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To put a banner on your page, simply copy and paste the code below the banner into your page. Who would have thought a freak typhoon would have come out of nowhere and wrecked all calculations?
I got to see this in a theatre in the mid-sixties and I remember feeling a little creeped-out. After last nite's chat, I have made a decision, I will repeat this in the polls thread; ANY votes for a Three Stooges movie will be completely disregarded. Nominal director Riccardo Freda claims that he abandoned the film so that future director Mario Bava, who he knew would be a good director, had the chance to direct.[1] Bava's first screen credit as director was the 1960 classic Black Sunday.

This is one of my touchstone films--partly because other equally scary films became familiar to me by repeated viewings & because of society's vamping on them.
I saw it once during my childhood & was scared shirtless, didn't see it again until my 20s. The plot concerns a team of archaeologists investigating Mayan ruins who come across a blob-like monster.  Meanwhile, a comet is due to pass close to Earth, the same comet which passed near the Earth at the time the Mayan civilization mysteriously collapsed.
I've always liked the movie and it's a significant movie in many ways for anyone with a deep or serious interest in the genre. From the film's Wikipedia entry:"The H-Man, known in Japan as Beauty and Liquid Men (??????? Bijo to Ekitainingen?), is a tokusatsu film produced and released by Toho Studios in 1958.

Island of Lost Souls.Here is a link to the longest CHFB thread on Island of Lost Souls, and some visual highlights from same.(Go ZombieDad!)Come and help dissect Island of Lost Soulsin the CHFB chat room!

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