability of millions of minority families especially, since the advent of the welfare state, which has pushed more people into entitlement programs.A  For example, from the 1960a€™s until now, poorA single parent households with children have increased from the 20a€™s percentile range to 54% ofA  blacks, 41% of Hispanics and 32% of whites, a major American tragedy which is most closely correlated to the advent of government programs providing disincentives for families to stay together. When you plan a menu, and then shop according to that menu, you avoid grocery temptations and stop food waste. I know some people really do well on that sort of diet, which is why I wasn’t sure if this was your norm or just for the challenge.
I was a vegetarian for about 12 years and while I do eat meat and chicken now, I still prefer vegetarian food most of the time. Though the bill would have passed the Senate without Snowe and Collins, since the GOP did not have the forty votes needed to block cloture. We also will have a GDP reading on Thursday for the last quarter (projected to have been approximately 2.0%), and the jobs report on Friday (projected to be 120,000). For example, some states automatically grant SNAP benefits to anyone who gets any other entitlement.
We could also say that this coincided with the general breakdown in morality during that time leading to further disintegration of families, the core, nearly universal, building block of human society. All of the negative data which may come out this week can be blamed on the GOP shutdown, of course.
We read of an example where people were awarded only $1 per year in heating cost supplements in order to make them eligible for food stamps, which is a dishonest attempt to circumvent controls. It terrifies me to think that there are so many people completely dependant on this system for food, and many abusing the system as well.

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