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On January 23, the 30th Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division had reached the outskirts of the village of Holtzwihr, the wooded area known as the Bois de Riedwihr. On the 25th Company B of, 1st Battalion, 15th Regiment was ordered to attack the same ground again. Audie Murphy describes the position on the 26th as they waited in the freezing cold for the German counter-attack which must inevitably come. I hang up the receiver and grab my carbine just as the enemy’s preliminary barrage hits.
Lieutenant Murphy ordered his men to withdraw to a prepared position in a woods while he remained forward at his command post and continued to give fire directions to the artillery by telephone. Behind him to his right one of our tank destroyers received a direct hit and began to burn.
He was alone and exposed to the German fire from three sides, but his deadly fire killed dozens of Germans and caused their infantry attack to waver. For an hour the Germans tried every available weapon to eliminate Lieutenant Murphy, but he continued to hold his position and wiped out a squad which was trying to creep up unnoticed on his right flank.
His directing of artillery fire wiped out many of the enemy; he personally killed or wounded about 50. When I trained in the infantry in the SADF, our instructors often referred to Audie Murphy. These men (CMH reciepients) Never think about themselves first, its always their comrades or the men under them. What can you say about a man so bad ass, playing himself in the movie was the only man able to handle the roll. The first day of the sixteen day stand against the Japanese by the massively outnumbered Queen's West Kents.

Murphy had come a long way since he had landed in Sicily in 1943 as a Corporal and the runner for B Company, 15th Infantry Regiment. They suddenly encountered 10 tanks and accompanying infantry and sustained heavy casualties before they were forced to withdraw.
Losing six out of seven officers and 102 out of 120 men killed or wounded they penetrated 600 yards into the woods and held their position overnight. Six tanks rumble to the outskirts of Holtzwihr, split into groups of threes, and fan out toward either side of the clearing. He shrugs his shoulders, beckons with his thumb, and the men stumble through the woods, casting worried glances backward. Murphy, 01692509, 15th Infantry, Army of the United States, on 26 January 1945, near Holtzwihr, France, commanded Company B, which was attacked by six tanks and waves of infantry. He received a leg wound but ignored it and continued the single-handed fight until his ammunition was exhausted.
Now famous as the the most decorated soldier in the U.S Army he was to go on to have a successful career in Hollywood. They do what needs to be done regardless the danger or cost to themselves They are truly Amazing!
A string of promotions and medals had been accompanied by a number of wounds and incapacitation with Malaria. The eighteen surviving men led by Murphy found it impossible to dig foxholes because of the frozen ground – but they were re-inforced by some Tank Destroyers before dawn and later by a Forward Artillery Observer.
Keep it coming.” Dropping the receiver, I grab the carbine and fire until I give out of ammunition. Lieutenant Murphy continued to direct artillery fire which killed large numbers of the advancing enemy infantry.

He then made his way to his company, refused medical attention, and organized the company in a counterattack which forced the Germans to withdraw. The director listened a few moments and was next seen leaving the area so fast he forgot to wipe his ass.
In October 1944 he had been awarded two Silver Stars and a battlefield commission – but had also been shot in the leg and during subsequent hospital treatment had had muscle removed after gangrene set in. With the enemy tanks abreast of his position, Lieutenant Murphy climbed on the burning tank destroyer which was in danger of blowing up any instant and employed its .50 caliber machine gun against the enemy.
Many men would have taken a long time to recover from such a wound but in January 1945 Murphy rejoined his regiment and soon was back in the thick of the action. Then wave after wave of white dots, barely discernible against the background of snow, start across the field. The remainder, coughing and half-blinded, climb from the smoking turret and sprint down the road to the rear.
They were perhaps four miles away and already losing height in a wide sweeping turn to starboard over Grand Harbour. They are enemy infantrymen, wearing snowcapes and advancing in a staggered skirmish formation. Now they straightened out on a northerly course with their noses down, and I knew they would be exceeding 400 mph.

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