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A year supply of food is recommended for every household.  This may sound crazy, but it is a great tip for a variety of reasons.
Store canned food in a cool, dry place and not in a garage where it can freeze or get too hot.
Water is probably one of the most important things to store.  You should have a 3 day water supply for each member of the family. How big of a room would you need to store a year supply of food?  Do you want to store your fresh garden veggies like squash, potatoes, and carrots as well? If you google the phrase food storage calculator there are several websites that can give you a good idea of how much food you need to store for a year supply.

Draw a sketch of your pantry, food storage room, and freezer and put the your food storage regions on paper. Put all the non-food items together such as toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, paper towels in one region.
Inscribe on the shelves or containers with a marker, a labeler, with words or pictures so everyone can put things away correctly. We all want to know ;)For more creative storage solutions be sure to follow my Organizing Board on Pinterest!***Feel free to SUBMIT your questions, or READ some of the past ones!*** I don’t publish every question I’m asked, but I do try to respond to as many as I can!
Attics are usually the hottest spot in the house, and appliances throw off a considerable amount of heat.

Also storing foods where they receive a lot of light (such as the shelf near the window filled with clear glass jars of food items) causes faster deterioration as well. Commonly people will add some stuff in order to support eating activities, such as plates, bowls, and the food storage shelves.
As the alternative, especially for the food arrangements and saving, you can maximize the function of the food shelves.

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