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I felt raped by Brandoby LINA DASLast updated at 22:45 19 July 2007As the star of Last Tango In Paris, Maria Schneider took part in the most infamous sex scene ever.
Now Last Tango In Paris is being re-released to mark the 35th anniversary of Bernardo Bertolucci's iconic movie. Set in the heartland of country music, BLUE VALLEY SONGBIRD stars Dolly Parton as a young woman has played every rustic bar in her small hometown, ever since she was a little girl. In this rare interview she reveals the devastating consequences Last Tango In Paris was undoubtedly one of the most influential - and controversial - films of the last century.
Despite its notoriety, the film won Oscar nominations for both Bertolucci and Brando and catapulted Schneider to worldwide fame.

I've made 50 films in my career and Last Tango is 35 years old, but it's still the one that everyone asks me about," she says.
Starring Marlon Brando, then aged 48 and exuding aggressive masculinity, and Maria Schneider, a 19-year-old French unknown, it featured one of the most infamous movie sex scenes ever filmed. Schneider lives in Paris, and at 55, retains the enviable figure that she so magnificently paraded, mostly nude, in Last Tango.
Her seasoned voice brings to life a song about a woman who's experienced heartache and misery, but keeps on believing that her talent will carry her far beyond the city limits. Denounced as obscene, the film - a tale of lust between an older man and younger woman who meet for anonymous and increasingly racy sexual encounters -was banned in many countries, including areas of Britain. Yet, while Last Tango brought Schneider immediate recognition, the fall-out from the movie for the young actress was spectacular.

The baby-faced prettiness is still there, if a little more knowing these days, her long, curly hair is pinned up and her face devoid of make-up. Unprepared for the worldwide attention the film brought, she soon embarked on a path of self-destruction with fraught romantic entanglements, suicide attempts and a lapse into drug addiction. People today are used to such things but when the film opened in 1972, it was scandalous." Watching the film now with its over-wrought score, its scenes replete with meaningful silences and its sexual content, much of Last Tango, unlike Schneider, has aged.

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