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The Last American Virgin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Last American Virgin is a 1982 American coming-of-age film, a remake of the Israeli film Eskimo Limon (1978).
Gary gets stuck with the homely and overweight Millie, a friend of the other two more attractive girls. Being too afraid to follow on it, Gary leaves and convinces his friends to go along with him.
They drop by her home the next evening using the pretext they were nearby on a pizza delivery and decided to bring her over some extra pizzas.
She lets them in, puts on music and performs a sexy dance routine, to the delight of the boys. Gary decides to help Karen pay for her abortion by selling most of his possessions and borrowing money from his boss. They seem to hit it off and Karen invites Gary to her 18th birthday party at her house the following week. Gary scrapes up a few more dollars and buys Karen a gold locket for her birthday.However, when Gary arrives at the party, his dreams of a lasting romance with Karen are shattered when he sees Karen making out with Rick in the kitchen.
Despite of what the scuzbucket Rick had put Karen through, she apparently decided to take him back to start all over. At that time filmgoers were deluged with nothing but mad slasher filmsand teen sex comedies. Interestingly, since the title suggests it,themain character is not given any extra attention to lose his virginity thenthe other two friends who are obviously not virgins.
One particular scene where the boys visitan extremely horny woman only to be interrupted by her boyfriend is fun.
An event occurs out of left field that brings our main characterand the girl of his dreams together. From then on they share experiencesthat are very real and anyone could identify with whether they have everbeen in the situation or not.
It’s strong,emotional, and so well acted that everyone out there knows exactly what thecharacters feel simply by the looks on their faces. How the director had the guts to end it as he did is a testamenttonot playing down on his audience. I am sure many people can identify with these peopleduring the hijinks filled first half as well. We end up truly caring about someof them and despising others and hoping for a lot of things to happen.

Also, there was asurprising amount of male nudity.Then the movie, about halfway through, takes a sudden dramatic turn asone of the boys (winningly played by Lawrence Monoson) falls in lovewith a girl. I'm notgoing to give away what happens but I was very surprised at the suddenturn in events. The movie brings up some very important subjects andtreats them realistically and with intelligence.
But ( at least at an early age ) they end upgoing for the good looking, slimy, disrespectful, untamed guy. And what he has to say in this film that is disguised withsex and nudity and parties and everything else that teens can relateto, is that you will get your heart broken.
Maybe we all have.This is an old film, but if you ever come across it gathering dust on ashelf in your local video store one night, pick it up, you may besurprised. I highly suggest renting it and brace yourself.Reply Paul Covington from West Hollywood, California07 Jan 2014, 1:48 amSpoilers in this review! Despite a few highly improbable scenes,including the boys in PE measuring their penises in a contest and thefew obligatory teens-trying-to-get-laid vignettes, this movie capturesthe painful essence of high school in ways that few teen films haveever done.
It achieves this by not only showing the trio of friends,Gary, Dave, Rick, as smoking, drinking, ever on the prowl teens, butalso dwells on the nature of friendship itself as these three friendshave their loyalties tested.
For the shy romantic Gary, when he sees the lovelyKaren for the first time he falls instantly in love.
The awakeningemotion in Gary is writ large on the screen, and he proves his love forher by taking her in when she is jilted by her lover. Rick turns out to be a cad, but you have tobear in mind that his character is only 17 years old.
From Rick’s perspective, the story is also aboutfinding the one girl of his dreams, a bad breakup, and then at the endreconciling. The look on Rick’s face as Gary walks in and sees Karenkissing Rick, shows that he at last understands that his best friendand he love the same woman. Karen represents all thepeople in the world who take in without giving back, who exist in avacuum of their own ego and never stop to realize the emotional damageand trauma they inflict on others. This film is brutal in itsstatements on love and friendship, but that’s what makes it uniqueamong teen films.
It ceases being a comedy and becomes a hopelesslyromantic film, albeit one doomed to a tragic conclusion. Anyone who hasever found the girl of his dreams and did not win her, will understand.The heartrending crushes of high school are every bit as real as theemotional strains of adulthood, and this film will remind you of thatin bold strokes. Gary’s final reversal, as he drives away with theinscribed locket, is as poignant a moment as any in cinema. The firstpart is a silly teen sexploitation film, and once the story begins,it’s a strongly affecting drama.

There are SO SO MANYwomen like Karen out there who would have made the exact same choiceshe did.
This movie will inspire discussion and, despite the countlesstimes I've seen it, still leaves me filled with admiration for the filmmakers and performers. Story is about a high school virgin named Gary (LawrenceMonoson) who works at a pizza place as a delivery boy and he hangs outwith his friends David (Joe Rubbo) and Rick (Steve Antin).
Gary noticesKaren (Diane Franklin) who is the new girl in school and one morning hegives her a ride and by this time he is totally in love.
But one nightRick brags to Gary that he nailed her at the football field and Garybecomes enraged. A few days later in the school library Gary see’s Rickand Karen arguing and he asks Karen what is wrong. Finally, Garytells Karen how he really feels about her and she seems receptive tohis feelings but later at her birthday party he walks in on Karen andRick together again. First, he made sure that there was plenty of gratuitous nudityso that this was marketable to the young males that usually go to thesefilms. Secondly, he had the film end with young Gary without Karen andI think the males in the audience can relate to being screwed over nomatter how hard you try and win a girls heart. There is nudity required by Franklin but shestill conveys the sorrow of a young girl who gets dumped at a crucialtime. When a new girl arrives in town Garyfalls head over heels in love with her.The film goes from being a sleazy sex film to an examination of teenageinsecurities.
It never completelygives into that love story formula that seems prominent in every moviemade.You know the guy meets girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl back in thefinalframe formula. Either way, the studios would never allowsuch a bold and uncompromising portrayal of the issues many male teenagersare confronted with as they reach their sexual maturity. Especiallyconsidering the heart-wrenching discovery the protagonist, Gary isconfronted with in the end. American Pie this is not.The story revolves around a trio of male teenagers, and their mostlyunsuccessful sexual pursuits. Rick and Karen begin having sex,and Karen gets pregnant, only to be dumped by Rick, who is not interested inthe obvious responsibility which lies before him. Gary glides into helpKaren, which leads to the aforementioned, unexpected conclusion.Overall as a film, I find it was very successful as a comedy, as acommentary on the sexual dilemmas of young men, and a remarkable coming ofage tale dealing with issues such as envy, unrequited love and abortion,which are just as pertinent today as they were over twenty years ago.

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