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Born Free (TV series), and check out Born Free (TV series) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
The final installment of the franchise was a television movie called Born Free: A New Adventure which was released in 1996, with Linda Purl and Chris Noth. Born Free was scheduled opposite ABC's Top 20 hit The Rookies and CBS's Top 30 hit Gunsmoke. George Adamson information website with photos, letters and much information and featuring Elsa the Lioness. A reality show that has yet to premiere is already facing legal troubles over one of its stars' Britney Spears impersonation act.

The theater owner has reportedly threatened to sue if the producers exploit Elena's reputation as 'Little Britney' and use it to promote the show.
Mr Beacher says he also owns the copyright for other impersonation acts including 'Little Miley', 'Little Kesha', 'Little Gaga' and 'Little Katy Perry', and he's willing to take legal action if any of them are violated.
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It aired on the NBC television network from September 9 to December 30, 1974 produced by Columbia Pictures Television and starring and narrated by Diana Muldaur. The couple lived in Kenya with their adopted lioness Elsa the lioness, where they protected the animals in the surrounding area from all sorts of danger, both natural and human.

Rating for the series were low and it was canceled in the middle of the 1974-75 television season after thirteen episodes.
Lifetime's new series Little Women LA follows the lives of a group of little people including Elena Gant, who is known for doing a 'Little Britney' act in Las Vegas.But according to TMZ, Jeff Beacher, the owner of Beacher's Madhouse, which is located in the MGM Grand Hotel, has sent a cease and desist letter to the producers of the show, claiming that he owns the rights to her act.

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