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The 23rd film in the James Bond franchise was released in theaters today, so I thought it would be the perfect time to do a post about Bond Girls.
Even with her eyes taped back in a… somewhat racist attempt to make her look Asian, Zena Marshall was on fire in this film, even if she was only on screen for a few minutes. Practically the first thing you see of her on screen are her boobs, and they stay in plain sight throughout the scene.
Disclaimer: The Bond Boobs logo uses the 7 from the 007 gun logo, which is a trademark of Danjaq. Expecting Bond to be killed and never to arrive at her villa, she’s barely dressed when he arrives. She’s also the golden girl posing nearly nude for the opening sequence, with the bits of film being projected onto her. This buxom babe allegedly got the role in the 1971 Bond film due to her posing for the April edition of Playboy at age 25. Everything within this post is either personal opinion, or stuff that belongs to Twentieth Century Fox, MGM Entertainment, and Universal Artists, and the respective parties.
That, and her character’s around for the majority of the film, unlike some of the others on this list.
Regardless, her tits look great in this film, especially approaching the climax of the film, where her white t-shirt gets completely soaked.
If you want to see her topless and see her lose her virginity, dig up the film The Dreamers.

Just don’t confuse her with Shirley Eaton, the girl who actually gets painted gold within the film. All images are from the films, promotional materials, or third-party sources that don’t belong to us.
No matter how many times I’ve watched the Bond flicks, them lady stars still catches my interest! The second Bond girl, and a villainous one at that, really left an impression after all these years.
This babe is ridiculously hot, and looks absolutely stunning in her dress, with her boobs pressed up against Bond’s chest. Sadly, we hardly get any nipple, but if you really want to see her topless… turn to a stupid snuff film like Wild Things.
She strips naked almost instantly after being introduced, wears sheer see-through clothing, gets thrown naked into a pool, and her nipples can clearly be seen later on in the film (as shown below). Plus, Halle revives the walk-out-of-water shot that introduced Ursula Andress, and has the assets to pull it off.

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