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The teasers and vigorous promotions by the makers would have kicked up your expectations upon the film.
Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin has burned candles at both end spending big sum for promotional campaigns itself. Centuries ago, a Buddhist monk Boddhidharman (Surya) belonging to Pallavan dynasty travels to China for a reason.
Group of scientists lead by Subha (Shruti Hassan) are vigorously working on an experiment to bring back the individualistic characters of Boddhidharman by using the source person from the same lineage, who is none other than Aravind (Surya) working as a clown in circus. What unfolds next is an inevitable combat between Aravind-Subha and Dong Lee with a climax that is so predictable.
The onscreen chemistry between Surya and Shruti Hassan is little missing while on the positive front, there are some sequences that will urge us for a wide applause. Songs were splendidly mesmerizing the listeners before the release, but not all songs are apt for the situation.
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The film depicts the story of a 5th Century Pallava prince-turned-Buddhist monk called Bodhidharma, who was born in Kanchipuram and travelled to China renouncing his Kingship. In the film, the story of Bodhidharma is related to the present setup with an incident and Shruti Hassan’s scientist character finds the connection between two different eras. Surya has again brought his six-pack physique for this film to show the power of the martial art.
Along with Surya, the martial art extravagance of an American-Vietnamese actor Johnny Tri Nguyen in the film going to be another feat for the film lovers. Cute Shruti Hassan, who is donning a role of a scientist, has also given her scintillating performances in vital scenes and dance sequences. Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies has produced the movie at a whopping budget of 84 Crore.
The music of the film very much shows the enormous hard work that the composer has put in to bring out those extraordinary instrumentations in songs and background score.
The film’s music album, whose rights were sold for a record price to Sony Music, has created ripples in the market by registering quick retail sales of the album. Surya & Shruti Hassan starring 7am Arivu Unseen Stills,7aam Arivu Suriya Latest Stills,Suriya Shruti 7aam Arivu New Stills.
On the other hand, she is playing female lead in the Telugu version of Dabangg opposite Pawan Kalyan. The movie comes under Udayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies at an estimated budget of Rs. As far as the information regarding this movie, the title refers to a contrasting nature that A.R Murugadoss might have induced a new thought through this movie.
Surya delivered his very best for this movie that he had to face ankle fracture while on a stunt scene. Harris Jeyaraj procured the antique musical instruments from the Chinese bazaar for retaining the originality of the soundtrack.
The film is on the state of release very soon in record number of theatres in Tamilnadu and other regions of India. 1600 years ago there was this prince called Bodhi Dharman(surya) who is a martial art and a medicine expert. Movie Theme: “7am Arivu” is based on the theme of time traveling and the movie revolves around a Time Machine. Her invention of time machine unveils the hidden truths including the Tamil culture and its ancient connection with the Chinese tradition. It is an average movie don’t go with over expectation it may diaapoint you.Movie has got some scientific reason but I wonder it will enter mass audience or not? Surya’s much-awaited film 7am Arivu has made a thunderous opening with positive response from the critics and audience. But the movie faces tough competition from the Bollywood release Ra.One which also released in Tamil, and Velayudham starring Vijay. When a successful team comes together for the second time, expectations will be always high and 7am Arivu is no exception, as Surya, A.R Murugadoss and Harris Jeyaraj have teamed up after a mega hit Ghajini.
The movie starts with the story of Bodhi Dharman, a Pallava prince who goes to China from Kanchipuram. More than in the modern outlook, Surya betters in the get up of Bodhidharma as he is left to do the role with ease and comfort. Shruti Hassan’s (Suba Srinivasan) maiden attempt in Tamil films got a big opening through this director and production house. Ravi K.Chandran has exploited the SFX aspects skillfully and he has swallowed all the charms of the Chinese regions in real color. Without any doubt, we need to appreciate the 7am Arivu team for coming up with such a novel theme and attempting to create an awareness about the Tamil Heritage & Indian culture.
The movie begins in sixth century AD and Bodhi Dharman (Suriya), a Pallava prince goes to China from Kanchipuram.He teaches martial arts and is considered the founder of Shaolin. Also a sequence of events reveal that Chinese government is planning to unleash harm to India by planning Operation red and sens one Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen), a matrtial arts expert to Chennai. Suba comes to know that Bodhi Dharman was forefather of Aravindh and finds out that both DNA their matches.

The invigorations became irresistible and nothing could stop the masses from craving for the film.
His charismatic appeal, mind-boggling performance becomes the spotlighting key for the film. The people dwelling there are prone to inevitable problems – ailments and attacks from neighboring dominions are solaced by his presence. Don’t miss the scene where Johnny tries hypnotizing Surya and fails followed by a graveyard ambience where we have dialogues regarding Tamil Liberation Leader. They may have also like or have thought on this News and that will help us to improve our selves!. We don't like to send unsolicited email, and we know you don't like to receive unsolicited email. The monk is considered the 28th patriarch of Lord Buddha and was responsible for institutionalizing and spreading Zen philosophy in the world. He has also put a lot of hard work in learning tough stunt movements to put a spectacular show in the film. And, this success combo has come together again for ‘7am Arivu’ to churn out yet another musical magic!
From cute and colourful locations abroad to Chennai city crowded parts to the green woods and barren lands the crew has travelled widely and shot those perfect pictures for songs. When he entered into the foray of holding the megaphone with his maiden film Dhina, the industry was not in a position to fix him under any category.
From his interviews, it was assumed that he had traced and tracked various antiques for the details regarding time machine and human evolution.
A.R Murugadoss set the song sequence employing more than 1000 artists for which the outcome has already been noticed through song promos.
This makes there could be more than 1500 prints, the highest number for Surya’s film in his career. It is learnt that the advance booking for the movie in all the centres has received tremendous response within two days.
This movie ‘Ezham Arivu’ depicts the life story of circus people which is a rare occurrence in the tamil movies. This time machine is invented by Shruti Hassan as she plays the role of a scientist in the movie. As the bad guys try to steal this invention but are stopped by Surya who will be playing three different roles in this movie one is scientist and another two are an aggressive monk and a circus stunt artist. In addition, the fact that Kamal Hassan’s daughter Shruti hassan is making her entry in Tamil and the film is produced by Red giant, who has many successful films in the past 3 years with their innovative promotional campaigns, the expectations went to to sky and infact much above all its competition films.
Then slowly unfolds his story in the voice over – How he becomes Messiah in the Chinese Village, how he founded Martial arts (Shaolin), why he was killed but worshiped as a God in that region etc. With the lousy screenplay and quite predictable sequences, the film failed to engage the audience. But she got little opportunities to depict in a complex theme of experimenting the genetics.
Harris Jeyaraj has so far never let down neither Surya nor A.R Murugadoss ( with whom this is his second project). Interestingly the Ghajini team including cinematographer Ravi K Chandran and music director Harris Jeyaraj in the scheme of thing has made 7 Aum Arivu, the most sought-after film. The movie chronicles the journey of Pallava prince Bodhi Dharman who ventured to China and established Shaolin, a form of martial art. He is instructed to kill Suba for Chinese government fears that her research on Bodhi Dharman would hinder all their plans. Now her task is bringing to life the heroics of Bodhi Dharman through Aravindh to thwart the plans of Chinese government.
Boddhidharman authors a book that includes the treatments for various ailments that will keep the globe free from illnesses.
Be his charismatic appeal as Boddhidharman and as a young peppy lover boy Aravind, he makes it happen with his body language and expressions. He is also said to be the creator of the martial art Kung Fu and taught it at the Shoalin Temple in China.
It is a milestone movie in the productions of my banner”, says Udhayanidhi Stalin, who at any point of time never stayed back in spending his money for the film’s production.
Johnny Tri Nguyen, Abhinaya, Guinnes Pakru, Ashwin Kakumanu, Dhanya Balakrishna in other roles. She has sung a raunchy item song for the Tamil film, Osthi, which is remake of Hindi blockbuster Dabangg. This happened even with handling Ajith and A.R Murugadoss remained in recluse until he came back with Ramana.
Additional information is that there could be a retrieval of the early Tamil kings who had good rapport and affinity with China.
A.R Murugadoss took the entire crew to the various locations like China, Thailand and Hong Kong for shooting the scenes and songs.
He learnt and displayed his talents in Kung Fu, the style promoted by Bruce Lee during the 80s and followed by Jackie Chan of late. Suriya plays the role of a handicapped circus artiste in 7am Arivu and will be performing all the circus stunts.
Nevertheless, trade pundits have already predicted its good run at the box office for the first week.

Suriya gets to essay multiple roles in this film: he is a prince, then Bodhidharma aka Da Mo and also a circus artist.
The story is then cut to the present, which revolves around Aravindh (Surya – a Circus artist), Suba Srinivasan (Shruti – a genetic engineering student) and Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen – Marital arts master). Surya can convince himself that he has done a different role in his career and has come out with a message that he too is capable of enacting varied characters. Perhaps, A.R Murugadoss might have rescued her from too much of doses, taking her short experience in acting into account.
But all such efforts become utter vain as the film fails to engage the audience completely. The film, produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin on a budget of 84 crore (US$18.73 million), will release on 26 October 2011.
But the basic conflict that revolves around the recombinant DNA technology to evoke the genetic traits of ancestors is something well known to the population… However cliched a story might be, the substantiality is showcased by the crisp and engrossing screenplay. But the prognosticators feel that his departure from China will be a bad omen and so poison him and the Buddhist monk succumbs to his culmination wholeheartedly. Not to miss his surpassing action sequences, where he manages to stand powerfully equal as Johnny Tri Nguyen.
This time with Vijayakanth, he crossed the barriers of conventional approach to the movie making and the script raised many eyebrows then. The cast includes Surya, Shruti Hassan, Johnny Tri Nguyen from Vietnam, Kannda actor Avinash as the villain along with the untold fame Abinaya (of Nadodigal fame) doing an important role pairing with Surya. A.R Murugadoss said the movie will revolve around various phases of the human civilization and Surya will depict these various forms of characters.
Another feature is that Surya totally avoided double for stunt sequences and he took the daring steps on his own style. Mass audience response will decide the fate of the movie.You can see it once n predit the twists.
As the movie saw tremendous advance booking, the coming five days are going to be housefull. But he cannot claim the repeat of his deeds of 2010 which took him to the peak of fame with Ayan, Singam and before that Vaaranam Aayiram. However she excels where she expresses fear and shocks faced from the terrific conspirators. But unfortunately Harris Jeyaraj has contributed this fine tuning numbers without knowing that they would find place in unsavory slots in the flow of the movie. These lines of promotions were more than enough to keep us hooked for this big day to arrive.
However, he shot into fame only with his Ghajini when he handled Surya in an altogether different concept. There is also a focus on the scientific and technological evolution amidst these traditional fervors.
Suba, who is doing a research on Bodhi Dharman, founds Aravindh has the genetic relation with Bodhi Dharman and Bodhi Dharman’s talent can be recreated through Aravindh and thereby save the country from Operation Red attack. The numbers are quite appealing aided by the visuals and the locales are vibrantly shot by the lensman Ravi K.Chandran and is worth watching as a separate album. He should have taken a leaf out of the book How To Make A HiTech Scientific Fiction But Yet A Commercially Successful Movie Like Dasavatharam authored by K.S Ravikumar. Of course, the concept of revenge for the sake of lover ( slightly deviating from Ramana where Vijayakanth revenged the villain for the death of his wife Simran) has been the practical norm, A.R Murugadoss treated the theme with a psychological aberrations. The major factor in this film is that Surya will be donning the roles with the Chinese martial art Kung Fu and other acrobatics.
To get relieved from the prolonged narrations and the repetitive remarks about the technicalities, A.R Murugadoss might have used songs, but it actually instigates the audience to have breaks within the break hour. In this film, we should admit that Johnny gets equal weightage in terms of frames with Surya. She has tried giving her best approach in dubbing, but her facial expressions doesn’t synch well. The idea of STML (short time memory loss) rose to fame with that movie and brought imminent success. As per the story, a parallel phase of Time machine will enable the movement of the civilization and in this regard Shruti Hassan is tipped.
For this sort of complex frames of scenes, the background score is the booster and Harris does it well.
The situation to save Shruti Hassan’s interest and innovation makes them come together.
There are less action sequences for the actor as most of them are dominated by hypnotism and artists locking horns for hand-on-hand combat are so weak and fragile. A.R Murugadoss comes out with a message how the tradition can be utilized for the betterment of society in spite of the advancements of science and technology.

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