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These emergency lesson plans for Year 5 Geography are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources. If the high street were closed to traffic, what exceptions would you make to the rule and why? Before using these plans, please make every effort to follow any that have been left, talk to the children and other staff. These emergency lesson plans are meant to be used by supply teachers, when no planning is available. Click here to download all 289 of my Key Stage 2 supply teacher emergency lesson plans in one handy PDF file.
As a supply teacher, you may worry that no work will be left for you when you arrive in school.
These one-liner Numeracy lessons plans are intended to be used as a prompt when no planning has been left for you as a supply teacher. As you will see from the supply teacher ideas below, I have followed a further breakdown of the Blocks in order to make the teaching of individual year groups more relevant.
These one-line emergency Science lessons plans are intended to be used as a prompt when no planning has been left for you as a supply teacher.

These are meant for emergencies only, when you have been called in at short notice and have no other choice.
Each Block includes objectives from Using and Applying Mathematics, plus two or three objectives from the other core strands. You may have a constant worry that no planning will be left for you, in an unfamiliar school, with eager children. They are not intended to be replacements for full lesson plans, and no liability can be accepted by us if you decide to use them. If no resources are left for you, you could pop outside at lunchtime and see what you could find to help you along, such as fallen leaves. Designed to offer tasks which can be approached at a variety of levels the materials can be used with relatively little pre-planning by the teacher, but can create stimulating and worthwhile lessons. I have found these fears to be largely unjustified, yet all the same, it’s good to have something up your sleeve – it can happen! However, faced with no science lesson plans, no Head would expect you to produce an all-singing, all-dancing interactive lesson, so don’t beat yourself up over it! The tasks are clear and straightforward and allow teachers to scaffold a lesson: with little preparation when time is short or circumstances prevent the normal planning.

Work is split into year groups, and then further split into the Science Scheme of Work units. Alternatively the materials could be integrated as part of a long term plan to teach citizenship issues, and will be sure to provide useful materials for pupils aged 11-16.
Topics include literacy and word power development tasks on the EU and Parliament, a poster design task for an election, and a Citizenship A-Z. There are items on town planning and civic pride, the economy and the law, dates and festivals, and the media. Tasks using sign language, based on road safety and creating a school council are offered alongside a wide range of others.
Teachers will be able to develop the themes raised by the sheets and support a wide range of follow up activities to suit their own circumstances and schemes of work or needs.

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