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Herea€™s what hurts about writing reviews of this nature: Ia€™m a fan of Edward Furlong, despite any challenges he may have faced away from the screen over the years. If you want to know what not to do while assembling a picture, keep this one handy, and run through it shot for shot. It was a muddled mess that made zero sense (by the way, Radclyffe a€“ thankfully a€“ hasna€™t attempted to piece together another film since) and offered exactly nothing to viewers, outside of a look at the drop dead gorgeous Gina Phillips (okay, ita€™s hard to bitch about that) of course. The synopsis reads clear, and easily understandable: Parents grieving the loss of their young daughter head to the deep desert for a healing ritual, where they unexpectedly release sinister forces.
They all seem at odds with one another, and theya€™re apparently trapped in some form of haunted house; a house they cannot escape because therea€™s a sudden lightning storm outside so powerful and precise ita€™ll take aim and scorch anybody to exit the front door. Furthermore, I think I just completely fell in love with Shawna Waldron (Ia€™m taking a brief break to wipe away the drool), a bafflingly gorgeous woman on a purely natural level.

We do not sell or trade email addresses in any way, and they are not used for advertising purposes. At the time I could only compare it to the legendarily awful Roger Corman film, The Terror, which quite literally had no story, it was just a bunch of hazy scenes thrown together to capitalize on preexisting set pieces (thata€™s a brilliant idea eh, shoot a shitload of scenes simply because there are erect sets available?) and the services of a few marquee names. They were just amalgamations of shitty scenes with no message or coherent idea behind them. She doesna€™t need three pounds of makeup to get me riled up, in fact shea€™s stunning enough to do so without a lick of makeup.
Well, Ajaia€™s (whoever the hell that is) debut, Stitch just joined the ranks of The Terror and The Sick House. This woman could forever abandon the compact and Ia€™d still recognize her as extremely attractive.

It sucks to see two performers that Ia€™m fond of (again, I admit Ia€™m a a€?newa€? fan of Waldrona€™s) involved in such an unsystematic, underwhelming disappointment of a film.
It crams a heaping portion of ugly scenes together, and makes a depressingly bad attempt to make sense of it all inside the last three minutes (literally, the last three minutes) of the production.

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