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The next morning I found a place that makes custom fitted hats for people with huge noggins like me and a few days later I was comfortably wearing a brand new hat perfect for my big head.
To make it easier for you, we’ve identified four common SCD tweaks that allow the diet to work for 95% of us.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the Bible as four beasts that ride on horses symbolizing Conquest, War, Famine and Death while bringing about the end of the world. The bleak imagery aligns well with the four common foods that stop the diet from working for some people.
Because so many of us come to SCD unknowingly suffering from increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut). Reactions to look for: stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, sinus drainage, horrible smelling gas, headache, and brain fog.
Armed with the tools of our “Four Dark Horsemen Strategy,” we’re confident most people can customize SCD to work for them. Here’s how to tweak SCD using the “Four Dark Horsemen Strategy” and quickly get the diet working for you.
2) If the first attempt fails, keep eliminating the remaining three horsemen until you find the culprit.  For many of us, eliminating all four together finally does the trick. Remember, most of the time you’re just one tweak away from SCD success… remove that one trigger and you’re well on your way to perfect health. For even more help troubleshooting SCD with specific step-by-step strategies, check out our book “SCD Lifestyle—Surviving to Thriving,”  which includes a bonus 32-page FAQ troubleshooting guide to help you tweak SCD to fit your body. Conversely there are probably foods that are not allowed that would be ok for some people, but that’s tricky. Jordan and I stress that it is very important for everyone to define exactly what they want from the diet and what the word cure means to them. Four days usually allows enough time for certain things like the casein protein and peptides to get out of your blood stream. Currently I am taking Salofalk, and it had worked for about 2 months, but I now have a mild (?) flare and not sure if that is because the meds failed or because of a compromised immune system ( I have been sick with colds and flu for the last 6 weeks). And I am still breast-feeding my baby, so perhaps now is not the time to be cutting out major food groups??? Also if the oily stools persist that is a sign of fat malabsorption and you will probably want to try some enzymes to help with that. When I first started having gut problems, I couldn’t even eat good, sour yogurt or kefir without having cramps in my colon and other typical lactose intolerant symptoms. I’ve been following a mostly raw, vegan diet and recently learned about fructose malabsorption. I work out most every day, Before SCD I’d eat a lot of carbs, plus big salads and lots of fruit to fill me up.
I am beginning to wonder if I’ll every be able to enjoy a simple salad without consequences.
You don’t have to be a student of religion to recognize references from the Book of Revelation. Elaine Pagels, one of the world’s leading biblical scholars, first read Revelation as a teenager. But people have clashed over the meaning of Revelation ever since it was virtually forced into the New Testament canon over the protests of some early church leaders, Pagels says. Anyone who has read the popular “Left Behind” novels or listened to pastors preaching about the “rapture” might see Revelation as a blow-by-blow preview of how the world will end.
Pagels, however, says the writer of Revelation was actually describing the way his own world ended. She says the writer of Revelation may have been called John – the book is sometimes called “Book of the Revelation of Saint John the Divine” but he was not the disciple who accompanied Jesus. For some of the earliest Jewish followers of Jesus, the destruction of Jerusalem was incomprehensible.
The author of Revelation was trying to encourage the followers of Jesus at a time when their world seemed doomed.
Pagels, however, says the writer of Revelation didn’t really intend 666 as the devil’s digits. The arrogant and demented Nero was particularly despised by the earliest followers of Jesus, including the writer of Revelation. But the author of Revelation couldn’t safely name Nero, so he used the Jewish numerology system to spell out Nero’s imperial name, Pagels says.
Pagels says that John may have had in mind other meanings for the mark of the beast: the imperial stamp Romans used on official documents, tattoos authorizing people to engage in Roman business, or the images of Roman emperors on stamps and coins. Since Revelation’s author writes in “the language of dreams and nightmares,” Pagels says it’s easy for outsiders to misconstrue the book’s original meaning. The author of Revelation hated Rome, but he also scorned another group – a group of people we would call Christians today, Pagels says. There’s a common perception that there was a golden age of Christianity, when most Christians agreed on an uncontaminated version of the faith. This new message insisted that gentiles could become followers of Jesus without adopting the requirements of the Torah. John was defending a form of Christianity that would be eclipsed by the Christians he attacked, Pagels says. The author of Revelation was a follower of Jesus, but he wasn’t what some people would call a Christian today, Pagels says.
There’s no other book in the Bible quite like Revelation, but there are plenty of books like Revelation that didn’t make it into the Bible, Pagels says. Early church leaders suppressed an “astonishing” range of books that claimed to be revelations from apostles such as Peter and James. There was even another “Secret Revelation of John.” In this one, Jesus wasn’t a divine warrior, but someone who first appeared to the apostle Paul as a blazing light, then as a child, an old man and, some scholars say, a woman. Pagels traces that decision largely to Bishop Athanasius, a pugnacious church leader who championed Revelation about 360 years after the death of Jesus.

Athanasius was so fiery that during his 46 years as bishop he was deposed and exiled five times.
Rome was no longer the enemy; those who questioned church authority were the anti-Christs in Athanasius’s reading of Revelation, Pagels says. The fact of the matter is these bogus theories were virtually unheard of prior to the 19th century when it became increasingly popular for self proclaimed Bible teachers to try to set dates for Christ's return. There are alternative evangelical views emerging that are going to help the church get back to what it was meant to be rather than what doomsday enthusaists have made it into in the last century.
In Pagels' s worldview the only idea that is truly beyond belief is that Jesus was the Son of God who came in human flesh to die for her sins and that the Bible is an accurate acount of His life. I believe everyone should research all beliefs in God and Jesus as well as other spiritual beliefs. One would think the not-Christians would have been the ones horrified since Christians ARE the TEMPLE.
I just read a book called The Second Exodus: Reviving the Dead Knowledge of Jesus of Nazareth. Christianity and particularly the teachings of Christ is no more than an allegory of parenting and growing children with some morals.
This atmosphere is central to the experience of Four Horsemen: This is not a sunny, happy place where heroes save the day.
In my review of Book 1 of this series I mentioned the pace of Mendheim et al’s story, and Book 2 doesn’t let up. One of the great film quotes comes from Tombstone when Johnny Ringo quotes the Apocalypse “Behold the pale horse. I look forward to any other thoughts or insights – especially about the wine and oil of the Black Horseman. Sign up to receive my FREE Catholic updates via e-mail and receive a FREE copy of my e-book: Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages.
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About TaylorI am the author of the Amazon bestselling novel Sword and Serpent: A Retelling of Saint George and the Dragon, and 5 other published books on topic ranging from Judaism, Catholicism, Thomas, Aquinas, and Roman history. I'm also the President of the New Saint Thomas Institute where we offer online theology classes to over 1,600 students in over 30 nations. In fact, we’re convinced that if diet modification isn’t working for you, you’re probably only one or two tweaks away from becoming another SCD success story. Leaky gut allows HUGE proteins into the blood stream that aren’t normally supposed to be there, signaling your immune defenses to ATTACK like an angry hornets nest.
Here’s the key: don’t change anything else in your diet so any changes you notice are only from the food you eliminated. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work.
Plantains is one that comes to mind because of the recent study saying they have a benefit to people with IBD. I can eat all four, but have to make sure my cheese & kefir is from raw milk or fermented or aged so much that it is lactose free. I learned the hard way that dairy, nuts and large amounts of honey or fruit don’t work for me. While I really like the idea of not having to take meds for the rest of my life, from what I have read I’m not sure how my body would do on this diet – veggies seem to irritate my guts the most! He was a devout Jew and mystic exiled on the island of Patmos, off the coast of  present-day Greece.
They had expected Jesus to return “with power” and conquer Rome before inaugurating a new age. Think of the Winston Churchill radio broadcasts delivered to the British during the darkest days of World War II. It may have scared some theologians, too, who began encountering people whose view of Revelation comes from a Hollywood movie. Most people think 666 stands for an anti-Christ-like figure that will deceive humanity and trigger a final battle between good and evil. She won the National Book Award for “The Gnostic Gospels,” a 1979 book that examined a cache of newly discovered “secret” gospels of Jesus.
Many of these books were read and treasured by Christians throughout the Roman Empire, she says. He was primarily responsible for shaping the New Testament while excluding books he labeled as hearsay, Pagels says. Because she repudiates the possibility of Christ's first coming being true, it should come as no surprise that she scoffs at His second coming.
Critical analysis requires a knowledge of the subject for which the author has demonstrated very little in regards to what I did read. The only way to understand anything about Christ you have to study the Gnostic scriptures as well as the Hebrew and Greek versions. It argues that the Old Testament biblical texts are veiled, containing a hidden message that only the doctrine of Jesus could decipher. This is a place where heroes have their families butchered and team up with serial killers, whores and cowards to save the world from Armageddon.
It rips through the standard action tropes (assembly of the team, enough backstory to keep you interested but not bored,) and heads for the central characters’ inevitable showdown with their alter-egos we’ve been building to all issue.
I suspect it’ll be darker, bloodier and substantially less happy than your average winter’s tale! The four riders were first envisaged in the Book of Revelations, which prophesies God's Last Judgement.
He even taught that the White Horseman was Christ Himself riding out in victory over the world with the Gospel of salvation.

The color of his horse is written as khloros (??????) in the Greek, which often refers to the color green. This is a quick and easy way to learn the basic philosophy and theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. If your comment contains a hyperlink to another site, your comment automatically goes into "Comments Purgatory" where it waits for release by way of moderation. An inflamed immune system makes healing on SCD an uphill battle even though you’re eating “SCD legal” foods. I can eat all those things, but there are other things that are supposed to be allowed that I can’t eat. I have introduced several foods but have scaled back to plantains, chocolate (unsweetened baking chocolate powder – once in a great while), sweet potatoes, kefir, wheat free tamari, millet, and quinoa. Re the peppers, I used to not be able to eat them & now have found that as long as I let them mature like they are supposed to be to a beautiful color, then I can eat them just fine. I have a question for you or any readers… have you found that, after getting past the intro stages and a spending a good amount of time in full symptomatic remission that you’ve been able to increase the amount of honey you consume without going into a flair? From the research I’ve done it looks like muscles switch from fat to carb consumption as one moves from moderate to high intensity exercise which does a good job of explaining my experiences.
People who don’t even follow religion are nonetheless familiar with figures and images from Revelation. The book, along with other work from Pagels, argues that there were other accounts of Jesus’ life that were suppressed by early church leaders because it didn’t fit with their agenda.
But he didn’t like the message that the apostle Paul and other followers of Jesus were preaching.
At first it sounded corny, but after reading it, it makes a very strong argument that there is a whole lot more going on in the Bible than anyone can currently see. Quite frankly there is nothing Christian in the books presentation of Christ as a vengeful angry blood shedding god. The appearance of Christ on a white horse in Revelation 19 seems to confirm this interpretation – I certainly hold this view.
We can all find excuses for not doing it because the concept if foreign to us, “what?
At the center of this final battle between good and evil is an action-hero-like Jesus, who is in no mood to turn the other cheek. When I find assertions being made that have no sound source or rational argument, I dismiss the source as hearsay. It is essentially claiming that all of mankind is obliviously living under the prince of the world (deception) because we can’t see why the Bible is truly divine. Also the mention of anonymous elders sitting by God's throne whose only job is to kow tow to God is just plain hideous.
Wondering if anyone has read it, and if so, if they have any insight if what that book is claiming is actually correct? Any experiences people can share would be appreciated – are there people out there who can consume a fair bit of honey after having a lengthy stretch of success on SCD? We are not in hospital or having to resort to lots of drugs that ultimately don’t work and do lots of damage in the meantime. I avoided trying it for a long time as I knew too well my previous symptoms when drinking milk (gas cramps bloating etc!!) Surprisingly, nothing happened. I have to take the Alpha and Beta risk associated with my methodology in searching for knowledge. The only reason Christianity is in power now is because of politics and they have taken that power and the name of their god to control the human race.
Their placard reads: 'Unless you repent - everybody, there will be a fire storm in the city. I had tried a few times to add almond milk or pecan milk with bad results, so I already knew I could not have nut products. They prevent me from being happy and healthy and I happily breeze past them at the supermarket. If any Christians have been aware of the recent findings in archeology and science then you would be well aware that a lot of the stories in the bible are not accurate at all.
Re breastfeeding it really is possible, and not that hard (except for first week) Good Luck, bless you and give it a go. I want to say that RAW , grass fed milk (from brown cows) healed my gut GREATLY, and I felt that I was getting nowhere without it. Daily staples (bread) will inflate in price, but luxury items (wine and oil) will not inflate. After drinking it for a few months, I could tolerate yogurt, kefir, butter and cheese again.
The really interesting thing is that all three items (bread, wine, and oil) are the three elements used in Catholic sacraments.
So perhaps the saving of wine and oil is a reference to the fact that the Church will be able to retain her sacraments. I will absolutely never go back to pasteurized milk from holstein cows again, in my opinion it is poison. I plan to try yogurt somewhere down the line again, and probably nuts later, but I have decided I can live without eggs and other dairy. The retired MTA employee has pumped $140,000 into a NYC Transit ad campaign to warn everyone the world will end next Saturday.

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