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Maspalomas Gay Pride has become the second largest gay event of Spain (after the one in Madrid). Since 1991, gay men and lesbians from around the world have converged in and around Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the Disney Gay Days, an entire weekend of exciting events centered around area theme parks and attractions. The New York City Gay Pride is the originall Christopher Street Day, home of the Stonewall gay bar. The gay pide - or Orgullo in Spanish - in Madrid is one of the biggest and most popular prides in Europe. From Mr Gay Pride Sitges, to what promises to be a hilarious Miss Drag Queen Sitges together with a host of other events, this is one five day pride event you won’t want to miss!
The event kicks off with a spectacular opening party on Thursday the 5th of July featuring the increadible 100% Kylie.. The main parade takes place on Saturday the 7th of July from 2pm with floats from the towns gay businesses together with local groups and bands.
GO VIP and view all of the village shows from the special VIP stage and direct access to the VIP bar, no long queues and the best views around!

Reportably 60,000 attended in 2010, 60% from abroad, from countries such as Canada, United States and the Netherlands. Organized by AFGAL, the Independent Association of Gays and Lesbians based in Sitges, with the support of the City of Sitges in Sitges Tourism Promotion Agency and the Hospitality Association of Sitges. Event categories: Day Open Air Dance Events, Day Open Air Music Events, General Day Events, General Night Event, Night Open Air Dance Events, Night Open Air Music Events, and Sitges Festivals.
Event categories: General Night Event, Night Open Air Dance Events, and Night Open Air Music Events. This past weekend our clocks sprung forward; spring's warmer weather can't be too far away. Leave your inhibitions back at the hotel because the Black Party is not for the faint of heart.
For a week, different cultural and political activities and drag shows are held on the island. We have an amazing line-up of events, concerts and activities to mark such an auspicious occasion.

Throughout the Pride, the Promenade in front of the Gay Beach right along the seafront will be completely transformed into a Gay Village. Forget the below-zero days, defrost the bathing suit, polish the leather harness and add these spring happenings to your calendar. Jeffrey Sanker's White Party, going into its 25th anniversary year, is just plain sizzling. It claims to be the biggest gay circuit party in the world, and it doesn't disappoint, assuming that's your thing. White Party electrifies the desert with a spicy array of men, music, DJs and superstar talent.

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