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Now the beauty of the GearPODs system is that you can build your own survival kit by selecting from 9 pre-assembled, single kits OR you can select a pre-assembled multi-kit like the GearPODs Wilderness System. Not only does GearPODs offer pre-made kits… the system is designed for you to build and expand your own survival system to suit your needs. So if you want… you can totally customize or even build your own virtually indestructible kit by selecting empty PODs and filling them with your own stuff… OR you can add your own POD creations to a pre-assembled GearPODs kit. So the ability of the GearPODs system to be customized and be changed and upgraded over time is the true genius behind this line. The PODs themselves come in 4 sizes and can be attached to each other in any arrangement you choose through the use of these rugged, double threaded connectors and caps. So let’s take a look at what this kit includes – starting with the Health and First Aid kit. The GearPODs health kit is a compact, yet comprehensive first aid kit for treating common outdoor ailments and injuries and is kept safe in a Medium POD.
And one of the most helpful features of this, and every other kit in the GearPODs line is a kit inventory… or contents sheet. This contents sheet is VERY useful for people like me – who want to make sure their survival kit is always fully stocked and ready for use.  It really is a nice touch and something that most of the other kits are lacking. Another aspect of the GearPODs Health kit, is that even with all of this gear it still has quite a bit more room left in the POD for you to add additional items if you like.
Next let’s look at the GearPODs Shelter Kit that provides a basic emergency shelter system to help you stay warm and dry in an emergency. The Shelter Kit includes a lightweight, orange, silicon-coated, ripstop, nylon tarp system, with some nylon cord, 6 line tensioners and a thermal emergency blanket to keep you warm or for use as a large rescue reflector. The Adventure Tarp System is all packed neatly in an orange stuff sack, with very good directions and illustrations on how to set the whole rig up. First I found 2 trees that were about 8 feet apart that had a nice patch of level ground between them.
Then I rough-measured and cut a length of nylon cord long enough to wrap around each small tree and have enough left over to install the tensioners. Next, I installed the nylon cord with tensioners and strung my line about 3 feet above the ground between the two trees and tightened the cord using the tensioners. The kit’s instructions with helpful diagrams made installing the center cord and tensioners easy. Then I cut my existing cord into 4 lengths and tied each length to the loop on each corner of the tarp using a bowline knot (which the instructions show you how to tie). Next I made 4 tent stakes with branches using my survival knife and pushed them firmly into the ground. Now, I have to admit… in my testing I lost 3 of the 6 tensioners from this kit… so I had to resort to an old Boy Scout knot – the taut line. Although a taut line knot is easy enough to tie… just don’t lose your line tensioners and you’ll be fine. When I was finished with the Adventure Tarp System, it came down in about 2 or 3 minutes and packed up nicely, in the stuff sack and POD and is all ready to go next time. I’m usually not a big fan of button compasses but this is about the best one we’ve seen because it accomplished its only task – of pointing North – every time. In the top section of the Survival POD, you’ll find the Cook Mug with lid and a heat dissipating band around the top so you can hold the mug when it’s hot.
Inside the Cook Mug we have another stuff sack that contains a boatload of quality and useful survival gear as well as a wind shield for the cook stove.
In the stuff sack there is a one-handed fire starter… which is similar to a butane lighter without the fuel. Then flick the striker wheel with your finger to get sparks… It seems like every time I use a fire starter like this, it takes me a few tries to light the tinder.
Nonetheless… this fire starter works fine with a little persistence and can be a life saver in an emergency. You would use these matches to ignite the solid fuel cook stove tablets since they are not designed to ignite using sparks.
AND for extra safety, the kit includes a Fresnel Lens that can focus sunlight on tinder to start a fire. Also included is a little Mini-LED flashlight with a battery that GearPODs says will last for over 24 hours of continuous use. It’s not the brightest torch we’ve seen, but it is certainly sufficient for a survival situation and we like its long battery life for sure. Next, let’s look at the break-resistant container with fish hooks, a swivel, sinkers, safety pins and a sewing needle.
For a blade, the POD comes with a folding razor blade knife with a pretty sturdy fold-out handle and blade guard that extends the usefulness and safety of this tool. I’d still want to have a survival knife along… but if I didn’t, there’s a lot that can be done with this blade. There is also a folding jig saw blade for cutting wood or metal, with a similar handle to the razor blade knife. A 30 inch or 76 centimeter long roll of duct tape is included for repairs or emergency first aid. 4 sheets of weatherproof stationary and a pencil with a cap are handy for keeping a journal, leaving a message, drawing plans or maps.
Signaling with a mirror is one of the most effective ways to get help since on a clear day a flash from a mirror can be seen up to 20 miles or about 32 kilometers away. And last… but certainly not least… the GearPods system includes a really nice water and tear proof survival guide. This survival guide tells AND shows you how to use many of the items in the GearPODs Survival Pro Kit and, like in the other GearPODs kits, it lists the contents so you can do a periodic inventory to ensure that your kit is ready to go. To light the Esbit solid fuel tablets… you need to use a match or two… your fire starter is not going to do it. Once you get the solid fuel going, place the windscreen with the vent holes facing down wind and place your Cook Mug on the stove base. Now to remove your cook mug from the stove, be careful NOT to touch the wind screen… it’s HOT!!!
Also, if solid fuel is not your gig… our you want a backup fuel source, GearPODs offers this denatured alcohol burner system. Another cool thing about the Gear PODs system is that each pod is about the width of a water bottle so it can easily slip into water bottle pockets or into packs. GearPODs also offers adjustable POD cases in digital camo and black that are designed to further protect your gear and make it easy to strap your PODs onto stuff like bug out bags and backpacks. Surprisingly, there are NOT a ton of reviews or comments on the GearPODs system available… this may be due to GearPODs NOT being available on Amazon until recently. But all of the comments we have found have been very positive highlighting the innovative and well thought-out design, the completeness of each kit, the ruggedness and quality of the pods and gear, and the ability of this system to be customized to fit about any survival need. And because of the versatility of this system, and the fact that it’s much more than your typical “take-it-or-leave-it” OR “one size fit’s all” kit… but is more of a complete, upgradable, and totally customizable survival system –  it’s really in a class of it’s own. We took off half a star because the although the GearPods system is nearly perfect in every way, it is not small or pocketable.
And it’s great that the GearPODs system is totally modular, so no matter what your budget, you can start building your Ultimate Survival Kit today. The GearPODs Wilderness Survival Kit is great for Bug Out Bags, Emergency Kits, Get Home Bags, Disaster Preparedness, Camping, Canoeing, Hiking, Backpacking, Extreme Adventures, Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobile, Four Wheeler and Vehicle Emergency Kits. ABOUT GEARPODS ®GearPods Connect represents a new approach to handling and protecting your adventure gear, providing a flexible and modular container system that is ideal for building kits. There is one thing you should never leave home without when venturing out into the wild, and that's survival gear. GearPods has a straightforward modular system that lets you attach extra pod containers should you wish to keep everthing together in one long kit. The small waterproof container is big enough to store a Zippo lighter and a couple of spare batteries and other things that you don't want to get wet like pills and such. Gadgetmac is a technology-focused publication dedicated to serve up the latest and best in-depth reviews and news. When it comes to pre-assembled survival kits, the contents don’t seem to vary much from one kit to the next.

The caps allow you to terminate a module, join modules to make a longer module, or join them as separate modules. The Survival Pro kit comes with a small cooking set that GearPods designed to fit their containers. The cook set can boil water fairly quickly, which isn’t really surprising since it is a relatively small cup. The Survival Pro comes with an instruction sheet that contains valuable information like general survival tips and information about items in the kit.
The kit doesn’t include any shelter specific items but it does include items that can be used in shelter construction (cordage). The GearPods is a well-stocked kit with a good mix of innovative original components and proven standard components. Disclosure: This kit was provided to me free of charge by GearPods as a “thank you” for mentioning their products on JTT.
One of the most important benefits of training (or really education of any kind) is the strengthening of your mental filter. Someone without much in the way of training (education, experience, etc.) will generally have a wide open mental filter. Certainly, as a gear focused blog, JTT is likely guilty of clogging up some people’s filter.
Professional firearm training is a great way to build and test your filter at the same time. This is part of why seeking training from people who teach ideas and techniques differently than what you are used to can be valuable. Perhaps the most striking feature of the AMAS is the replaceable front and back panel system. The side straps and cummerbund are also completely modular and offer more adjustability than any other carrier that I have seen. GORUCK has a reputation for making some great gear and are especially well known for their backpacks. The average guy, who wants to be alert and prepared, most likely doesn’t have the opportunity to function often in these types of circumstances. Of course, I don’t even come close to knowing it all and I approach each new shift at work as a student of the harder side of life.
The Cherry Bomb and Secret Weapon packs are styled to look more discreet but they still offer the ability to conceal a long arm. The larger Secret Weapon pack will accommodate an 11″ barreled AR-15 (or larger if broken down).
Both packs also have an array of features and pockets for organization which make them very well mannered for use as a typical backpack when you don’t need the ability to carry a long arm.
Kyle Lamb has served his country valiantly and now he lives a life that many find fascinating. I own several Garmin GPS units and they are all great but the one I like best is my wrist-worn Foretrex 401. The fenix (the lack of capitalization in the name is driving me nuts) is just as fully spec’d as the Foretrex 401, in fact, it is actually a bit more feature rich. Vltor set the world on fire yesterday with the announcement of their very clever KeyMod system. This sort of attachment system is right up Impact Weapon Component’s alley so it should come as no surprise that they have announced the future availability of some of their most popular MOUNT-N-SLOT accessories for the KeyMod system. When it comes to pre-assembled survival kits, the contents don’t seem to vary much from one kit to the next.
The cook set can boil water fairly quickly, which isn’t really surprising since it is a relatively small cup. The kit doesn’t include any shelter specific items but it does include items that can be used in shelter construction (cordage). Sounds like a good product and whatever level of prepper one might be this would be a good addition to have. You can personalize the look of you GearPODs kit by selecting from 7 different colors of caps and connectors including, black, blue, tan, orange, yellow, red and green.
The key to using Tinder Quick with any fire starter is that you need to pull one end apart like a cotton ball.
It’s so practical that these sharp and pointy items are packaged in this container so they don’t rip through the stuff sack, or poke things… like fingers when fishing around for gear in the stuff sack. Each tablet is designed to treat 1 liter of water against viruses, bacteria and other nasty stuff.
Mine came with the mirror side a little blemished around the edges, but this didn’t reduce its performance at all. So it’s not a viable every day carry item unless you carry around something like a day pack with you, everywhere you go. It really goes without saying, and there are plenty of options and survival gear out there for you to pick and choose from. This is a 6-inch long (3.2-inch in diameter) pre-assembled kit system that's equipped with a GearPods Survival kit and Stove System designed and geared for navigating, signalling, fire starting, purifying water, fishing and snaring, small equipment and clothing repairs, boiling water and last but certainly not least, cooking! It's literally packed to the brim with everything you could possibly think of to aid you with starting a fire to heat up water and food, catch some fish down in the river, purify undrinkable water and loads of other small tools that are all there to hopefully help you in case of an emergency or any other form of outdoor adventure you partake in. An empty small container will run you $6 and together with a GearPods Connector peice, you can easily attach it to your Survival Pro or any other GearPods container. Like we said ealier, these are great for such applications by themselves.The GearPods Survival Pro has two ripstop sacks filled with tools that are neatly packed into the container along with the hard anodized aluminium Stove and the hard anodized aluminum hybrid CookMug. The GearPods containers are translucent plastic tubes in various lengths that are capped at both ends.
There are many standard items that are survival kit mainstays and a handful of very innovative items that you won’t find anywhere else. An A-frame style shelter can be built without any tools or cordage if the right materials are present.
You will want to take note of how things are packed when you are using the various components or you may have some difficulty packing the contents. There are multiple ways of starting a fire, multiple ways of food gathering, multiple ways to purify water, and multiple repair items. This filter is the mental decision making matrix that you pass every idea through to test whether or not it is worth incorporating into your skill set. People with more experience can more successfully separate the good information from the bad. I have said it before and I will say it again, you really don’t need most of what we talk about on this blog. It can only be built with intention and focus through quality training, experience, and education.  Choose the information sources that you allow to build your filter carefully because the quality of the information used to build your filter will largely determine the quality of your mental filter. Each new idea presented in a training course that passes through your filter and is incorporated into your life helps filter the next set of new ideas. Nearly every part of the AMAS is removable, replaceable, and adjustable or, in short, modular. The front and back panels are secured with a Velcro and tab system and they are completely removable.
The side straps have a unique 3-point design that allow a ton of adjustment for not only length, but also angle.
It used to be that you could get a GORUCK bag in any color that you wanted so long as it was black but now they have released 2 new color options: Sand (tan) and Multicam. For instance, when I worked on a carpentry crew framing custom homes, instead of health insurance we received suntans, a great sense of balance, and all the strength training that could be handled during a work day. Unfairness, sudden calamity, life changing mistakes, and a myriad of other dangers wait daily in the wings for the right opportunity to swallow the unwitting and the experienced alike. Browning is bucking that trend in their new Black Label line with the Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk. Their packs work very well for this task but they leave little doubt as to what the backpack is carrying. Some so-called discreet packs really aren’t all that discreet but I think Eberlestock was quite successful at styling these packs to look like normal day packs.

It is also capable of carrying a 20″ barreled bolt action precision rifle if the user utilizes the Eberlestock M1 Stealth Chassis which folds shorter than just about any other stock like it. They are hydration compatible, have a removable waist belt, and have rain covers that stow in the bottom of the pack. The Foretrex line is pretty compact but they are still much larger than a typical wrist watch and the only way it could be better is if it was just a bit smaller.
It boasts lighter weight, a basemap, more onboard storage, a larger tracklog, more routes, more waypoints, a better compass, and other features over the Foretrex 401. They released the specs of this attachment system so that others in the industry could begin to develop accessories to support it. They have begun work on the Haley Strategic DROPWING & RADIAL UNIVERSAL Light Mounts and expect to have them to market in about 8 weeks at the same prices as the current versions. There are many standard items that are survival kit mainstays and a handful of very innovative items that you won’t find anywhere else. I agree that $69 might be a little pricey, but it would be money well spent if I were ever in a position where I needed to use it.
All this using only a 6-inch long waterproof tube that fits in your backpack like a small portable speaker. If a flashlight is all you've got, you better rethink your strategy with one of these well stocked GearPods.
Not everyone knows how to use the tools to their advantage but you should start now and always be prepared.
The caps can be end caps or couplers (open or closed style) that allow multiple tubes to be connected together. GearPods has done a great job of sourcing quality components for this kit but the parts that really shine are the parts that they designed themselves. The windscreen can be rolled tightly and inserted into the cup for storage but you should take some care when storing it because it will scratch and scuff the anodization on the cup. Additionally, the kit includes a rescue Flash signal mirror that has a retro-reflective aiming reticle which allows it to be used one handed (some mirrors require a second hand to aim). I played around with different configurations and there is some leeway with how you pack the kit but a little bit of care goes a long way. You can even add another small container module and it will still fit in most water bottle pouches. The cook set’s design is ingenious in how it fits the container format while still retaining a lot of functionality. This can be a good thing if they are being fed good ideas or it can be a terrible thing if they are standing at a typical gun shop counter listening to Goober McKnowitall opine about shotguns.
Their filter allows less through because they can tell from experience what will and won’t work for them. During your time training you will find that techniques will be added to your “toolbox” or they will be thrown out.
New ideas will either be rejected by your mental filter or be used to reconstruct it – both of which make it stronger. Sooner or later, everyone needs to learn how to separate the peppercorns from the rabbit turds.
You can choose the side straps or a cummerbund that allows the use of side plates (or both).
This gap allows airflow behind the plates to keep you cooler and can help protect you from plate deformation in the case of an armor strike. You can stay up to date on when the AMAS will be available at the Hardpoint Equipment Facebook page.
I want to start an occasional series of entries to share with the readers some of the things that I’ve learned along the way and hopefully help with that development. No man is ever able to rise above these facts and can only maintain his relationship with God and run the race of life to the best of his ability. You could probably also fit a larger SBR (short barrel rifle) AR-15 if you were to separate the upper and lower receivers.
Well, it appears that Garmin agrees because they have announced the new wrist-worn fenix GPS.
The cook set’s design is ingenious in how it fits the container format while still retaining a lot of functionality. I like the idea of using something like this for gifts and for a way to get people to start thinking about self preservation in general.
This is a company that takes all of the required survival tools and creates various types of kits which come in modular pods. However, the GearPods Survival Pro is one kit that differentiates itself by its container and contents.
This tube form factor allows the GearPods to be carried like a water bottle and they can even function as a water bottle in a survival situation.
The stove is designed to work with fuel tablets like those from Esbit and has three legs that can be spread out to stabilize the whole unit. The fabric on the cup won’t make it possible to handle a cup full of boiling water but it does make it possible to handle the cup sooner than you would be able to without some protection from the heat. GearPods thoughtfully provided two small stuff sacks that hold every component of the kit except the cook set. Take the fire starters for instance, you will likely find that the Tinder-Quik are a very easy and reliable fire-starting method.
GearPods sent me an additional small module so I could see how the connectors work and I found that it was great for storing natural tinder that I foraged (something you may want to do immediately once you realize you are in a survival situation).
Between the container and the contents, this is easily one of the most innovative survival kits on the market. In some cases, people with a well-built filter don’t even have to try a technique or piece of gear to determine that it is a dud. Some pieces of gear will pass the test while others will fail when confronted with your ever growing standards for performance.
I hope that in these following articles the readers will find at least a few nuggets to help guide the way should any treacherous situation come along.
That is no longer the case with Eberlestock’s introduction of the S25 Cherry Bomb and S34 Secret Weapon packs. The fabric on the cup won’t make it possible to handle a cup full of boiling water but it does make it possible to handle the cup sooner than you would be able to without some protection from the heat. I may get a couple to add to the GHB's for the vehicles, perhaps of LB wants to chip in on one we could do a field test for everyone.
Not just any pods though, GearPods are extremely tough, durable and lightweight pipe containers made from transparent polycarbonate - available in different sizes and colors that feature a waterproof design and easy-to-twist grippable end caps also known as GearPods' Terminators. But since these are all waterproof, you can alternately use these for protective gadgets and other things which don't necessarily have anything to do with the concept of keeping you alive. The cup has a heat resistant fabric ring at the top which makes it a bit easier to handle when it is hot and a concave bottom which helps catch and hold the heat from the stove. Those are desirable attributes for something that may have to be used in adverse conditions. These bags let you keep the kit components together and organized even if you are using the cookset. However, in situations when you have direct sunlight, you will want to use the Fresnel lens in order to conserve the Tinder-Quik tabs and matches. That won’t sit well with the guys online who defend their ideas by saying things like, “I bet you have never even tried the bayonet mount tomahawk!” Let’s just face it, some ideas are just bad and really don’t need to be tried in order to determine that.
The panels are also available without MOLLE webbing so you can turn the AMAS into a slick carrier. I should also point out that the panels are secure enough that the drag handle on the rear has been tested to actually function without the panel tearing away with the weight of a grown man.

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