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This is a picture of American Horror Story Coven, uploaded by user Dance with following tags: American, horror, snakes, TV series. I can hardly put into words how much I enjoyed watching every little detail play out on the screen, but we are going to give it a shot anyway. Here is a look at tonight’s Season Premiere of American Horror Story’s latest incantation Coven, entitled ‘Bitchcraft’.
We see Madame LaLaurie hosting a dinner party to show off her young daughters to the world. As the screen fades to black, they make sure to highlight the face of her daughter as she is attempting to make eyes with one of Madame’s slaves. Carefully, she spreads the mixture all over her face with a cold and disconnected look in her eyes.
While she is in the middle of her regimen, her husband walks into the room, and tells her that something has happened at the dinner party. Almost like lightning, Madame LaLaurie is downstairs in quite the fit of rage.You can hear the accent in her voice much more definitively when she is angry. She tells her daughter that she threw this party, full of eligible bachelors just for her, and yet she spreads her legs for the house man. The attic is where she exacted some of the most horrible cruelty upon her slaves that the human mind can fathom.
There are even some of them who have had their eyes and lips sewn shut as part of her “experiments.” Others have had the skin removed from their face, while some are locked up in cages that hardly give them room to breathe, let alone move. The man has clearly already been beaten as parts of his face are already significantly swollen. The child puts the severed bull’s head right on top of the slaves head as if he were wearing a mask.
Why, I used to sit on Daddy’s lap and he would read me those stories full of their vengeful gods and wonderful, miraculous creatures.” She said. To say that Madame LaLaurie was quite possibly one of the cruelest women in all of history is probably an understatement. Apparently, the doctors who examined her boyfriend determined that he died of a brain aneurysm. The next time we see her, she is on a bus to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.
She makes her way into the house, which has very minimalistic furniture in the front rooms. Suddenly, the three hooded, masked figures emerge from the shadows and quickly descend on Zoe.
The pretty blonde girl standing before Zoe introduces herself as the movie star Madison Montgomery.
Standing with Madison are Queenie and Nan, played by Gabourey Sidibe and Jamie Brewer respectively. After the introductions were complete, the Headmistress, Cordelia Foxx walks into the room.
She tells the other girls to go unload the groceries, and that she will show Zoe to her room. While they walk up the winding stairs, she tells Zoe a little more about the history of Miss Robichaux’s Academy.
In 1868, the Supreme of that time purchased the facilityestablishing a safe place where witches could gather to learn.

She tells her that an average witch is born with a few natural gifts, but in each generation there is a woman that bares countless gifts. It’s you that will end in flames, I swear it.” She said right before she burst into flames, screaming into the night. A scientist is going over some research that he has been doing on stem cells, and their ability to rehabilitate. It is her late husband who has been funding the scientist’s research, and she is demanding that he give her the experimental treatment immediately. He tells her that they are nowhere near ready to begin human testing, and that what she desires is impossible. He tells her that she is a very beautiful woman, and that if she is looking for something cosmetic, he can recommend a surgeon.
He tells her that he has risked his career by giving that to her, and that he could even go to jail for his actions.
She chases him across the room, and when he pulls a bottle out and attempts to use it against her, she waves her hand and he goes flying into the wall.
She begins to kiss him, and slowly, the life begins to drain from his body and flow into hers, rejuvenating her. Madison tells the story of how she had a part in a show, and the director told her that she needed to hit her mark.
As he walks back to his chair, she looks up at the light fixture and undoes the screw with her powers. Queenie tells her that she needs to do the world a favor, and just take an acting class, followed by a few choice insults. Why?” Zoe asks Madison tells her that she can borrow something of hers because they are going to a frat party tonight. It would seem that Fiona is disappointed that her daughter hasn’t fully realized her powers. She tells Fiona that she heard of the girl who was burned at the stake, and that this is turning into Salem all over again. She says that Cordelia’s teaching methods are a complete failure and that if she doesn’t start teaching these girls to fight, that they are all going to die. She tells her that then she can explain to them why she feels that it isn’t a good idea for the Supreme to teach them. The leader of the fraternity, Kyle, played by Evan Peters,  is going over the rules of the evening. He tells them that he will not be drinking that much tonight, so if he sees them breaking the rules, he will send them straight back to the bus.
He tells them that they are still on probation from a previous incident, so they have to be careful. Madison finds herself in a more secluded area of the party with one of Kyle’s fraternity brothers.
It is unclear exactly what they used, but Madison was definitely slipped something in her drink. They drag her body into a bedroom and bigin to rape her one by one as one of the brothers video tapes the whole thing. They throw the bus driver off of the bus and close the doors, attempting to flee the scene. The “leader” of the rapists tells them all to delete the videos from their phones and that they are to stick together.

She attempts to chase it, but like all people on foot, they have no chance of catching up to a bus.
She concentrates for a moment, and then she sends the bus flying into the air before is slams back to earth and explodes with all the young men, including Kyle, in it. Fiona tells them that she has read all of their files, and that they are never going to become great women of their clan sitting around at Hogwarts under the instruction of her daughter. She tells them that she is taking them on a little field trip, and that they should put on something…black.
Each one of you has a unique gift, but that’s not nearly enough to be a real witch.” Fiona says. The tour guide tells them that they can’t just barge in on a tour without purchasing a ticket.
The woman continues to tell them more about the history of Madame LaLaurie and her torture of slaves. The tour guide explains how Madame LaLaurie used to use the blood of her slaves to attempt to make herself youthful. She goes down to the slave quarters with her daughter and forces her to remove the pancreas from one of her slaves and then uses it to make her mixture. The tour then moves into the attic, or what they refer to as Madame LaLaurie’s chamber of horrors. In another flashback, we see Madame LaLaurie outside of her home, when Marie Laveau approaches her gate. She tells Madame LaLaurie that she has the cure for her husband’s affliction, his compulsion for the young ladies. Then, Madame LaLaurie drinks the entire potion, commenting on the sweet taste of honeysuckle. Unbeknownst to Madame LaLaurie, the slave that she had turned into the Minotaur was a lover of Marie Laveau.
Well… The tour guide says that Madame LaLaurie’s body was never found, and that no one knows her true resting place. Fiona leaves her daughter with some money to top the movers, and tells her that she has something to take care of, and leaves.
Using the one power that she knows she has, she uses her hand to pleasure him until he is “ready”, then she proceeds to climb on top of him and have sex with him just as she had to her boyfriend.
Fiona thanks the both of them, then she uses her powers to wipe their memories of all of the evening’s events. Once the pressure of the chains is released, the box falls apart from years and years of wear. We have been introduced to most of the key players, we know where everyone stands, and now all we have left to do is sit back and watch how the story unfolds. There is no doubt in my mind that Season 3 is destined to be the best of all the Seasons of American Horror Story. You won’t want to miss a single second of this series as the mysteries unfold, and the secrets of the Coven are revealed.

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