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We love watching mountain bike videos online, but sometimes 5 minute edits are just too short and leave us wanting more! Note: last year when we published this list there were several MTB videos available for streaming on Netflix. The mountain bike films available for free to Amazon Prime members aren’t super current (all on this list were released from 2006-2010), but we still found a few gems worth watching! Seasons follows pro riders Darren Berrecloth, Matt Hunter, Cam McCaul, Steve Peat, Andrew Shandro, Steve Smith, and Thomas Vanderham to show what it’s like to be a full-time mountain biker.
This freeride film stars riders Andrew Shandro and Dave Watson as they explore the boundaries of the sport. VAST is a European freeride film featuring riders Rene Wildhaber, Ross Schnell and Carlo Dieckmann. From Anthill Films, the same crew that produced Roam and Seasons, Follow Me features riders Darren Berreclough, Ben Boyko, Brendan Fairclough, Geoff Gulevich, Matt Hunter, Cam McCaul, Brandon Semenuk, Steve Smith, Kurt Sorge, Thomas Vanderham. This is a New Zealand mountain bike movie and in my opinion, it has the best title of any MTB film ever made. Ok, so you can probably find bootleg copies of pretty much any MTB film you want on YouTube, but we’re only linking legitimately-posted feature-length (in the case of MTB films, 30+ minute) movies.
This mountain bike film has had more than 2.2 million views since it was posted in 2013, and with good reason.

With a generic title like this, you might expect mediocre riding and visuals… but you would be wrong! Path Finder is an MTB film sponsored by Polish mountain bike brand KROSS, and it features some pretty epic riding and scenery.
This short film follows Chris Van Dine, Eric Porter, and and Katie Holden as they ride a volcanic crater in Mexico. Your Turn: Which other MTB films have you enjoyed on streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix this year? I don’t use Netflix services, but it is still listed on their site as a DVD rental, which is pretty amazing. 70Para los amantes del ocio digital, os mostramos una excelente recopilacion de los mejores paisajes vistos en videojuegos. With that in mind, here are 10 great, full-length mountain bike films you can stream on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and right now. Unfortunately, none of them are currently available, and we couldn’t find any new ones to take their places.
In addition to the lines, the production quality of this film is sketchy as well, but it’s still fun to watch.
Bonus: you don’t even have to leave this article to watch these videos in their entirety!

With a cast of more than a dozen pro riders, this is a fast-paced video that’s fun to watch. This film mixes urban downhill riding with park tricks and natural terrain singletrack slaying for a entertaining 30-minute ride. What I really want to watch is someone just riding their bike on various trails that average mountain bikers use, so I can see what they’re like. Pictures and Legendary Pictures have announced that Max Borenstein (Seventh Son) will write Godzilla 2.
According to Legendary Pictures, we may see Godzilla battle his most famous enemies Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah in the sequel. There’s a reason their lower-level executives like Ted Sarandos can buy 6M houses in Beverly Hills.

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