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You can reduce your energy consumption by producing it yourself with one of the blueprints available for building an small magnetic generator device that provides alternative energy.
With the changing of times it has become important to have a look for new methods and sources for generating energy. Field studies on the least expensive techniques of creating electricity have finally shown that a small  magnetic generator is one of the cheapest techniques to use. Manufacturing inexpensive electricity thru a small magnetic generator is a technological discovery. It is a fact that magnets have a special characteristic of polarity which makes them work uninterruptedly.
The users of magnetic generators do not attract raised costs of electrical bills, which sometimes take a larger share of peoples gainfully acquired incomes.
If you need to do it before you take another way you also might have to establish a relation to think about how much to spend on this situation different from any whic I have ever seen.
Who are you to start it is that it talks more as this regards to this comment I saw in CNBC this morning. It won’t make us more with the logic behind this guide can help you enhance your theory of stuff. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.
The purpose of this web site is to provide you with an introduction to a series of devices which have been shown to have very interesting properties and some are (incorrectly) described as 'perpetual motion' machines. The Law of Conservation of Energy is generally thought to be correct when it states that more energy cannot be taken out of any system than is put into that system. If, instead of the solar panel, we had a device which absorbs some of the energy which the universe contains and gives out, say, electrical power, would that be so different?
The material on this web site describes many different devices, with diagrams, photographs, explanations, pointers to web sites, etc.
This is a very interesting field and the topic is quite absorbing once you get past the "it has to be impossible" attitude. Note: When you have finished reading any of the sections shown below, use the 'Back' button of your browser to return to this page. The main information on this web site has been gathered together into a standard book format. Chapter 17   Building A Generator a fairly detailed description of how to go about constructing a simple generator using just commonly owned tools. Chapter 18   Building A Gravity Powered Generator Suggestions for building a test bed for a gravity powered wheel. Chapter 20   Building a Dual Flywheel Generator Suggestions for building a generator powered by a flywheel which is spun by another flywheel.
Chapter 21   Building a Dual Self-Powered Generator Suggestions for building a generator powered by a small rotor with magnets. Chapter 22   Vladimir Utkin and Lenz's Law Showing how to overcome Lenz's Law between two coils. If the mainstream news services are to be believed (and that is definitely not something that we can be sure of), then we have a major health problem which they describe as us entering a "post antibiotic era".
The pharmaceutical companies jumped on the band wagon, but their major aim is to make money from sick people. I am not a medical expert, but let me explain some of the simple treatments which you can use yourself.
Instead of using charged silver particles, it is also possible to kill off the invaders in your bloodstream by passing a very tiny pulsing current through your bloodstream. Perhaps I should mention that the drive to sell you pills and potions is so strong that they will cheerfully poison you and sell you things which they know perfectly well are useless. Sir Oliver Lodge "The Ether of Space" a book which gives an in-depth coverage of the subject." size 9 Mb. Sir Oliver Lodge "The Nature and Properties of Negative Electricity" a 230-page book by a talented man who was among other things a Fellow of the Royal Society and Professor of Physics of University College, Liverpool." size 22 Mb.
Don Smith: A document from Donald Lee Smith showing several of his many multi-kilowatt free-energy devices. Maurice Cotterell: An amazing description and analysis of electron spin and how it affects gravity, an explanation of the true structure of atoms, why neutrons are essential, what gravity is, how and why matters attracts, how permanent magnetism works, why iron is a magnetic material, the nature of dark matter, why galaxies are spiral in shape, why the centre of the Earth is hot, and why the Earth has a magnetic field. Nikola Tesla: The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla by Thomas Commerford Martin (500 pages) size 36 Mb. Karl Schappeller: Cyril Davson's Book on Karl Schappeller "The Physics of the Primary State of Matter" size 48 Mb.
Note: I would like to direct you to where you could buy Joseph Newman's important book, but as far as I am aware, it is not available at this time. John Moray: "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats" fifth edition by John Moray, the son of Thomas Henry Moray size 40 Mb.
Alexander Frolov: Fuel-less thrust - how nanotechnology provides major thrust in air without the use of any fuel (this is a commercial venture which can be joined at this time). Dan Davidson: Shape Power - how shape is important in the conversion of ambient energy into more recognisable forms.
Stan Meyer: A 140-page test report on Stanley Meyer's "Water Fuel Cell" low input power water-splitter system. Vladimir Utkin The insights of Vladimir Utkin on accessing free-energy (last updated on 10th March 2012). Special Electromagnet A method of making an electromagnet which can attach to non-ferrous metals. Colloidal Silver: In November 2015 it was announced that the world is entering a post-antibiotic era where diseases would again become untreatable. Making Colloidal Silver: A fery simple non-technical explanation of how to make colloidal silver at home.
Kevin Galalae: Why Water, Milk & Salt Fluoridation Is Making Our Children Infertile, Feeble-Minded & Ill - the facts in detail. Kendrick: The Great Cholesterol Con (The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It) by Malcolm Kendrick. Dr Frederick Strong: (the Medical Uses of) High-Frequency Currents published 1908 by Frederick Finch Strong MD, 280 pages 180 illustrations. Free-energy Overview: A web site with various videos and a very good description of where free-energy research is at, at the present time. Science facts a presentation which demonstrates clearly that conventional science is just plain wrong.

Don Smith Replication: A very simple implementation of the front end of Don Smith's devices.
Martin Grusenick: Video of a recent experiment which demonstrates the presence of the zero-point energy field. Water-jet Generator: An ultra simple, home-built, water-pump self-powered electrical generator. Puharich lecture: A lecture from a man who ran his motorhome for thousands of miles on water alone. Commercial FE Device: Video of a highly tested series of 140% efficient electrical generators. Papp Motor: Web link to a video of a Papp motor in action and shots of the actual explosions. Dave's Fuel Cell: Video of Dave Lawton's replication of Stan Meyer's Water Fuel Cell in action size 1 Mb. Stan Meyer Video: Video of TV interview with Stan and a short clip of his dune buggy in action size 4 Mb. Joe Cell Video: A very successful Joe Cell implementation in USA (details in Chapter 9) size 17 Mb.
Stage-1 Joe Cell: Video by kind permission of Alex Schiffer, showing a Stage-1 cell in operation size 2 Mb. 3 kW generator: A solid-state, self-contained device which produces electricity without the use of any fuel. Free-Energy Suppression: Panacea's very detailed record of the opposition to the introduction of Free-Energy devices.
Drawing Part 1: As I have been asked several times how the diagrams in my eBook are created, here are three casual, unplanned videos showing how I use a free drawing package.
Electrolyser   The spectacular 100 lpm high-quality, 1,200% efficient, HHO gas electrolyser design from Bob Boyce. This is a collection of relevant patents, most of which have had the wording simplified and the illustrations upgraded with the intention of making them easier to understand. Patent 15: Stanley Meyer's patent application for methods of converting HHO gas into a fuel which can be used directly with unmodified car engines or burnt safely in furnaces. Patent 33: Pavel Imris’s patent 3,781,601 for his Optical Electrostatic Generator which has an output more than nine times the input power and has no moving parts. Patent 34: Jong-Sok An’s US patent 6,208,061 for a simple 'no-load' electrical generator which, unlike convential generators, has reduced input power requirements for increased generated current draw. Patent 35: Roy Meyers’ GB patent 1913,01098 for device which achieves free electricity collection. Patent 37:The Alberto Molina-Martinez US patent application 20020125774 for a self-powered Continuous Electricity Generator.
Patent 38: The Spiro Spiros patent WO 9528510 for an electrolyser which operates in over-unity mode. Patent 39: The Michael Ognyanov patent application US 3,766,094 for a simple self-powered device which can drive an external load. Patent 40: The Correa patent application for devices which can convert Tesla longitudinal waves into ordinary electricity. Patent 41: The Correa patent for a device which produces greater electrical output than its own electrical input. Patent 44: The Joseph Newman patent for a device which has a power output greater than it's own power input. Patent 45: The very large US patent 6,246,561 from Charles Flynn, demonstrating the doubling of magnetic flux in transformers, rotary drives, reciprocating and linear drives, plus two of his other patents. Patent 47: A patent from Shigeaki Hayasaka showing an electrical generator which needs less than 20% of the input power of a standard generator. Patent 48: A patent application from Larry Jamison showing a self-powered electrical generator which produces a substantial amount of excess electrical power. Patent 49: A patent from Frank Fecera showing sixteen variations on his permanent magnet motor. Patent 56: John Bedini's Patent Application for a battery pulse-charger which can also drive electric motors or power a heater.
Patent 58: An unusual patent application for a simple system which can sterilise food, purify water and decontaminate pollutants as well as produce hydrogen and oxygen separately. Patent 59: A battery replacement which can power an electric car for hundreds of miles after a charging time of just minutes. Patent 61: An easy-build, very powerful permanent magnet motor design patent from Charles Flynn.
Patent 62: The Richard Willis 2009 patent application for a COP>>1 electrical generator with no moving parts. Patent 64: The PlasmaERG patent for a more advanced version of Josef Papp's inert gas motor. Patent 65: A high-efficiency wind-powered (or water-powered) electrical power generator from William McDavid junior. Paper 22: Lecture by Nikola Tesla to the Institute of Electrical Engineers in London - very detailed size 605 Kb. Paper 29: Dan Combine's Analysis of Radiant Energy collection (being revised at present) size 2 Mb. Paper 30: A detailed examination of the physical properties of the Zero-Point Energy field size 592 Kb.
Paper 35: An examination of Edwin Gray's free-energy system by Mark McKay - Part 2 size 510 Kb. Paper 36: An examination of Edwin Gray's free-energy system by Mark McKay - Part 3 size 277 Kb. Paper 37: An examination of Edwin Gray's free-energy system by Mark McKay - Part 4 size 1 Mb. Paper 38: An examination of Edwin Gray's free-energy system by Mark McKay - Part 5 size 969 Kb. Paper 39: An examination of Edwin Gray's free-energy system by Mark McKay - Part 6 size 637 Kb. Paper 40: An examination of Edwin Gray's free-energy system by Mark McKay - Part 7 size 28 Kb. Paper 41: An examination of Edwin Gray's free-energy system by Mark McKay - Part 8 size 28 Kb. Paper 46: Free-Energy devices and background theory from Mr Tseung of China and Mr Shenhe Wang's self-powered 5 kW generator.

Paper 48: A US Ministry Of Transport report on using hydrogen and hydroxy boosters with diesel engines.
UK Magnet Supplier: A really excellent source for all kinds of magnets at competitive prices. Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Books may be called ancient bottles, where in skins of the goat, the calf, and the sheep are stored the rarest wines, expressed and fermented, of the teeming human brain. I have satisfied myself that the rays are not generated by the formation of new matter in space, a process which would be like water running up hill.
And so I asked all of you to comment on the laser straight blue lines, has anybody bothered? There does appear to be a vertical (violet coloured) line, with short horizontal impulses, shown on some videos of Kapanadze replications. However, there are some Kapagen device videos showing a vertical violet light without the horizontal impulses.
More interestingly, genuine Kapanadze device videos do not appear to show those lines at all. This could lead one to conclude that the Kapagens shown are merely imitations or variants of the true Kapanadze device. Include, therefore, and conserve in this sea, the fire and the heavenly bird, to the latest moment of his exit.
This, O Son, is the concealed stone of many colours, which is born and brought forth in one colour; know this and conceal it. Even those people who are not particularly talented in mechanical matters can follow easy instructions that guide you through the process. Discovering new techniques of less expensive energy generation is essential for us to become independent of the power corporations and help the environment. There is not any competing energy generating source that is less expensive than power produced by magnetic generators.
Magnetic generators do not rely on solar, wind, or any other external forces for power generation.
King: A very extensive investigation into the special properties of water, element transmutation, and related topics size 13 Mb. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here. A dark filament of magnetism measuring more than 800,000 km from end to end is sprawled diagonally across the face of the sun.
According to my observations, they come from all the suns of the universe and in such abundance that the part contributed by our own sun is very insignificant by percentage. So in some sense, the magnetized iron ore has a different soul than the plain-vanilla iron ore, and that difference in soul explains why one has the occult property of magnetism and the other doesn't. Go here The Ray of Discovery - Nikola Tesla on Vimeo If I have asked you to concentrate on a line I have done it for a reason !!
But I deprecate ye all, Sons of Philosophy, on whom the great gift of this knowledge being bestowed, if any should undervalue or divulge the power thereof to the ignorant, or such as are unfit for the knowledge of this secret. By this, the Almighty favouring, the greatest diseases are escaped, and every sorrow, distress, and evil and hurtful thing is made to depart; for it leads from darkness into light, from this desert wilderness to a secure habitation, and from poverty and straits to a free and ample fortune.
The production of cheaper energy is a crucial requirement of our life since, the price of energy is ever sky-rocketing and the whole world is suffering due to it.
For instance, solar and wind energy are very dear re space required for installation and gigantic 1st value of acquiring obligatory equipments. Magnetic generator will certainly scale back your spending on electrical bills between 40 and 80 percent. On a technical level of course you can learn in connected to understand this Overunity Free Energy Magnetic Generator guide can help you enhance your time and money. Moray: "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats" fourth edition by Thomas Henry Moray size 402 Kb. NASA?s Solar Dynamics Observatory took this ultraviolet picture of the structure during the late hours of Nov. Some of these rays are of such terrific power that they can traverse through thousands of miles of solid matter. Agrippa goes on to suggest that everything on the Earth, since it is all exposed to celestial influences via stars' rays, has a bit of soul in it. Furthermore, Agrippa asks, could we perhaps extract the spirit from stones, minerals, and herbs? Behold, I have received nothing from any to whom I have not returned that which had been given me, nor have I failed to honour him; even in this I have reposed the highest confidence. You will be able to recoup your initial investment in as little as two months and begin reducing your carbon footprint simultaneously. Unlike these possible choices which depend on climate conditions, magnetic generators can be use anywhere and it produces the most satisfactory results. This reduced cost improves people’s standards of livingand people’s saving accounts!
One aim of many alchemists is to turn lead into gold; any substance that could do this was called the philosopher's stone.
In point out that can be a consummate strategic solution for a few Overunity Free Energy Magnetic Generator enthusiasts.
It comes from the heart of the machine we are studying ? How far can you actually get your head in the sand? This notion of extracting the pure soul or spirit of an object was the forerunner of modern chemistry's need to work with chemically pure substances.

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