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Bride of Chucky is a 1998 repulsiveness comic drama film disseminated by Universal Pictures and New Line Cinema. One month after the conclusion to the past film, in which Chucky was tossed into a huge mechanical fan inside a spooky house ride at a jamboree by Andy Barclay, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), a previous sweetheart and associate of serial executioner Charles Lee Ray (voice of Brad Dourif), gains the remaining parts of Chucky from a police proof locker in the wake of paying off and afterward killing a cop with access to the locker.
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Tiffany roughly join Chucky back together and reenacts the voodoo custom which ingrained Ray inside the doll 10 years prior.

Tiffany and Chucky then get into a contention in light of the fact that Tiffany accepted Chucky wished to wed her. After learning he had no proposition of doing in this way, Tiffany tosses him in a playpen she constructed for a nursery and secures him it. He heads her to a housetop to watch his obliteration of the Old Bailey criminal court building, joined by firecrackers and the 1812 Overture.
She then later provides for him an alternate doll in a wedding dress with a genuine jewel ring to ridicule him.
While Tiffany is sitting in front of the TV amid a shower, Chucky getaways the play pen and executes her by pushing the TV into the shower, shocking her.

He urges the populace of Britain to ascend against their legislature and reach him in one year, on November 5, outside the Houses of Parliament, which he guarantees to wreck. At that point, utilizing the same voodoo spell, Chucky additions further reprisal against Tiffany by moving her spirit into the spouse doll so she could feel what he experienced as a living doll.

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