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If you like this website, Please support by clicking one of these button bellowThank you for your time. American Me Comedy will be an evening of the best stand up comedy featuring today's hottest working comics from all walks of life - race, color, religion, sexual orientation - sharing their unique and hilarious perspectives on life experiences. Due to ita€™s consistent sold out shows and ever growing popularity, American Me Comedy can be seen monthly at the Hollywood and San Jose Improvs and regularly at the Ontario and Addison (Texas) Improvs, Punch Line and Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco, CA, and Levity Live and Gotham, NYC!
This entry was posted in развидеть and tagged art artist comic comic con family guy interview Kokkinakis Achilleas Mercenary Art Studio modern art superhero иллюстрации интервью искусство комиксы on August 12, 2013 by admin. It’s probably the right time to come back after a short pause with some fresh material. Unfortunately, links to sources are often neglected bu people while reposting , so to find the artist responsible for the creation of these parodies was not so easy. We have also found that Kokkinakis is a professional sketch designer specializing in small sketches based on stories from known novels. Q: What do you think about recent activity of Hollywood studios producing more and more comic-based movies lately? Q: What do you think is harder – to imagine and create universe or implement it in art with all details?
Q: Would you agree that comic art evolved in recent decades and it is now an art on it’s own? Q: Would you also agree with a statement that one have to be a bit of a kid inside to like comic? Q: How do you like mixing styles and making heroes from different universes battle each other in your drawings?
A: I admire the work of a lot of people , stories and drawing styles, so when you mix them , becomes a great result with comical interest!

You can find more artist’s works in facebook group or on Mercenary Art Studio website, owned and run by Jake Mackessy. He believes, with all his heart, that he really is an alien and that he will soon be leaving Planet Earth. Very funny line-up of comics will be performing who have been on Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, The Late Show With David Letterman, The Tonight Show, Conan, The Late, Late, Show With Craig Ferguson, Saturday Night Live, America's Got Talent, and regulars on Chelsea Lately so make sure to catch this show because you never know who might pop in!!! At the very least, everyone who has not spent the last twenty years for hundreds of kilometers away from the civilization have seen one of the above series. And yet, after a long search we managed to get on the trail of a young graphic designer Kokkinakis Achilleas, who is the author of original works. And at the same time i Love watching my favorite heroes becoming trends, and taking over the world around me. And if one of them isn’t as good as the other, then the whole comic will have problem. A lot of work to create my own stories and become ready to follow the amazing artists that are right now in the comic industry and give us their hard work to make our favorite heroes become alive in panels and comic pages. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. I would hardly be mistaken in assuming that quite a lot of our readers consider themselves if not fans, then at least admirers of graphic novels or stories based on them.
It turned out that they were specifically drawn and presented on Dubai Middle East Film & Comic Con 2012.
So that we decided to chat with this Greek artist about comic books, art, movies and some other nice things.
If it was a stupid top model or spider-man to be at the poster advertisement next to the telephone booth of my street, i would prefer spider-man !

Every generation will have its trends , and comics is something that will exist with or without the trends. Everyone who works in the comic industry can either choose to use their skills just to make money and have a normal life OR use this gift to create something that will touch and maybe , just maybe change for the best the minds and lives of some readers . The fact that, regardless of age group, country, all of us were once children allows me to state it with such confidence . And thanks to the fans, sometimes you can see works which are so easy to distinguish from any commercial product, as you can clearly feel the author’s attitude in each line and every detail. And now we are glad to bring to your attention what emerged from this two fanboy’s dialog. Trend is good cause makes people get interested into comics , and is bad cause it takes something good and makes it too simple and too different in order to suit in the Hollywood needs. The classics should teach the modern how to solve some basic and crucial problems so the modern can go a step further, and then the future comic artists and story writers get another step further. Maybe it all just seems to me, but if you walk a look at a series of this fan works you will understand what do I mean. Or first experience with graphic universes, living in their unrealistic laws could have been later in one’s life, still everyone somehow find a mysterious connection to his own hero, in which it is even easier to believe than in the others. Comic novels grow and develop with us, offering variety of new characters, going through a period of stagnation and crises and finally bringing us new and exiting events.

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