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The African-American Romance genre promises sexy, emotional, heartfelt, and romantic stories that reflect the values and dreams of African-American culture. Though we may look the same or sound the same, it is important to look beyond the surface to get to the core of each individual’s identity. Davis plays long estranged twin sisters Margaret and Edith who have not spoken since Margaret married Frank Da Lorca who Edith was seeing at the time. This Saturday, we’re bringing you two free movies dealing with discovering true identities.
Eighteen years later, after the two are reunited at Frank’s funeral, Edith is reminded of Margaret’s cruel and deceptive nature.

We Still Live Here-As Nutayunean tells the story of a Massachusetts Native American tribe who did the impossible.
In a fit of rage, she kills Margaret and assumes her identity, staging the scene to look as if Edith herself has committed suicide.
It was the Wampanoag tribe who taught the Pilgrims to fish and cultivate when they arrived in New England. While her plan initially seems foolproof, Edith soon realizes her sister was guilty of more than just petty dishonesty. As the Pilgrims expanded their territorial and cultural boundaries, the Wampanoag language slowly disappeared with each passing generation.

Now, she faces suspicion from Margaret’s lover Tony and Edith’s own boyfriend Jim (Malden).
Nearly four hundred years after the first contact between their ancestors and European settlers, the modern day Wampanoag people embarked on a mission to revive their native language.
Through community efforts and determination, a new generation of fluent Wampanoag speakers came to life.

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