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An electric hot water heater can be purchased at many retailers that sell similar products. Rheem Loline solar hot water heaters offer the benefits of water heating economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions without needing to install a tank on your roof. Just a quick note of thanks for your help this afternoon regarding an S-50 installed on a tankless system. The Chofu Propane Heater is a high efficiency water heater designed specifically for hot tubs. The Chofu Propane Heater greatly reduces hot tub maintenance, since it has no moving parts and requires no electricity. Inside the Chofu is an elaborate network of copper tubes with heat collecting fins, that are heated by six stainless steel burners. The Chofu connects to a tub with provided accessories (see connection kit): flexible neoprene tubes, stainless steel pipes, and thru-wall tub-ports. A protective cover may be either a soft insulated (tea cozy) type or a hard shell, wood structure. A review of Bradford White hot water heaters from Extra Recovery and Energy Saver series with and without the ultra low NOx gas burner.
Review of the pros & cons of electric water heaters vs gas hot water heaters to help you make an informed decision when you need a new hot water system.
We have installed over 1,500 tankless water heaters in the last 10 years and by far Rinnai has been the most reliable of all the major brands.
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We are performing maintenance on the website this afternoon, so you may experience occasional outages during your visit this afternoon. When it comes to high efficiency tankless water heaters, no one comes close to matching the expertise and innovation of A. A-Master Plumbing provides water heater repair and installation throughout Northern Virginia. Tankless water heaters usually have a 20 year lifespan, twice as long as their storage tank counterparts. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. It is properly bled and the incoming pipe is hot but the outgoing pipe is only slightly warm. BTW, it is on the second floor of the house where I also have a cast iron radiator which works great, so it's probably not a matter of water pressure or anything like that. I'm not familiar with these radiators, are they not supposed to be hot when you touch them?
Nothing has changed while I have owned the house including, I suspect, how the radiator (under)performs.
1) The perception that you get from the two heating bodies is different, the cast iron radiators just give a sense of warmth.
2) The radiators are radiating heat long after the furnace is off unlike the baseboard heater.
In addition to that the window on top of that heater still has a window AC unit left from the summer which works against the heater. My conclusion is that I'll remove the AC unit immediately but also I'm thinking whether changing the water heater to a cast iron radiator might be a good long term investment. My old house had this type of setup where the baseboards were tapped into a 1" cast iron pipe in the basement. The water should be flowing fast and hot enough that you can't touch the copper pipe at each end of the baseboard.

If the above is the case, you're probably best to change the baseboard to a similar radiator to match what you already have throughout your house.
Could also be that the regulator on the baseboard is not opening proerly or there could be a blockage in either the suply or the outlet pipe, not necessarily the baseboard element itself.
If you determine that this baseboard is air bound, I would open another question askin on how to bleed it. As for the second part of your question - I would recommend just getting rid of unsightly baseboard and getting a proper cast iron radiator.
The bleeder should be centered within the zone, because an air bubble tends to find its way to the center of a level vessel - that's how a good spirit level works - and the zone should be bled when it's NOT calling for heat. It is my understanding that a fin type baseboard radiator will not work in a casting iron zone.
On a 50 degree day your cast iron radiators and boiler will maintain close to the same temperature around 100 degrees to maintain 70 degrees in a room, on a 50 degree day your boiler temperature will be much higher on a system with all copper fin baseboard, this is because of the much faster heat transfer from copper fin, causing your boiler to cycle on and off much more frequently but at shorter durations then with cast iron.
What happens now is when a zone with cast iron calls for heat the boiler gets flooded with much colder water causing excessive noise from your pipes from the huge temperature difference in the water, you will now create air in the system from Cold water meeting much hotter water very suddenly. I have 9 zones of heat in my home and they are all cast iron except for my kitchen witch is copper fin and has 3 exterior walls. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged water radiator heater baseboard or ask your own question. Late boarding and passport control failures caused a missed flight in Turkey on a non-EU airline - what compensation can I claim?
And, to ensure you have hot water all year round , Rheem Loline water heaters can be gas or electric boosted, with fully automatic electronic controls.
If you often find yourself standing around waiting for hot water, or even worse, walking away and doing other things while you wait for hot water, it’s time for a change. Call us today, toll-free at 800-200-1956, for more information on the D'MAND Kontrols® Hot Water System! It’s designed for outdoor use, with a durable powder coated steel outer casing and a stainless steel exhaust cowling. The configuration of the copper tubes is designed to create thermosiphon circulation by allowing the heated water inside the heater to rise up and flow into the tub.
Kits for converting gas tankless water heaters from natural gas to propane or vice versa are available for most models.
Natural Gas, Propane, Oil & Electric Water Heaters by Bosch, Takagi, Powerstream, Stiebel Eltron, PowerStar, Ariston, Rinnia and Toyotomi. Online appliance store with great Rinnai Infinity 16 Continuous Flow Hot Water System prices. We offer professional installation, maintenance and repair services for all major hot water heater brands. As their name implies, tankless water heaters heat water without the use of a storage tank.
However, many tankless water heaters are about the size of a carry-on suitcase and can be installed on virtually any wall inside or outside of your home. If you touch the fins with two or three fingers it should feel hot enough to be very uncomfortable.
Even if hot water got into the pipe, if there's no flow to replace it it will go cold fairly quickly.
Some of these systems also have valves in the basement for each radiator, to balance the heat distribution and this one could be closed down too much. So if the incoming pipe is hot and the outgoing one is not, then there's definitely a water flow problem.
With it, provide a picture of near boiler piping and as much info about your system as possible. If not, a large air bubble can collect in the radiators on that floor with very little hope of being absorbed by the hot water circulating through that zone.

Base board transfers heat much faster therefore will sit cold while cast iron rads are hot for much longer time heating a room. Even with the proper air removal scoops and bleeders you should never have extreme differences in system temperatures.
Raise the water pressure using the flow control valve to 24 pounds and see if this corrects the issue. In less than two hours, you will be on your way to hot water, water conservation and energy conservation too! Once a tap is opened, the outside water is drawn through the heater to supply hot water to fixtures, providing you with hot water quickly and efficiently. Lastly, go to incoming pipe coming up through the floor again, it should be very hot, too hot to touch for more than a few seconds. Each loop will be controlled by a thermostat located in a common area to all the radiators on the loop. It will only gain heat by it conducting through the pipe and water without flow, which takes a long time and that heat would be lost before it ever got warm at inlet or outlet.
Perhaps there is a trickle of flow which is enough to keep the inlet pipe hot, but the small amount of heat delivery is easily dissipated out by the radiator element. On 2nd & higher floors, the bubble may be large enough to prevent the circulator pumps from working AT ALL, since they rely on siphon from downflow to assist upflow. I am switching to cast iron baseboard which is very expensive but will work exactly like cast iron radiators. With higher efficiency ratings and groundbreaking designs, our tankless water heaters feature non-condensing and condensing technology and are part of a new era in water heating. Your baseboard is most likely on a loop with other radiators and as such the issue described above is occurring. If not, than it might be pretty difficult to properly bleed it, especially since it has been added to a system with all CI rads. And there's a real air bleeder WITHIN that 2nd-floor zone, preferably just about centered within the zone? The main control switch for the heater is designed to be mounted on the side of the tub, for easy access in or out of the tub. Or are you just counting on the boiler's bleeder (probably in the basement) to bleed the whole system? You should not be able to hold your fingers on either the in or out flow side these pipes for more than a few seconds.
If you have a automatic bleeder on the radiator get rid of it and install a manual bleeder.
For example electric heaters have higher efficiency, but cost more to operate than same-size gas water heater. Also tankless gas heaters, gas water heaters with blowers, and gas heaters with high recovery may claim higher efficiency, but they consume more fuel per hour of operation. This number does not consider inefficiencies during production, transmission, refining, and delivery of gas. Hot combustion gasses are released out the flue and are not actively recycled without slowing combustion which turns off unit. Newer type tank-less with blower recycles heat into a tank operate at 96% efficiency, and are made for oversize consumption of both energy and hot water.
Generally, gas heaters exposed to hard water require softener which affects overall efficiency.

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