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Full length Western Movies, Western TV shows, Western Films and Original Western Webisodes. There were over 30 western TV shows in prime time in 1959 and there were always western episodes of other weekly TV series shows.
Among his 33 awards was the Medal of Honor, the highest award for bravery that a soldier can receive.
In addition, he was also decorated for bravery by the governments of France and Belgium, and was credited with killing over 240 German soldiers and wounding and capturing many more. For the next several years he struggled to make it as an actor, but jobs were few, specifically just two bit parts, in Beyond Glory (1948) and Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven (1948).
He finally got a lead role in Bad Boy (1949), and starred in the trouble-plagued production of MGM’s The Red Badge of Courage (1951), directed by John Huston. While this film is now considered a minor classic, the politics behind the production sparked an irreparable fissure within the ranks of the studio’s upper management. Murphy proved adequate as an actor, but the film, with virtually no female presence (or appeal), bombed badly at the box office.

Murphy, however, had already signed with Universal-International Pictures, which was putting him in a string of modestly budgeted Westerns, a genre that suited his easygoing image and Texas drawl. He starred in the film version of his autobiography, To Hell and Back (1955), which was a huge hit, setting a box-office record for Universal that wasn’t broken for 20 years it was finally surpassed by Jaws (1975)). One of his better pictures was Night Passage (1957), a Western in which he played the kid brother of James Stewart. For theatrical productions, it dropped its roster of contract players and hired actors on a per-picture basis only.
That cheap Westerns on the big screen were becoming a thing of the past bode no good for Murphy, either.
The Texican (1966), his lone attempt at a new, European form of inexpensive horse opera, to be known as the Spaghetti Western, was unsuccessful. Frank Hewitt 1956 Walk the Proud Land John Philip Clum 1956 World in My Corner Tommy Shea 1955 To Hell and Back Audie Murphy 1954 Destry Tom Destry 1954 Drums Across the River Gary Brannon 1954 Ride Clear of Diablo Clay O’Mara 1953 Tumbleweed Jim Harvey 1953 Column South Lt. He bred and raised thoroughbred horses and owned several ranches in Texas, Arizona and California.

He was also a songwriter, and penned hits for such singers as Dean Martin, Eddy Arnold, Charley Pride and many others.
When the rancher, who gave him a home, is killed by a rival henchman, Billy sets out to revenge his murder and becomes a fugitive himself. A 1950 movie about The story of Billy The Kid, A 19 years old from Texas, the roll he played in the Linkin county war (1879) in the then American teretory of New mexico and his end at the hands of sheriff Pat Garrett 1881. This entry was posted in Audie Murphy Western Movies to Watch Free Online, Western Movies Full Length and Free to Watch Online and tagged Albert Dekker, Audie Murphy, color, complete, free, full length, Gale Storm, movie, movies, online, Shepperd Strudwick, starring, The Kid From Texas, watch, western, Western Movie, Western Movies, westerns, Will Geer.

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