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Debuting with iTunes as its exclusive launch provider, Disney Movies Anywhere is an easy to use, streamlined way to manage and enjoy your digital collection of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies.
Also, for a limited time, you’ll receive a free digital copy of Disney•Pixar’s “The Incredibles” when you sign up and connect your iTunes account. My wife wants to buy Frozen on Vudu, but I’m trying to hold out for Disney app for make it to xbox. I am having trouble adding additional movies, I put in the code forum my frozen DVD and it showed it was added but when I went back later the only thing listed was the Incredibles. I noticed that it seems some of my movies that I redeemed through Amazon are available in the Disney Movies Anywhere app, it may because I redeemed the code initially through Disney Movie Rewards.
I have the same question as Michelle; what about the digital copies that I’ve purchased through Amazon? On a positive note all of the Disney and Pixar films from my iTunes library were brought into the new app without any problems.

If you’ve purchased or redeemed a digital copy in iTunes, those movies will show up in Disney Movies Anywhere once it’s connected to your iTunes account.
Hi Bradley, Digital Codes can still be redeemed through digital retailers including Vudu, but they will not be accessible in the Disney Movies Anywhere ecosystem.
Of all seven providers, iTunes is the only one that provides audio tracks for movies and shows in other languages, such as Spanish and French. I redeemed Thor 2 on the Disney Movies Anywhere site and I also received the option to add it to my vudu library. We were very excited for it to launch and are now so disappointed we cannot use it in Canada. Unexpired redemption codes in Blu-rays or DVDs that were distributed by Paramount (such as for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger) before Disney purchased the distribution rights can be entered into iTunes and will then be available in your connected Disney Movies Anywhere account.
Disney Movies Anywhere currently connects with iTunes to offer access to Disney digital content on computers and iOS devices.

If you have an eligible Disney, Pixar, or Marvel Digital Copy code that has not expired, you can enter it into the Redeem & Rewards section of Disney Movies Anywhere to add the title to your Disney Movies Anywhere collection.
I hope that the Disney Movies Anywhere ecosystem soon incorporates these tracks and that they work with Disney into adding these option to more movies.
That goes for the other Disney movies I have on vudu as well and were also redeemed using digital copy codes. I am certain that the millions of families raising bilingual children will be excited to see these enhancements in the future.

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