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Freerunning (abbreviated to FR) and Parkour (abbreviated to PK) are both physical disciplines which focus on efficient and agile movements around and over various obstacles and architecture.
The two disciplines seem very similar, however, their purpose and style differ dramatically.
The Traceur may perform flips and twists at their own will, and can take whichever path they wish as they are not trying to get to a certain place, only to journey.

Freerunning is often taken up for its attractive moves, and as the more suitable 'free time' activity.
Parkour is the discipline in which the Traceur is to make their way from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible, meaning that there will be no flips or twists involved, as this will slow the Traceur down and defeat the purpose. Both of these disciplines were a French invention, and their modern history began in the 1920's.

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