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Disney aficionadosa€”and, really, movie buffs in generala€”can now have instant access to a large number of titles in Disneya€™s library with a new cloud-based service, Disney Movies Anywhere. Disney Movies Anywherea€™s adaptable ecosystem refers to its ever-changing variety of content and its future expansion to other partners and platforms. Disney's iOS app has a similar look and feel to Netflix Instant, which is a good thing: It feels very familiar and easy to use. Disney Movies Anywhere is available now; youa€™ll get a free copy of Pixara€™s The Incredibles for a limited time upon signup. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores.
Launching Tuesday and available in tandem with iTunes, the service lets you easily build up your personal collection of movies from Disney and its Pixar and Marvel affiliates; you can then access those movies through an Apple TV, an iOS app, or any Web browser.
At launch, Disney Movies Anywhere syncs solely with iTunes, but Voris explained that the service would potentially support other providers down the road.

If youa€™ve created an account for any other Disney sitea€”like a theme park, the Disney Store, or Disney Movie Rewardsa€”you already have a Disney account; if not, you can create the account through the Disney Movies Anywhere app for iOS, through iTunes on Apple TV, or on its website through any browser. Titles are sorted based on featured categories, like New and Upcoming, Award Winning, and All-Time Favorites.
Tap on a thumbnail to learn more, watch the trailer and other free extras, or to mark it as a favorite. If youa€™ve purchased any hard-copies of Disney movies in the last few years, your movie probably came with a digital download code, which you can redeem and store on your Anywhere account. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. As for content, youa€™ll find no shortage of movies to choose from: The service features 420 titles to start, along with several clips and bonus features exclusive to Disney Movies Anywhere. You can also do a search by title or keyword, or browse based on genre (like comedy, action, and of course, Disney Princesses).

You can, of course, buy the movie directly through the app; it will store on both your Disney Movies Anywhere account and iTunes.
If you already redeemed that code or bought Disney movies through iTunes, then those films will automatically show up in your account when you link it to your Apple ID. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
While entire movies must be bought individually, the service itself is free to use; users can view movie trailers and exclusive content for free as well.

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