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We all know that a good product is no use unless it is promoted to the hilt and generates a huge buzz.
We have been lucky to have worked with directors and actors who are willing to take that additional leap and lend full support to the marketing as much as they do while shooting the film. Inspired by the hilarious real-life cliche – matrimonial ads – that we love to laugh at in the newspapers. We broke the mould of regular posters for a film by inserting public notice ads in newspapers with a hilarious take on issues men have with women. Outcome: Pyaar Ka Punchnama went on to become a cult hit though the issues guys have with girls haven’t changed! Outcome: Shaitan was not only a commercial success but is the reference point of ‘edgy cool’ for cinema.
Outcome: Kahaani is one of the biggest hit films of 2012 and the most celebrated, to say the least. A film which has and will continue to inspire many a film ad campaign, it had the nation talking and social networks buzzing for days. Outcome: Back home, the gamcha industry in UP and Bihar found a new lease of life, apart from GOW redefining ‘cult’ in India. Gamcha was a hard act to beat but with Ramadhir Singh and Faizal Khan taking on each other; we took inspiration from our real-life political leaders and went out with a real-life election campaign.

Akshay Brings The House Down At Housefull 3 Trailer LaunchTime and again, Akshay Kumar reminds us just why he is the King of Comedy.
Motion Picture is a unique category so even the communication needs to be entertaining, not just informative. We recreated the same with the principal characters of the film, Tanuja Trivedi and Manoj Sharma.
A follow-through ad with girls issuing notices to boys got the debate rolling and the audience engaged. Win A Day In A Hummer saw a 360-degree campaign with Hummer gangs around the city and unprecedented online traction.
Paper inserts falling off your morning newspaper and online ads got the country talking about Arnab Bagchi, the person who was missing and the desperate plea of his wife Vidya Bagchi.
Election banners sprouted all over cities and party members campaigned for Singh and Khan at malls and multiplexes. This is no recent realisation and film studios have been going all out to think up new ways to promote their ventures for several years. At Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, we have always tried to present films in an interesting manner to the consumer even though every time you break the norm, you take a risk. We went a step further and actually got images of Kangna and Madhavan in the most cliched-looking matrimonial poses and extended that on ground with actors posing as parents in multiplexes seeking an alliance for their sons and daughters.

We extended this on ground with actual protest morchas and naare baazi at multiplexes and malls. Young people engaged in a contest based on their idea of the wildest thing they would do with a Hummer and their friends.
When you connected the dots and realised it was a film campaign, you also realised the emotions of a person who has a dear one gone missing. So meet-and-greet events, multi-city tours and promoting a film on reality shows have lost their sheen.Not that a studio can ignore the routine stuff. Vidya’s daring appearances at railway stations, busy markets and even police stations added to the relatability of the film to a real-life situation.
With support from Anurag and the cast, the gamcha went on to take Cannes by storm and was the story in magazines like Variety and  even on the BBC, with reporters, guests and actors all sporting the new symbol of ‘cool’. Rudrarup Datta, Head of Marketing and Operations, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, tells us what went into their most unusual promotional film campaigns and why it worked.

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