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As I said before but I will say it again, its amazing that they made a film that looks (and sounds) so good with such a low budget, it has a lot of action scenes, including some expensive scenes filmed from a chopper. Okay I know what you are thinking when you have read thus far, the acting must be horrible right? Lynda on Best places to survive a (zombie) apocalypse?:I think a major airport would be a good place to secure and live. Also we have Canada VS America in a special Defeat Donnie featuring Tanner of The Sonic Show and Sonic Remix of SonicRadio.
In the super bumper episode we round up our thoughts of this years annual Weston Super Sonic convention.
That’s right guys, due to public demand by nobody, we took our podcast to the stage in front of an audience for a miniture version of the show! Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, and Mega Drive get acquainted with each other, discussing what kind of guys Saturn might like.
To celebrate halloween we have a special episode where we jump into Uncle Poxxy’s helpline and read a very SPOOKY fan fiction together! When not creating characters for another franchise then taking legal action to take them and cling on to them to death like a suffocated pet hamster, rather than move on and create something new, Mr Penders is making his new comic series, eventually. Jay decided after the last episode that he was fed up of people thinking it was easy to host the show. Featuring SPECIAL GUESTS: Kevin and Cat from Last Minute Continue, and JonoD co organiser of Weston Super Sonic.
On today’s podcast we look at why people love Sonic conventions, and having all worked on them discuss our most memorable stories.

Today the Boom Crew discuss the cuteness of a fan obessed Amy, the magic of boybands and the mysterious disappearing Donnie. Plus while Donnie rests from his win last week, a viewer gets the chance to represent The Sonic Show comments section and play Sabotage Skyler! In our first live taping of the podcast we discuss the wonderful world of SEGA’s finances, the morality of Sonic themed crowd funding plus Donnie goes head to head against a fan in Defeat Donnie. But it doesn’t end there, the music score and the audio effects are blockbuster quality! Zomblies does not contain big star actors, but the acting aint even that bad… Its not Oscar material but just decent. As the classes begins, their teacher, a cybernetic 8-bit bunny named Center, explains that in order to graduate from their academics, they must collect 100 medals. This whole topic is a mine field, so join us as we discuss this strange as hell history of the Lara-Su Chronicles. Oh, and we also have a really heart felt email from a listener who isn’t having a great time, and things get emotional. They are most commonly known to hide under bridges, and since roughly the 2000’s have found access to the internet. Kevin, Donnie and Cat delve through episode 38 of Sonic Boom today while also looking up some out of date TVtropes! Let me just explain that I am 28 and when I was a teenager, the community looked very different.
OH and this is an Uncle Poxxy you don’t wanna miss, complete with a VERY SPECIAL CALL IN.

In al lot of budget films the makeup effects of zombies look like shit but Zomblies managed to bring us some real good looking zombies. To celebrate the event announcement, co organiser Adam Tuff joins us for a chat about the past of SoS, why it came back, and what we can look forward to this August! For their first lesson, Center sends the girls into the world of Virtua Fighter, where they are confronted by Akira Yuki. Until we return to normal routines next week, we thought it was a perfect chance to catch up with the talented Jim Sass. It consists a total of 200 volunteers and was filmed in the West of the United Kingdom, this is micro-budget action filmmaking at it’s best!
Jim founded Sasso Studios (currently uploading videogame fun on youtube) and made the hugely popular Return To Little Planet short film. Is it really an average game that combined with being the first “next gen” Sonic, and over hyped by the fans, just led to a heightened disappointment?
Fansites other than the top tier have died out, forums are barely existent like they use to be. Is that the community has died, due to things like “glory” years of Sonic going and kids now growing up with games like Rise of Lyric, or is just the community does need to exist in the form it use to?
There are two very different opinions this episode, we would love to know where you side on this discussion!

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