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Pixar films have been known to feature a lot of Easter eggs containing characters from many of their movies. One of the Easter eggs includes Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled making a small cameo in Disney’s Frozen.
Debby always looks so happy in her photos and this trendy look suits her lively personality perfectly! Copper and strawberry blonde are the ‘hot’ red carpet shades at the moment!  And this warm medium-brown, with natural copper reflections is a very flattering colour for ‘dark-blondes’, who need a summertime colour makeover!
This style has an untidy off-centre parting above a long, side-swept fringe hanging casually over one eye. I am not sure why this picture is called BA Pass, except that the teen-aged hero here attends that course at college during the day.
Growing up as juvenile delinquents in Delhi before cellphones and caller IDs, I remember we would spend several evenings making crank calls to random numbers: “Hello, mein XYZ gigolo service se bol raha hoon. This movie is based on a short story The Railway Aunty by Mohan Sikka, which was part of an anthology called Delhi Noir. What you miss is certain dose of humour, though that might be a tough ask given a film this intense. The promos adequately suggest most people going into the theatre will probably do so with raunch and bedroom scenes on their mind.
Sofia the First (character) is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the DisneyWiki community.
Sofia is a little girl with a commoner's background until her mother marries the King of Enchancia and she becomes royalty.
Sofia is shown to have a two-sided personality: One side is that of a softhearted idealist. Although a young girl, Sofia has displayed various skills, abilities, and magical potential. The Amulet of Avalor: This magical amulet, gifted to her by her stepfather, grants Sofia the power to talk to animals (for which the amulet blessed her when she helped a baby bird back into its nest).
Flying Horseriding: Sofia tried out for the Royal Prep Flying Derby team in "Just One of the Princes", with Minimus as her steed.
Magic: Sofia began lessons in magic and sorcery in "Cedric's Apprentice", first having trouble with a spell to turn things into rubies. Various Buttercup Girl Scout Skills: As a Buttercup Scout, Sofia has learned many outdoor skills, such as wood-gathering, identifying various herbs, survival skills, etc. Leadership: Sofia displayed potential and competency as a leader, when she led her fellow Buttercups in making a sled so they could hurry an ill Baileywick to get treatment at the castle.
Sofia's Heart: Many times, Sofia has shown compassion, kindness and resolve, all of which have helped her overcome the challenges that she has faced as a princess, as well as helping others.
Intelligence and Patience: While Sofia's greatest assets are the power of her heart and the moral strength that comes with it, Sofia prefers to rely on knowledge and patience. Athletic Prowess: Despite initially being clumsy, Sofia has shown that she possesses superb athletic prowess. Micromanagement and Resourcefulness: Like her friend Prince Desmond, Sofia values careful planning and is very resourceful. Discerning Mind and Attention to Detail: Sofia has shown that she's very good at detective work.
Quick Thinking and Creativity: Despite being a micromanager, Sofia also values quick thinking and being able to improvise.
Discipline: Sofia has shown throughout the series to have an unusually high level of maturity and self-control for a child her age. Frigid Temperature Tolerance: ? Unlike the other members of her family, Sofia is shown to have a remarkable tolerence to the cold as shown when she dressed up in a cloak whereas the rest of her family had to wear fur coats and when she was the only one who was not shivering in the coach when she and her family were caught out in a blizzard.
Sofia first appears with her mother on the way to Enchancia Castle to deliver slippers to King Roland II. Sofia made her theme park character debut during the taping of the Walt Disney World segments of the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade special at the Magic Kingdom on December 1, 2012. Check out the image above and you can see the two in the bottom-left corner during Elsa’s coronation.
Loose plaiting emphasises the thickness of Debby’s hair and gives a suitably casual finish to her young and trendy image!
Unless you wish to pursue a career in academics, little knowledge on as many important things should take you far in life. Aapki biwi ne payments nahin kiye hain (Calling for payments from XYZ gigolo service)!” The husband on the other line would inevitably blast, “Ulloo ke patthe phone rakh (Disconnect the phone).” We always thought we’d seeded a doubt in their head! It is on sex, a very delicate territory, and something that Indian films, only reflecting the society around them, have been extremely coy about for generations. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Sofia learns that looking like a princess is not all that hard, but behaving like one must come from the heart. When she helps Oona the mermaid out of a fishnet, the amulet blesses her with the ability to transform into a mermaid and gain everything that comes with it including the ability to breathe underwater. After hard work and training, she managed to win her spot on the team, and became a skilled flying horse-rider. But with help from her temporary sorcery-teacher, Cedric the Sorcerer, she soon masters the ability to cast spells although it requires a wand. When Roland was lost in a snowstorm, she ordered the animals of the woods to find him and bring back proof. She never gives up, always finds a way to succeed and the goodness of her heart has helped others in ways that only kindness and patience can. This is because after her first attempt at casting a spell, she came to value the slow and steady approach.

She was strong enough to fling Prince Hugo off his horse and into the haystacks and the RPA fountain, despite the fact that Hugo is bigger. When her mother and the King marry, Sofia becomes Enchancia's second Princess and the Royal Family's youngest member. As a neophyte Royal, she struggles to find her place among the world of Royalty and prove herself worthy of her new status. Her love of sports lead to her trying out for the RPA's Flying Derby team despite everyone telling her it's a Prince only thing. The fully-costumed character is part of the Disney Junior Live theme park meet and greets at Disney California Adventure, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Walt Disney Studios Park.
BA Pass, as against a specialised honours degree in Delhi University, has in its curriculum various Humanities subjects like history, economics, philosophy etc.
These are young, brave talents germinating completely from outside the film industry making a mark with low-budget movies that force Bollywood to sit up and take notice (Anand Gandhi’s Ship Of Theseus is the best example of this potential ‘new wave’ lately). With time, we’ve managed to push sex so much under the carpet that I am not sure if there is a proper conversational Hindi word for it (no, ‘yawn’ doesn’t count). Being new to the entire Princess legacy, Sofia attends the Royal Prep Academy where Flora, Fauna and Merryweather show her the ropes about what being a Princess is all about.
Sofia's prominent princess gown has a lilac color and comes with a crystal tiara inset with diamonds and pearls, which also decorate her dress. The Amulet also gives her the ability to shrink herself at will; she can even shrink what she is wearing to scale. She uses those skills later to rescue Clover from Boswell, then to chase Wormwood, the latter event occurring in her regular dress.
When rescuing Clover from Boswell, she used strategy with Mia, Robin, Crackle and Minimus, tricking Boswell into choosing her for a magic trick and repeatedly impeding him from holding on to Clover for long until Crackle shook him off for good with a fiery blast. Sofia places a lot of faith in books she has read, usually thinks things through, and, contrary to what her family and Admiral Hornpipe believe, she is a hardheaded pragmatist who does not believe that something is so until she knows for sure that it is so and is very practical and realistic.
This physical strength is due to her sportsmanship and, for her arm strength, her fencing and wand-waving.
This is shown when she figures out that Amber gave her the trick shoes on purpose and that Tizzy enchanted Ruby's go-carriage so the pedals would move on their own and saw through Amber's and Ruby's lies to the contrary and when she figured out Slickwell's plot against Baileywick. She is also very creative to the point where it was why she made an excellent royal adviser.
Although she became one of the best ice-dancers at Royal Prep, she tells Hugo that she still needs help with her royal round-off. She also must learn the responsibilities that come with being the bearer of the Amulet of Avalor and it's powers.
Sofia quickly proves to be a prodigy when she becomes able to ride her horse Minimus and tackle most of the race course in just one day. Her first appearance away from the theme parks was at the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll along with Jake.
Yet, he lives with his foster family in a decrepit Pahar Ganj ghetto, made alluring first by stunning images of it in Anurag Kashyap’s DevD (2009). In 90 minutes or so, Bahl manages to stitch together a thoroughly riveting plot with fine control over craft.
However, Sofia is caught between two messages - is being a Princess about the fancy dress or the power of love?
She is also willing to befriend people the large majority refuse to have anything to do with. This side also gives her trust issues that make her go off on her own without telling anybody and keep secrets from everyone except her Aunt Tilly and her mermaid friend Princess Oona.
Around her neck, she wears the royal family's amulet called the Amulet of Avalor, which gives her powers for deeds of pure good, the only ones she currently has being the ability to talk to animals and transform into a mermaid and back, though the amulet also curses her when she does something bad, such as making her croak when she bragged about singing the Enchancia Anthem to her friends.
However, after her first try at spell-casting when she put everyone attending her first ball to sleep, she remains cautious about bold magical attempts, even in measuring magical plant food. When defeating Miss Nettle with Cedric, she begins to develop her cunning by using Clover's chewing ability with Wormwood's wings to get a spare wand for Cedric when his original wand is damaged, then uses his Morpho Mirrors trick to trap Miss Nettle. Her corset and tiara, as well as her chest with her possessions that she had as a cobbler's daughter, have heart designs.
She has a hunger for knowledge that makes her find out stuff that other people, especially Roland, usually overlook, like the fact that the "troll attack" King Gideon supposedly stopped was in fact a huge misunderstanding. She also posses great stamina as shown when she marched through a jungle all the way to the Jade Jaguar's cave, a feat that easily tired out Amber and Jun. This also enabled her to spot Button's shadow and realize that Vivian's "ghosts" are really her Wee Sprite friends.
Sofia is warmly welcomed by everyone at the castle except Amber, who's jealous of her, and Cedric, who's annoyed that she can't say his name right. She also finds herself caught between things she wants to do as a free spirit and what she must do as a Princess. While speaking to his sisters over the phone, he realises they could be in danger of being turned into sex workers. It is up to her animals, led by Clover the rabbit, and a powerful amulet, to set her on the path of the heart. Her skills have grown to the point where she can teach herself how to drive a flying coach and a flying sleigh and how to ride a gryffin.
However, her skill has greatly increased, allowing her to break a bubble trapping the headmistresses in one try.
When the island she is having a picnic with her mother and siblings is levitated, her quick wit is used again when she tries to pull them down to a neighboring island with her allies and a rope.
Her heart, like all gifts, has its downsides - One of her biggest weaknesses is that though she asks why things are the way they are, she does not want her own world to change. Her prowess was heighted when she retained the cat reflexes she gained after Amber accidently turned her into a cat.

Later, her new father announces that she'll have A Royal Ball in honor of her Royal Debut and gives her beautiful necklace that she must promise to never take off. She becomes so good that she is able to win the Flying Crown for Royal Prep for the first time in a hundred years and teach herself how to ride a griffin and drive both a flying coach and flying sleigh. As Cedric's apprentice, Sofia got to clean Cedric's books, enabling her to know of a few spells, such as one concerning animal-human transformation that came up when she later turned into a cat. Sofia, however, often has difficulty seeing other people's viewpoints, but if she knows those views, she uses them well to her advantage. Her athletic prowess has grown to the point where both the Dunwiddie Ducks and Royal Redhawks wanted her to be on their team for the King's Cup. She also loves athletic activities that are considered Princess only things like Enchanted Ice Dancing. It is quite different from Bollywood romp and masti of half-demented heroes (Akshay Kumar, John Abraham) in Desi Boyz (2011) that delved on a similar theme.
It’s too much of a weight for the young boy (Shadab Kamal) to carry, but he at least looks the part, even if he doesn’t quite take it to another level. She used to retain a carefree personality and innocence but she lost both in The Floating Palace. In a rare exception of recklessness around magic, Sofia tested Cedric's new Duplication Spell on herself, despite the food-loving Clover advising her to copy the apple she had tried it out on first four or five more times. She also, especially with Amber, is good at winning arguments over opinions on how things should be run.
As shown in The Floating Palace after Oona was kidnapped, when people she cares about are in danger, Sofia instantly throws caution to the winds and begins making decisions she usually refuses to make because she considers them too reckless and irresponsible. It's revealed that most of her physical prowess comes from the real world experience she's gained as a Buttercup Scout. He’s left completely distressed by the thought and must do something to protect his sisters soon. The sex, though hardly intimate and tender, is fairly satisfying for both, and definitely consensual. Sofia has recently proven to be good at thinking through how to solve difficult tasks, such as finding the answer to an ogre's riddle, then at figuring out how to make a good science project without Hocus Crocus. She has also learned spell casting, a skill that has grown to the point where she's the top student in sorcery class. A hugely under-rated actor, most cine-goers will probably remember Shukla from the over-ambitious hockey player’s character in Chak De India (2007).
Her magical skills and knowledge have grown to the point where she's the top student in Sorcery Class.
Sofia wants to please everyone and make the best impression, making her vulnerable to peer pressure. Sofia runs away and stumbles across a baby bird that had fallen out of it's nest and puts it back.
It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. This is ironic, only because the work he does is no different from what he wants to save his sisters from.
He lives that dream, briefly, before she puts him on to other clients as we, along with him, observe an entire Delhi sub-culture of lonely, rich housewives who could do with some male company while their husbands are just too busy to care.
Serious cinephiles will find it hard to erase from memory her performance in the incredible Pakistani Partition drama Khamosh Pani (2003). She helps Amber learn to not be afraid to try new things and commit to rescue missions with help from Princess Jasmine and Mulan respectively. Her physical prowess improves after taking Roland's advice and running a race course as a cat in "When You Wish Upon a Well".
Despite being claimed as independent, Flora's drawing of her in RPA to help her learn the school motto shows a significantly different outcome for her in the end. When she gets home, Cedric reveals that her amulet is magical and the next day she discovers she can talk to animals.
She also teaches James how to be a good sport and that some things are more important than winning. Sofia is selflessly willing to help Amber out after she cheats in the RPA Halloween costume contest by using Cedric's magic and needs the Amulet of Avalor to remove her butterfly wings, for instance. Sofia learns about her amulet's third ability the hard way after it places a curse on her for bragging to her friends for about being chosen to be the Anthem Singer. Sofia's heart does not blind her cunning, which she uses to guide the cowardly Desmond and discover Amber's sudden desire for the amulet. Despite appearing to be gullible around Cedric, Sofia is very intuitive of trouble when Miss Nettle is around. Sofia also shows that she is loyal to her loved ones to the point of being altruistic as shown when she took the blame for James for what he did to the window. Sofia's heart has led to her favoring group over individual effort, as shown in her dislike of her friends' competitive behavior in "Enchanted Science Fair". It has also helped her handle dangerous animals with the Amulet by talking to them, as shown in her mediating with Wilbur the Wombeast and the Jade Jaguar. Sofia has trust issues that make her keep secrets, a tendency to go off without telling anybody, and be vulnerable to peer pressure. Most recently, Sofia has taken on the job as the Storekeeper of the Secret Library of Enchancia. At first, she doesn't think she can do it but thanks to her Aunt Tilly and Merida, she has gained the confidence she needs to accept the job of finishing all the stories in the Library and giving each one a happy ending.

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