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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp program, will come to an end JuneA 15, 2015, according to Department of Agriculture executive Thomas J.
The $76 billion dollars spent on SNAP supplied about 47.6 million Americans assistance, for an average of $133 per month, half of which Vilsack says actually needed it. There are also those who agree with the decision, like Jim Conrad of Jersey City, New Jersey. President Obama, who worked with the Department of Agriculture in shutting down the program, said that the time has come for Americans to make their own way, and that the current system was obviously too broken to repair.
Pennsylvania plans to make the amount of food stamps that people receive contingent on the assets they possess – an unexpected move that bucks national trends and places the commonwealth among a minority of states.
Specifically, the Department of Public Welfare said that as of May 1, people under 60 with more than $2,000 in savings and other assets would no longer be eligible for food stamps. In addition, Bale said, the test was related to DPW Secretary Gary Alexander’s initiative to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse across all department programs. Bale said DPW estimated that 2 percent of the 1.8 million Pennsylvanians receiving food stamps would be affected by the asset test.
The DPW plan caught many by surprise, but has been widely condemned by Philadelphia city officials, business leaders statewide, and advocates for the poor. They point to federal statistics showing that Pennsylvania has one of the lowest food-stamp fraud rates in the nation: one-tenth of 1 percent.

In fact, the state recently won a federal award for running its program efficiently, federal officials say. Moreover, about 30 percent of people who are eligible for food stamps in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation don’t access them, making the entitlement program under-subscribed. Critics of the DPW plan say it would particularly punish elderly people saving for their burials, poor people trying to save enough money to get out of poverty, and working- and middle-class people who lost their jobs in the recession and may now have to liquidate assets to feed their families. The USDA is in charge of the food-stamp program, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. In Pennsylvania, people can access SNAP if they make 160 percent of the federal poverty level or less. Individual states administer SNAP programs and are permitted to apply asset tests as long as the minimum amount of assets is set no lower than $2,000. Antipoverty advocates say the Pennsylvania decision is unusual because there is a trend across America, favored by both Republicans and Democrats, to eliminate asset tests. Currently 35 states, including New Jersey, have gotten rid of asset tests, many of them during the recession, when so many working- and middle-class people have been falling into poverty, antipoverty experts say.
Pennsylvania would become one of only 11 states with the low-threshold $2,000 asset test – along with Alaska, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming, USDA figures show. If a person owns a car, that vehicle also would also be exempt, but any additional vehicle worth more than $4,650 would be considered a countable asset.

Pennsylvania receives about $2.5 billion in federal SNAP funds annually and pays about $160 million annually in state money to maintain the program. It was ended by the Rendell administration because it was hurting senior citizens and others with savings, according to Rachel Cahill, policy analyst with the Center for Hunger-Free Communities at Drexel University’s School of Public Health. Working in collaboration with the health centers listed below, CHCACT aims to increase SNAP enrollment in CT to allow more residents to access healthy food. People like me work their entire lives, pay taxes, and even when we could have used help, we never asked for help, we learned how to take care of our own, on our own.
SNAP outreach workers will regularly reach out in community areas (senior centers, churches, farmers markets and more) as well as talk to health center patients to help people learn about SNAP and how to apply.
You got people illegally moving into the country, working under the table, taking over the construction trade, they get paid cashA and they get food stamps? It is about damn time we stop letting people, especially foreign and lazy people, abuse the system.

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