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No te puedes perder el ultimo adelanto doblado al espanol de la nueva pelicula animada de los estudios Disney Pixar, Intensa-Mente.
Intensa-Mente (titulada en ingles Inside Out) llegara a la gran pantalla a mediados de 2015. Most recently we’ve been blessed with Iron Man 3, and I’ll be reviewing the game of the movie tomorrow. Er, and a brief disclaimer: just because they're the top 5 doesn't necessarily mean they're all great.
I said: Avengers Initiative is essentially Infinity Blade in Marvel clothing, but not quite as polished. Avengers Initiative initially featured the Hulk alone, but a recent update introduced the long-awaited Captain America chapter. I said: Arkham City Lockdown is Infinity Blade in Batman clothing, with lots on offer to please Bat-nerds.

Woah, it’s another superhero game that borrows unashamedly from Infinity Blade, but when the result is this good, we ain’t complainin’. There’s lots to like about Batman Arkham City Lockdown, including the perk system, the gadgets, the nods to various graphic novels, character bios and even comics. I said: The Amazing Spider-Man is technically very impressive, but simply not suited to touch controls. It’s been almost a year since I reviewed The Amazing Spider-Man, but I vaguely recall the web slinging being fantastic.
Perhaps a tad overambitious for touchscreens, The Amazing Spider-Man is nonetheless worth checking out if Spidey floats your boat. Another Gameloft game that didn’t quite tickle my fancy, though xbox-360-elite commented: “I enjoyed the game. Like The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises is technically impressive, but – personally – I couldn’t get past the vague-at-best movie tie-in.

To be fair, my expectations were probably too high, having just spent a sickening amount of time with the excellent Batman: Arkham City on the Xbox 360, and having just seen the movie. Yeah, that’s probably about right, however, it’s worth checking out Injustice: Gods Among Us (if only for the technical wizardry) as it’s free to install.
Personally, I was expecting to be relentlessly consumed by Injustice: Gods Among Us, but – as a card collecting game – its depth comes nowhere near that of, say, Guardian Cross.
Everywhere you look there’s a superhero flying around, and there’s seemingly a new superhero movie release every other week. In the meantime, I’ve taken a virtual stroll through the Mobot review archives and pulled out my fav five superhero-based games.

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