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GFT is registered as a charity (No SC005932) with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.
Over the years Andrews has created gripping stories in the magical world of animation with his catalogue including Cars, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Brave. Another Sweet Release Posted: April 17, 2012 (New Glasgow, NS) – The New Glasgow Jubilee has announced another headliner for its August 3-5 event, Big Wreck will Three days of great music on the Natal Day long weekend. NEW GLASGOW – The riverfront will be rocking in August when the New Glasgow Jubilee returns with a lineup featuring performances by Joel Plaskett Emergency, Riverfront Jubilee Fireworks. Festival Details: The Jubilee is a wicked good three day music festival in an open air setting on the scenic riverfront of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. During the summer it hosts celebrations for Canada Day on June 30, the New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee during the first weekend in August, and the Race on the River Dragon The Festival of the Tartans. My mother was a great cinemagoer, she would always take us to The Grand and there was another cinema around the corner called The Cambridge. I was only in there a couple of months when the Chief Projectionist left and they offered me his job – which was great because I was only twenty-one at the time. I am in some ways but I’m also looking at it from the experience of having had badly scratched prints. I hate to say it but digital is going to be the future for cinema – all the companies are changing over. One of my favourite movies as a kid was Jason and the Argonauts and to meet the person that did the special effects, Ray Harryhausen, was absolutely fantastic. Hayley Mills was here one afternoon – I was brought up with Disney movies in the late fifties early sixties, and she was in The Parent Trap, for example. The old PA system in Cinema 1 could be a more of a problem to deal with; it was prone to picking up passing local taxi radio messages and blasting them through when the guests were trying to answer! We also do a lot of hires of the auditorium as well, which gets revenue into the building when there’s nothing on during the day. And the building itself has had a lot of improvements done over the years, while still trying to keep it looking the way it was. Every February I look forward to time spent in Glasgow, sitting in illuminated darkness rediscovering the collective joys of Cinema. Festival Co-Director Alan Hunter’s introductions to retrospective screenings always provide interesting pathways into film- another human element which like Director’s Q&As and the conversations you have standing in line about what you’ve watched so far, are part of a film festival’s value added appeal. I can think of very few contemporary Hollywood films where equality of dialogue, presence and screen time is comparable to Bogart and Bacall in The Big Sleep- certainly a reflection of their personalities and undeniable chemistry on and off screen, but also significantly, the product of a well-crafted piece of storytelling where the male and female lead characters are resoundingly written as equals. Storytelling in the dark is as old as cave dwelling and on a deep, human level, fulfils a timeless need; to entertain certainly, but more essentially to make sense of ourselves. The sensuous underwater world of fluid light as a primordial source of life is contrasted beautifully with the black volcanic beach and stark white geometry of spartan dwellings, which feel as though they have been reclaimed from natural disaster and human abandonment. Hadzihalilovic skillfully presents the viewer with twisted familiarity, a community of women seemingly evolving as a single organism with propagation of their species aligned to biological determinism rather than the emotive qualities of Motherhood so revered in human society. Mark will screen clips from many of his animated films and take questions from the audience. Q104 ,Halifax , The Home of Rock n Roll Big Wreck to join Joel Plaskett Emergency, Classified Kim Mitchell as headliners of New Glasgow Jubilee, August 3-5 FESTIVAL OF THE TARTANS – New Glasgow, Nova Scotia . Some old favourites, such as Joel Plaskett Emergency, and local bands Beyond Ash and Alert the Do you regularly attend the New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee and stay the whole weekend? Rock, folk, blues and the best of the east coast all jammed into one sound-tastic and award winning event.

Summer is unquestionably Pictou County’s busiest season, with festivals, concerts, homecomings, celebrations and special events. It was an apprenticeship in those days, so I served three-and-a-half years and they paid me the princely sum of three pounds and four shillings a week, for forty-odd hours. The Grand closed down in the late Fifties at the time of the cinema tax – when the government put a tax on cinema seats.
It was ABC cinemas – I started in the ABC Princes in Gourlay Street in Springburn [pictured below left] in 1964. We were doing it on a shoestring, but we managed to get enough money to get new projectors and a new sound system. Although it had been planned with a bar in mind there was just a doorway and four bare walls behind it. Quentin Tarantino has been here twice and we weren’t sure what to expect with him but he was perfectly fine with us. There’s something unique about Glaswegian audiences and the Glasgow Film Theatre experience that always gives me a positive lift.
With debates about the Hollywood gender pay divide and race prejudice currently ranging, it’s heartening to see the diversity that Independent Cinema has always offered , celebrated in a city historically aligned with the Socialist belief that Culture rightly, belongs to everyone. That Barbara Stanwyck was paid the same sum as her male co-stars for Double Indemnity and was in 1944, the year of its release,  the highest paid woman in America made me meditate on just how backward mainstream popular culture has become. Part of the delight in watching this film time and again is seeing that this is possible, especially in a Hollywood studio film from a so-called bygone era.
GFF 2016 gave me plenty to chew on in that respect; from the absurd projections of male ego in Athina Rachel Tsangari’s Chevalier to Joachim Trier’s brilliantly complex examination of grief and human perception in Louder Than Bombs starring Isabelle Huppert, Gabriel Byrne, Devin Druid and Jesse Eisenberg. The island is populated entirely by young sons and their “Mothers”, whose dark unfathomable eyes and culinary habits suggest an intriguing range of possibilities; perhaps evolution borne out of necessity in response to the natural environment, a Utopian society off kilter, an island lab experiment, an alien race or a Dystopian nightmare. Moments of ritualised behaviour, such as the washing of their children in the sea or the beach birth feel instinctively rooted in deep memory and strangely conflicting bloodlines.
It was introduced as a way to enable local sports Cieran tells us why you should get involved with the GYFF Youth Team; 22 Jun Glasgow Youth Film Festival: Join Our Team!
Eventually in 1980 they converted it into a five-screen cinema, so I was looking after five screens. I felt I wasn’t going to get any further with the ABC so I came round here during my lunch hour one day and they gave me the job right away. Because there was absolutely nothing to do, and what maintenance there was, was contracted out to others.
That was another exciting thing; when we got new equipment and Cinema 1 itself got done up. Charlie would change into his evening suit at night time and would stand in the lobby welcoming people. It was really a privilege to meet and speak to him and to hold one of the skeletons used in the famous skeleton sword fight sequence [pictured]. We think of gender equality as being a recent development and seem to be under the comforting Western illusion that it has already been achieved, with temporary Twitter outrage ensuing when we find high profile evidence to the contrary. It’s a source of inspiration that doesn’t date and the Dream Teams strand of this year’s festival celebrated not just winning on screen partnerships, but why they continue to be both inspirational and aspirational. There were many highlights including Santiago Mitre’s uncompromisingly challenging drama Paulina, Cesar Acevedo’s beautifully subtle, accomplished first feature Land and Shade, Thomas Bidegain’s  strikingly unexpected play on theme in Cowboys , the theatrically measured craft of Simon Stone’s The Daughter starring Geoffrey Rush, Miranda Otto and Sam Neill, Julien Duvivier’s wonderful 1946 thriller Panique and the delightfully bonkers  Love and Peace by Japanese director Sion Sono. The extreme beauty of this film is that the audience is left to fill the gap between the final scene and the previous 79 minutes on their own imaginative terms- exactly the kind of film that I love to watch and that stays with you.

This dredging of the unconscious, submerging the viewer in ancient fears and human insecurities is all the more striking for its focus on male vulnerability.
I was only a small kid, but I do remember it that way – being able to look in and see the projectors and hear the noise of the machines. I was there for three months and then I was transferred to the ABC Riddrie in Cumbernauld Road.
Michael Marshall, the Chief of the Odeon Springfield Quay, is one of the last of the apprentices I know. And the walls at the back were concrete so we bought a couple of tins of black paint…but it took years to get the curtains! Those [old] machines are lucky if they run once a week, although during festivals they’ll do a turn. Before, the BFI used to print a new copy of an old film, but they’d only do one or two copies and those would move about all of the regional film theatres getting manhandled, and it does show on the print eventually. With print there can be quite a bit of wastage, whereas with digital they can just delete the drives.
If we want a future we should all make sure we work as a team – and most times we do. It’s the ripple of audible excitement through the audience as the opening credits reveal the surprise of the sell-out Mystery Film, the enthusiastic, spontaneous applause after the fabulous Dream Team free morning screenings, the hum of conversation in the GFT lobby or CCA bar as people unpack what they’ve just watched with curiosity, humour and insight, which add significantly to the whole experience.  And of course there’s the consistently wonderful baseline selection of films year on year, exposure to new world releases and heightened appreciation of old favourites in excellent company. It embraces being cinematically and artistically curious, not just in terms of programming, but also in the context of how the city sees itself. But this isn’t just about conditions or pay, it is also about content; how we see or don’t see ourselves on screen and how power relationships are projected and enacted.
We are introduced to the film’s main character Nicolas via his shadow; adrift, then diving and surfacing in awareness, dead boy and dead self, sunk at the bottom of the ocean.
They offered me a ten-shilling rise in my wages so I jumped at that and finished the rest of my apprenticeship there. The city marketing board slogan of “People Make Glasgow” is actually, resoundingly true and it is equally true of how we collectively experience film.
Accents of red and danger punctuate these scenes- attraction and repulsion within the same frame, chiming perfectly with the body horror of puberty and gestation.
I picked what I wanted for the projection box; the type of projectors and sound equipment, for example. It also suits the cinemas because they can automate these and cut down on their staff overheads. I quite like cinema music and I met Elmer Bernstein, who did the music for The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape. Her response is evolutionary in an emotional sense and is also a means and trajectory of survival. This is a fascinating film with little dialogue to disturb the visual storytelling and an exciting stylistic calling card from an emerging director. The co-writer of Gaspar Noe’s superb 2009 film Enter the Void , Hadzihalilovic’s previous feature Innocence (2004) starring Marion Cotillard is definitely one I’ll be seeking to watch, along with her future productions.Definitely one of this year’s GFF discoveries, together with Manuel Dacosse’s exquisite cinematography.

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