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Chilean filmmaker Pablo Illanes, who helmed sinister new age-y slasher BABY SHOWER, has turned his eye to zombies and is bringing his horde to New York City for a free screening this August.
VIDEOCLUB is a 90s-set horror-comedy about “18 year-old, sexually inexperienced video store employee Miguel Jimenez (Pedro Campos). Following a successful festival run, VIDEOCLUB is screening Monday, August 18th at New York City’s storied Anthology Film Archives entirely free.
Tuesday, April 21st – 7pm -  Doug Sakmann to speak about the NYC Zombie Crawl at Lincoln Center! The NYC Zombie Crawl will be creating zombies for a FREE super-fun, interactive disaster prep workshop! New York Daily News Winter Storm Janus hits NYC: Blizzards & snowfalls in New York City history Winter in New York City Whether they're facing flurries of snowflakes or all-out blizzards, New Yorkers are all too familiar with old man winter! Clockwise from top left) ISLA FISHER as Myrtle Wilson, JOEL EDGERTON as Tom Buchanan, ADELAIDE CLEMENS as Catherine, TOBEY MAGUIRE as Nick Carraway and KATE MULVANY as Mrs.
Simply click below to spread the word via channels or access all sample copy in our Tribeca Film & Innovation Weeks Outreach Toolkit.
Impact Hub NYC looks forward to the many events that Tribeca Film Festival & Tribeca Innovation Week are bringing to our neighborhood.

Impact Hub NYC  and Fineas Media have partnered on a special initiative we’re calling Story Week to coincide with the Tribeca Film Festival & Tribeca Innovation Week.
Together with his best friend, Mauro (Samuel Gonzalez), Miguel makes homemade films and his debut movie, Victims of Madness, causes problems with his parents (Daniel Alcaino and Berta Lasala) for its excessive level of violence and exploitation of his younger sister, Tati (Francisca Diaz). Since, he’s honed both his writing and karaoke skills and been trusted with the responsibility of jury duty at Austin’s incredible Fantastic Fest.
The zombies are thawing once again and we’re gearing up for our 9th annual springtime crawl in Brooklyn on Sunday, May 31st!
Beyond the Screen: Innovative Immersive Projects – FREE Event but you must RSVP here to Attend! StoryCode hosts monthly seminars and events around the world, and this specific NY event is about Zombies off the screen! Want to win prizes, the respect of your peers, and the confidence needed to survive an apocalypse? Story Week is an opportunity for storytellers, filmmakers, and other creative minds with a passion for social change to come together as a community, connect, learn from one another, and foster opportunities for collaboration. We got so used to seeing Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment for over ten seasons, that his small living room with couch in the middle and tiny kitchen has become more than familiar.

Zimmerman lives in and hails from The Bronx, New York where his pants are too tight and he’ll watch anything with witches. Doug will talk about the many ways the NYC Zombie Crawl works to engage and encourage audience participation at it’s various events over the last 9 years. Impact Hub NYC will also be hosting regular daytime & evening community events that we invite you to join. Run around TriBeCa, dodge the undead, and learn essential survival skills in a high-tech urban adventure. Superhero costumes are encouraged, and if you show up in zombie makeup we may even pull you in to join our team!

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