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Facebook Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn StumbleUpon Yummly Twitter Reddit Tumblr Flipboard Digg Today’s discussion about emergency preparedness is sponsored by Northern Freeze Dried Food Storage- emergency food storage made easy with monthly freeze dried food storage kits. Keep all these bare essentials for emergency preparedness in one place so that you know where things are when there is an emergency. Northern Freeze Dried Food Storage believes that preparing your family for the uncertainties of life should be easy and affordable. Northern Freeze Dried Food Storage provided me with a Freeze Dried Food Storage Kit to try.  The freeze dried food arrives in a bucket that is easy to store and easy to transport. Packaged in 7 individual pouches, this delicious combination makes it easy to have a wide variety of vegetables to use in soups, salads and side dishes. Both MREs and freeze-dried foods take up about equal space in your pack or your bug-out vehicle during transport, although freeze-dried food pouches tend to be a bit bulkier due to their irregular shape. Some may argue that taste should not be a factor when dealing with food while under survival conditions.
The general consensus concerning which survival food is more pleasing upon consumption is that freeze-dried foods taste better than MRE packaged meals. You may optionally choose to filter your warehouse selection by selecting one or more of the below services.
The estimated delivery time will be approximately 3 - 5 business days from the time of order. Shelf RelianceA® is known for providing unsurpassed quality in all of its products, and their line of food storage is no different. How to Return: For an immediate refund (including shipping and handling), simply return your purchase at any one of our Costco warehouses worldwide. If you request a small parcel item be picked up for return, the item must be packaged and available for pick up in the same manner as it was delivered. If your order was delivered with "Curbside", "Threshold" or "White Glove" service, please advise Customer Service if you have disposed of the original package so that they may request the appropriate service for pick up. What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?A FSA (Flexible Spending Account) allows use of the funds an individual has designated to be set aside pre-tax for medical expenses, typically with their employer, when selecting healthcare programs during the previous year.
Note: Although the IRS sets guidelines for FSA programs, individual employers have the final determination of which expenses are covered by their FSA programs.
A coupon may only discount an item by one or two dollars, but when you’re ordering massive portions and multiple items, the cost savings can quickly add up. Unless you have a perfect memory, you’ll need to write down information about your food stash.
Some people have a whiteboard by the entrance to their emergency shelter, while others keep a detailed binder within the shelter.
You may also want to separate each food item into different categories, like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Up above, I told you to keep careful inventory of everything going into your survival food shelter – including expiration dates. Rotation means putting the food that expires earliest at the front while leaving the food that expires latest at the back. Survivalist Foods provides the highest quality, best tasting, extremely affordable food storage options from Wise Foods. Our Supplier Wise Foods takes a distinctive and revolutionary strategy for freeze drying foods, long-term food storage and addresses being emergency prepared. By means of extensive examination, study and testing, we have mixed both freeze dried food and dehydrated food products collectively to ensure the optimum taste, consistency and dietary value. In freeze drying the food its first flash frozen and then inserted in a vacuum pressure drying holding chamber.
In dehydration, food items process via a drying chamber in which air eliminates the moisture from the food. In any type of emergency situation, the person who is best prepared has the highest chance of survival.
Our product line from Wise Company has been featured on the History Channel, the Weather Channel, the Military Channel, Fox News, ABC, and a number of other major networks.
Nobody knows when they will need a freeze dried emergency food supply, which is why all our long term food storage products come with a 25 year shelf life. Whether preparing to survive for a week or stocking a disaster shelter with enough food for a year, our freeze dried emergency food packages come in a number of different sizes.
From nutritious lasagna to healthy granola breakfasts and scrumptious desserts, our emergency food packages include a wide range of tasty meals. Freeze dried emergency foods are a long-term investment in the safety of yourself and your family. Order freeze dried emergency foods today to protect yourself and your family from an uncertain future. Have a stash of bottled water on hand- 5 gallons jugs are cheapest and work great for easy storage. Have a stash of food on hand- freeze dried food is great for emergency preparedness because it can have a guaranteed shelf life of 25 years. Northern Freeze Dried Food Storage makes it simple to prepare your family for emergencies by offering the Northern Freeze Dried Monthly Food Storage Kits.

Each Monthly Freeze Dried Food Storage Kit contains a different variety of 60 servings of award-winning long-term food storage meals.
Collected in this assortment are sample pouches of every emergency food that Legacy provides. The mega-outdoor store, the neighborhood department store and, of course, the internet “stores” are all fully stocked with emergency food products. Various types of foods, like meat, pastas and vegetables, are frozen and then, through a multi-step process, water crystals are removed, leaving dry product ready for long-term storage.
Each offers the necessary nutrition and calories to keep your body functioning properly when other food choices are nonexistent, and the variety of food choices for each are plentiful to appease nearly everyone’s taste preferences. The main difference between both food choices while traveling is the amount of weight that each group would add to your overall load. If you’re using a backpack and transporting enough food to survive for a minimum of three days, you will severely feel the excess weight upon your shoulders. Their Achilles heel, however, is the possibility of damaging or puncturing their Mylar pouch and rendering the food unfit for further storage purposes.
You can warm them with flameless heaters (which are sometimes included in MRE meals) if desired, but if you have no time or no source of heat, eating directly from the pouch without preparation is perfectly fine. Always examine your available resources (water, heat source, available time for preparation of food, etc.) when you choose what type of survival food to add to your overall supplies. However, and this is a big factor, the water used must be at or near full boiling temperature to properly reconstitute the product for optimum texture and flavor. That can only be answered by you after you exhausted all the trial-and-error tests that should be performed well before you actually need the food to survive.
The estimated delivery time will be approximately 1 - 2 business days from the time of order. An additional Shipping and Handling fee will apply to shipments going to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. If you are unable to return your order at one of our warehouses, please contact Customer Service. Today, I’m going to teach you the best tips and tricks to use when shopping for survival food. However, keep in mind that you may not have electricity during an emergency situation or long-term disaster scenario.
Commit yourself to writing things down today and you can quickly build a balanced food storage system. If you’re using an Excel spreadsheet, sort your list from the earliest expiration date to the latest. You can use this tip to avoid wastefulness and save money for your family – all while maintaining an effective emergency food storage system. This is the best freeze dried food storage option available anywhere and we provide it to you at the lowest price.
This particular procedure takes away 98% of the water and moisture without impacting the taste, colors, structure or nutritional value of the food storage product. This process happens at very low temps in order that the nutritional profile remains unchanged. From the sealed Mylar packaging to the sturdy buckets, all emergency food kits are designed to be as durable as possible.
Dried fruits provide a healthy dose of Vitamin C, while freeze dried vegetables ensure a complete dose of Vitamin A and other important nutrients. Other people buy freeze dried emergency food for other reasons – like preparing for a hike in the woods. For less than $1 per serving, this monthly program allows you to easily start building a small supply of food within an affordable budget.
This not only gives you the chance to try every one of the company’s entrees, breakfasts, side dishes and drinks, but also allows you to create a food plan suited to your customized needs and tastes. Enjoy delicious entrees including beef stroganoff, chicken teriyaki, lasagna and beef stew. MREs, on the other hand, closely mimic canned products found on grocery shelves, the difference being that MREs use flexible aluminum foil and plastic pouches instead of aluminum cans. From 1 pound to 1.5 pounds each, MREs could add 9 to 15 pounds to your overall load, far too much if you have miles to trek to reach your destination. This is a minor point, though, and can be avoided if you pack correctly to prevent possible damage to the pouches before you venture out. If your MREs are stored where excess heat or moisture may occur, their shelf life will diminish considerably. This, in itself, makes MREs a worriless form of survival food when faced with unpredictable conditions or a lack of other supplies. During survival situations, you may not have access to fire or another heat source, let alone water or a vessel to boil it in.
Lukewarm or cold water will slowly bring the food product to an edible consistency but with a severe decrease in palatable taste. Examine the weights, shapes, tastes, consistency and ease of preparation under both “normal” and extreme conditions.

Every THRIVEa„? product has been carefully selected based on taste and quality, and we are confident that you will look forward to using THRIVEa„? in your everyday meal planning and emergency food storage.THRIVEa„? Raspberries are USDA-certified organic and make a great snack or cereal topping. Stick to a routine and stock your emergency food shelter with food you actually want to eat. That’s why freeze dried foods are one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure survival in any situation.
Food will not spoil or become tainted before its expiry date and the containers are durable enough to survive in any disaster shelter, household, or vehicle over a long period of time. Most Northern Freeze Dried products have a guaranteed shelf life up to 25 years and are built to last.
Legacy uses only the best quality ingredients, and its “Made in the USA” products are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol, certified Non-GMO, vegetarian friendly and feature an amazing 25-year shelf life. Although both can be generally grouped as “survival foods,” they differ in many important ways.
Also, the necessity of carrying water to prepare most freeze-dried foods can also add weight to your load.
You don’t want to be surprised when you open your MRE expecting a meal and find spoiled product, even though the box stated an expiration date of several years.
Some freeze-dried food packages state that room temperature or cold water also works, but it will take longer to prepare and the overall taste and texture will most likely be negatively affected. MRE meals, which can be eaten cold “right out of the package” are considered fair when it comes to taste, but when warmed with optional heaters MREs are a bit more pleasing to the taste buds. Only then can you make a personalized decision to fit your needs while under harsh and stressful conditions. At the very least, this will provide you with a sense of normalcy during an emergency situation.
A week from now, an environmental disaster could knock out power to your entire city, forcing families into a life-or-death survival situation.
And best of all – the freeze dried meals are surprisingly nutritious, making them perfect for a camping adventure.
Then the complete package is heated to sterilize the contents, which allows the food to stay fresh for a number of years. Your focus should be on surviving during whatever emergency situation occurs, not spending time trying to convince your family that the food tastes great. Psychologically, a warm meal will feel more comforting and thus give the illusion of better taste.
Or, a month from now, a doomsday scenario could send the world into a chaotic struggle where only the best prepared can survive. If you have any questions please let us know and we will be happy to help in any way we can.
That all depends on your budget, storage capabilities, preferred taste and, most importantly, your overall personal survival plan. You first have to identify which type of storage you are prepping for: short term or long term. Short term is anywhere from a several weeks to a few years, while long term is a time frame from about three to five years to a few decades.
In conclusion a reliable, straightforward, and very affordable solution for your emergency preparedness and food storage needs.
All meals are freeze dried and stored inside sealed Mylar packages and can be prepared simply by adding water. Your energy levels and nutrition will be maintained during nearly any stressful survival condition thanks to this pack’s contents. Once you determine which timeframe fits your particular purpose, the outcome of which type of food to store will be very clear.
Meal packages come inside sealable buckets that can be stacked in homes, vehicles, disaster shelters, or any other storage building you would like to store them in. Just add boiling water and within minutes you will be enjoying tasty foods, including oatmeal and pancakes, Italian pasta with marinara sauce, enchiladas, chili macaroni as well as cheese and broccoli soup. Each month’s box includes breakfast items, delicious and nutritious entrees, and the choice between whey milk and orange delight drink to wash it all down.
Now you can enjoy delicious ice cream after a long day of hiking and never have to worry about it melting.
These ice cream sandwiches fit easily in your backpack for instant satisfaction, or you can store them in your disaster pantry for years at a time. A full 12 eggs are contained in this durable, single-use pouch so prepping a nutritious breakfast for a large family is simple and fast.

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