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There are as many ways to process a photo as there are stars in the night sky. In order to share my favorite processing styles with all of you, I created presets based on my favorite photos over the last year. To put this set together, I picked out my very favorite photos from 2014 and saved their processing styles as presets, tweaked each of them for more universal use and packaged them up to share with you. All of the presets in Film Speck One are named after beautiful places, both terrestrial and interstellar.
Acamar is a lower contrast film that displays warm highlights and rich green and teal hues in the shadows.
Eridanus is a monochrome film with deep and lossy shadows with a hint of violet and heavy contrast.
Io is a cool, contrasty film with cross-process hue shifts, punchy highlights and crushed blacks. Miram is one of my personal favorite films that works great on high contrast landscapes and portraits. Shasta is a cool yet vibrant and saturated film that pushes out subtle details in color, particularly in shadows and blacks. Whitefall is a warm and contrasty film with subdued greens and warm bright yellows and oranges for an autumn feel. Carina is a super high contrast monochrome film with subtle hints of blue shadows and frosty highlights. There are 95 presets in addition to the ones shown here, each of them unique, for a total of 102 Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw presets. The Film Speck One preset collection for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw is available for free or as a pay-what-you-want download.
Extract and copy the desired Lightroom Preset Folders containing the .LRTEMPLATE files to the Lightroom Develop Settings folder.
Relaunch Lightroom and select any of the presets of your choice via the Develop Module Preset bar on the right side pane. In Lightroom, enter the Develop Module and right-click on User Presets or a new folder of your choice (we recommend making a new folder called “Film Speck One” inside the left presets toolbar and choose Import.
In the Import Preset dialogue box, navigate to and select all the .LRTEMPLATE files you originally extracted and click Import. In Adobe Camera Raw, select the Presets Tab on the right toolbar and pick the preset of your choice. The presets are made to modify any number of Lightroom or Camera Raw settings, but they won’t touch white balance, exposure, lens corrections, noise reduction or any local adjustments like graduated filters.
Before applying a preset, I recommend first adjusting your photo for exposure and white balance per your own taste. About Latest Posts Ian NormanCreator at Lonely SpeckIan Norman, co-founder and creator of The Photon Collective and Lonely Speck. I can download them but when I unzip them the black files are there but the colour folder is empty.
After you have added RNI presets to your Lightroom or ACR, you can start using them straight away.
Go to Develop menu (on top of your screen) and choose “New Preset Folder” to create a new folder for the preset.

Once you have created the new folder, go to Presets panel, right-click the folder you’ve just created and click Import. Navigate to where you have saved the unarchived presets files, select them and click Import. Please note that you need Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop for PC or MAC to use these presets. It really takes just one click to run all the adjustments and manipulations required to simulate Instagram filter applied to your photo. When you apply our Instagram presets and film presets to your images in Lightroom it does not harm the original image. Lightroom®, Camera Raw®, Photoshop® are the respectful trademarks of Adobe Adobe Systems Incorporated. Instagram and other names displayed across our website are the trademarks of their respective owners.
If you believe any trademark or copyright law was violated by our products or website, please contact us providing the details of the claim. Not to copy, distribute, or disclose any part of our products in any medium unless authorised by ReallyNiceImages in writing. Not to modify our products and not to distribute such modifications commercially or none-commercially. To the maximum extent allowed by law ReallyNiceImages, its representatives, employees and directors are not liable for any direct or indirect damages that result from use or inability to use of its products and services. By using our products and services you are personally responsible for compliance with all the international and local laws. To this day, despite the wide availability of cheap digital cameras, pinhole cameras are still made by curious and experimental photographers. In 1839 Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre took the exposure time down from 8 hours to around 20 minutes, and managed to invent a process that prevented the resulting image from fading.
Henry Fox Talbot, a contemporary of Daguerre, invented the first negative from which multiple positive prints were made. The tintype, also called the melainotype or ferrotype was invented by Adolphe-Alexandre Martin, a french photographer, in 1853.
The wet plates had to be quickly developed before the emulsion dried, so photographers had to carry along not only their camera gear and glass plates but also a portable darkroom. Eastman Kodak invented the dry plate method in 1879, which was a substantial improvement over existing wet plate methods already in existence. The prints that resulted from the dry plate process lasted longer and were of better quality as well. George Eastman advanced photography yet again with the invention of flexible roll film and the hand-held camera in 1889. Kodachrome came on the market in 1935 and in the early 1940s other color films began to flood the market. 6 Responses to Past Photographic Processes and Free Huge Set of Vintage Film Lightroom Presets!
I can approach the same photograph twice in the same day using the same methodology and still end up with two completely different processing results.

A lot of these presets were built for use on astrophotography, but most of them are made to work on your everyday photographs, too. If the preset appears too bright or dark, tweak the Exposure slider until it suits your preferences.
I just downloaded and installed into Lightroom; however, the Adobe Camera Raw installation documentation appears to be stale, based perhaps on old versions of Windows and Adobe Photoshop.
This free package can help you to get introduced to image processing with RNI Films for Lightroom and ACR.
You can apply presets to any of your photos (or to a group of photos) just in one click. How about the results?
These presets are developed to simulate Instagram effects and analog films in Adobe Lightroom. Including colour correction, tonal adjustments, special effects like cross process or sepia and lens vignette. Not to mention, that I’m impressed that you are able to get so much done with a very young child in your house.
Maybe my processing varies by my mood or maybe I just don’t like to try the same thing twice. Of the 102 presets available in this set, 84 of them are color and 18 of them are black and white. You’ll find presets for both natural color as well as cross-process-like color shifts. All presets are developed by digital imaging professional using special colour matching techniques to achieve the best possible results.
Our Instagram-like presets for Lightroom combine the famous look and feel of Instagram filters with hi-res output of Lightroom which is limited only by your camera.
Also, a photographer could produce a photo in only a few minutes, exposure and developing time included. Whatever the reason, I’ve learned that there is no wrong way to process a photograph.
You may find some are good straight away and others might need some personal tweaks to meet your preferences. This allows you to tweak the temperature and tint sliders until there is the widest array of colors in the night sky. Once you feel you have balanced all the colors, simply click the Reset Saturation preset to bring the colors back to normal. I’d love to have this installed and able to play with it a bit in time for the class.

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