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Remember the war on drugs and how that worked out?  We lost that campaign of prohibition and foreign military aid a long time ago but no one is willing to sign an armistice in the U.S.
The Sexual Futurist Community asks what about proactive thinking and proactive police work, education, social work?  What about preventing these sorts of sex crimes that we already know are going to occur at an ever increasing rate?  If we say we really care about victims shouldn’t we be doing something (with the prefrontal cortex) about prevention rather than just reacting for the millionth time.  What about helping our young boys and men before they become criminals? When WikiLeaks is embarrassing the government, suddenly they are shut down and there is charges against to operator of the site.
What we don’t see in the news daily or in the courts is the Government or Prosecutors going after the content makers or operators of the sites. If we looked into why these guys were so pathetic, could we help them before they found themselves doing something so disgusting and damaging? I think it is about time to hold these agencies equally responsible for the “smart on crime” and urge them to do something proactive for a change. I find it is sad, because we hear these stories of catching the people watching these videos. It's now time to sketch out her pretty long hair that has a slight lift to it along the front roots. For your last drawing step, all you have to do is finish off her hand, and then finish her bowl.

When your drawing is all cleaned up and ready to color, you should end up with a sketch that looks just like the one you see here. But it does not take a scholar to figure out that secret files are also just plain embarrassing. Well, Disney has done it again, and to tell you the truth, I think this is a princess that hasn’t been added to the Disney Princess line-up along with Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella.
Now the size of the head is going to be based on preference which means you can make it as big, or as small as you want the image to be. The actress that is set to voice act as Rapunzel is Mandy Moore, and she is going to be perfect for the job because she has a sweet, kind voice.
Next, draw the eyebrows, and then finish sketching out Rapunzal's pretty big eyes including lashes and all.
Finish drawing her mouth, and teeth, and then incorporate the shape of her ear with the lining for her face. Add some ruffle for the neck line, and then draw out some of her right arm and hand which is clutching onto a bowl of some sorts. Brothers Grimm was two brothers from Germany who wrote famous tales like Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and yes, Rumpelstiltskin.

Lastly, color in the inside of her mouth, and then draw the shape of her neck, and some of her right arm.
The German writers where named Jacob, and Wilhelm Grimm, and they have made said characters some of the most cherished fairy tale figures in existence. Anyway, the movie that is due to be released November 24th of this year, is called Tangled and it follows Rapunzel, and Flynn Rider. Even though the film is from Disney Studios, some critics say that they should never have changed the title name from Rapunzel, to Tangled because the story of the long haired girl is such a classic, changing the name is nothing more then naive.
The main reason why the change of name took place, is because Disney wanted both girls and boys to take interest in such an old time classic.
Anyway, this lesson is going to show you "how to draw Rapunzel", from the move Tangled, and if you are a big fairy tale fan, you will love learning from this tutorial. That does it for this description, I will be back with a few more lessons for you all to enjoy, and learn from.

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