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Somewhere Out There is a documentary featuring interviews with 3 prominent names in the field of Free Energy or Zero Point Energy.
First they're of to visit John Hutchinson who is conducting experiments with electricity and radio waves and in doing so can levitate, bent, disintegrate and merge all kinds of materials and create some unknown alloys as well. The second person interviewed is Ralph Ring who tells about the work and research in creating a combined vehicle and house.
Finally they step in to the world of a young man who has created some sort of a mine-museum in which he has all sorts of working Tesla devices.

One thing they all got in common and that is that at some point in time their work and everything connected to it got confiscated by the government.
These videos are reproduced here to get this information out to the world to help those who are working to develop new technologies that will help us to clean up the planet and live in a more harmonious way with Nature. A cub of the Divine Lion, somehow I found myself confined in a sheepfold of frailties and limitations. A saucer shaped spacecraft since that would be making use of the right propulsion system and he goes on telling of the work they've done in the past on a real working prototype which he co-piloted.

They were originally going to be aired on the Discovery Channel, but the Discovery channel wanted to edit out much of the interviews to the point where the message that the need for raising consciousness was lost.

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