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Photoshop actions are amazingly useful for people who do a lot of enhancements and post processing effects with their photos. Contains 10 Retro Photoshop Actions, 5 Light Leak Photoshop Actions and a cool pack of vintage scratchy brushes. Photoshop Actions are recorded series of tasks in Photoshop, such as filters, adjustments and more. Designers and photographers are always creating new actions, so this post has gathered up 500+ free Photoshop actions that yield professional results that you can use in your own works.
I just want to say that it’s wonderful that you are sharing so many photoshop resources with us and your web site is great! There’s an Actions panel in Photoshop, next to the brushes and color palettes area, that you can use to load these in. Making photographs look old, vintage, and retro has become a huge craze all over the world.
In this post, we gather more than a hundred ways to create that vintage film look in  your photographs. Below, are our hand picked set of Photoshop actions that you can download and use for free to recreate the film vintage, classic and retro look in your own photos. There are a total of 45 Photoshop actions for editing your photographs.  Other than the Reduce Noise action, other actions are non-destructive, thus, your image is retained in its original state. This set contains 10 pre-configured Photoshop Action files that will dramatically transform your photos with retro style effects inspired by classic 35mm film and processing techniques.
There are 5 actions in this set for creating retro and vintage film effects in your photographs.  The effects that you can create using these actions include retro blue, vignette enhanced, grain vintage, gentle blue, and softened vintage. There are 5 Photoshop actions in this set that emulate the look of photographs printed through a scanned film. There are three free Photoshop actions for making faded film effects on your digital photos.
This set includes actions you can use in Photoshop CS and higher versions to make your photos look like they were taken with a Polaroid camera and film.

A nice Photoshop actions you can download for free to create vintage film effects on your photographs. There are 4 Photoshop actions in this set for adding light leaks and flares usually found in old film photos.
This free Photoshop action from Shutter Pulse will give your photos an old film style look. This set of Photoshop actions include 7 very useful post-processing effects such as soft blur glow, matte paint, creative detail sharpener, deep light glow, soft light luminosity, TV scan lines, and movie effect.
Another Photoshop actions pack that will help you achieve the look of photos taken with a VSCO camera.
There are three Photoshop actions in this set for creating cold and sunny film effects in your digital photos.
They are very useful especially when you need to apply the same effects consistently to multiple photos. Recently I was playing with some photo effects to make my pictures look attractive than before.
He works frequently in the fields of graphic design, web design, web development, programming, audio, music and computer graphics. Just look at how popular mobile phone apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic and you’ll realize that many people still crave the old look of photographs using film, with the ease of digital processing. By using Photoshop actions, you can instantly add classic and retro effects in your photos with just one click.
The effects include post-processing actions for adding dust, emulsion voids, and some other effects.
This is a free sample from their set of Film Photoshop Actions and it works great with many landscape and nature photos. These Photoshop actions give your photos a retro look with light leaks seen in old film cameras. We have featured several free Photoshop actions before (20 Free Photoshop Actions to Create Impressive Images and 10 Most Useful Photo Enhancing Photoshop Actions), and we continue with these 40 more free Photoshop actions as new and more useful Photoshop action freebies are coming in lately.

He is one of the founders of Presidia, an entrepreneurial team designed at empowering the creative media community.
Let us know which of these Photoshop actions are your favorites, and you think are most essential additions to your photography arsenal toolkit. Jokes apart you never know how your pictures are going to look until you try out different effects on your pictures. Action is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop containing pre-configured recordings of a set of Photoshop manipulations. Each time you use your creative impulses are way better than the previous effort and obviously following the dictum of ‘try try again’ would help you creating a final best at the end.Don’t stick to the old original photos, add up spice and glitter to the dull and faded old pictures of yours. For this Today I am showcasing 100+ new free Photoshop Actions to get stunning photo effects.
Now just do your Photoshop Actions to create “epic” pictures that are stylish, crisp and outstanding. The fun part of these Photoshop actions is that all the basic and mighty flaws can be minimized rather evaporated in a fraction of second or to be more precisely with blink of an eye. These actions are quite common among the wedding photographers they often use this sort of technique in the wedding photographs where couple looks like prince and princess. No high skill is required to use these Photoshop actions; they are just ‘one click install’. Now try these Actions out and give a refreshing touch to your somber, dull and sheepish pictures.

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