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One week after the Lifetime channel will air Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret, the popular women's friendly network will premiere the biopic about late stripper-turned-model Anna Nicole Smith.
Lifetime's original movie The Ann Nicole Story on air on June 29, one week after the movie produced about the Arias murder trial. The film follows the story about the rise and fall of the small-town Texas woman who, as a single mother, worked in a strip club. Smith's death in February of 2007 took place less than six months after she gave birth to her second child. Since Marshall's death in 1995, his family has maintained an ongoing legal court battle to prevent Smith and now her estate from inheriting his fortune.
These Star Wars wallpapers are available for free download and can be downloaded by simply clicking on the Star wars wallpaper that you like. At her job she met Marshall, an oil tycoon, and eventually married him when she was 26 and he was 89.

Her daughter Danielynn was born in September of 2006, the same month Smith's 20-year-old son Daniel died from drug use.
On May 30, TMZ reported that a judge ruled that Smith's daughter is entitled to legal sanctions against Marshall's family.
These Star wars wallpapers are in HD 1080p resolution.Star wars are probably the oldest film series which still resides in the hearts of its audience. These media franchises played an active part in keeping the Film series alive and the audience was equally excited for the second trilogy. It is more of a good news for all the star wars fans that we have made the largest collection of star wars wallpapers available on this site.The media franchise of star wars was some what more responsible for keeping the love of star wars alive in people between the first and second trilogy and star wars, even now, are very popular in our generation. The concept of Jedi (the good) and Sith (the evil) is also seen in most of the star wars wallpapers.
Where of you would want to download these star wars wallpapers for their fantastic Sci-Fi appeal, some would definitely want the star wars wallpapers for their leading characters.

Also, the lightsaber has also been highlighted in some of the wallpapers which was a weapon used in the star wars series.
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