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Defcon - introversion software, The official website for defcon - everybody dies by introversion software.. Wargames (1983) - quotes - imdb, [after playing out all possible outcomes for global thermonuclear war] joshua: greetings, professor falken.
Wargames (1983) - imdb, A young man finds door military central computer reality confused game-playing, possibly starting world war iii..
Wargames - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Wargames 1983 american cold war science-fiction film written lawrence lasker walter . Nuclear warfare - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Nuclear warfare ( atomic warfare thermonuclear warfare) military conflict political strategy nuclear weaponry inflict damage. Keynote speaker Helga Zepp-LaRouche was introduced by Jeffrey Steinberg, who moderated the morning panel. Jeffrey Steinberg: Exactly 30 years ago, Helga Zepp-LaRouche was deeply concerned that the trans-Atlantic relationship was in a profound crisis. Helga Zepp-LaRouche: You have come here to discuss at this conference how to create a world without war, and that seems to be a very unlikely proposition, given the current state of the world. His ideas were sort of the red thread in my life, from early school on, and when I thought about how to create a new era of civilization, I could not think of a better synonym than him.
So, the Schiller Institute was founded on that idea, on the 3rd and 4th of July, 30 years ago, in Arlington, Virginia, and then, two months later, in Wiesbaden, Germany. In the beginning, it was meant to be a German-American effort, but it became very clear, that the relationship between Europe and the United States was in terrible shape, and with the so-called Third World, it was even worse.
The reason is, when we had this idea of the Eurasian Land-Bridge, in ’89 and especially when we extended it after the collapse of the Soviet Union, why was this rejected? Well, the unfortunate historical coincidence was that at that time you had Margaret Thatcher as the prime minister of the British Empire; and in the United States you had the neo-cons.
The first objective of these people was to reduce Russia from a former Soviet superpower, to a Third World, raw materials-producing country. The second main objective was to eliminate Russia as a potential competitor on the world market. Then, they decided to go for regime change against all countries that would not submit to this new world empire. In 1999, the monetary version of the EU was introduced, and in 2002, the euro as a cash currency. Extremely important was the 1999 speech of Tony Blair in Chicago, when he declared de facto the post-Westphalian order; the basis of international law was finished, and was to be replaced by so-called humanitarian interventions worldwide, which, in the United States, led to the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.
Now the Blair doctrine immediately started to go into a complete confrontation with the Putin doctrine. So, again, they basically decided to go into regime change against all nations that would not submit, and the EU was turned into a total empire. Under the Clinton Administration, the United States was still a kind of semi-republic, but after Sept. Then, in 2003, you had the second Iraq war, which, as we now know, was entirely based on lies. And this, according to various articles in the British press, means the old partition of the Middle East of the Sykes-Picot Treaty, which was established during World War I (1916), is dead.
And this is a security problem, naturally, also for Europe and the United States, because among these people are thousands of Europeans and Americans who have joined them. While Cambridge was more in charge of the technology side, things to do with the information age, the Internet, the social media, the spy apparatus, the GCHQ, which is the equivalent of the NSA in Great Britain, Oxford was more the operational side.
After they had not succeeded to undo the American Revolution by military means, in the War of 1812 and the Civil War, they decided to subvert the American establishment into adopting the model of the British Empire as their own, to create a world empire based on the Anglo-American special relationship. Now, one mentor coming out of this was William Yandell Elliott, who was the professor and mentor of such people as McGeorge Bundy and Sir Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel Huntington. This work has been published in 40 languages, financed by George Soros, and it teaches the techniques for political defiance. Now, according to this concept, these militants are reinforced by mercenary types, who have trained with al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.
And so this has all led to a situation where, now, today, there may be more military action after the eastern pro-federalist forces in Ukraine downed this attack plane, and now there is a danger of a real eruption of a larger conflict between Ukraine and possibly Russia if this continues any longer. In response to all of this, the Russian military announced a new military doctrine, which is of the highest importance.
And then, Defense Minister Shoigu also underlined that these protests, which supposedly come from the population, are really backed up by military means and irregular warfare (Figure 6).
Russian Chief of Staff General Gerasimov also said that this is a new method of warfare, conducted by the United States.
The Belarus Defense Minister, Yuri Zhadobin, pointed to Gene Sharp as the author of these color revolutions, stating that these revolutions are always started from the outside. Now, obviously this is completely lawless, it is not sticking to the Geneva Conventions which had established rules for declared war, and therefore it makes it all the more dangerous and criminal, and it is conducted also by open terrorists and private security firms, as we have seen it in Ukraine, where Blackwater and Academi mercenaries were deployed.
Now, the significance of this new Russian and Belarus military doctrine is absolutely enormous, and the fact that you have not read about it in the New York Times, doesn’t mean that that is not so.
This all must be seen in the context of the encirclement policy of NATO and the EU against Russia and China. There has been also a change in the military doctrine of the United States and NATO, because when we had the medium-range missile crisis in the beginning of the 1980s, which was the context for the creation of the Schiller Institute, you still had MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, which was the idea that the use of thermonuclear weapons was completely impossible, because it would lead to the extinction of the entirety of mankind. But in the meantime, this has moved to a first-strike doctrine, which is the basis for the ABM system in Eastern Europe, which has been denounced as such by the Russians. Already two years ago, at the Moscow Security Conference, then-President Medvedev said, and also at a law forum in St. Compared to this statement of two years ago, the new Russian military doctrine is a very clear sharpening, because they have now confirmed what we have published for many, many years, but it is now official Russian doctrine.
And if you take all of what I said into one picture, which you should, you can only come to one conclusion: We are presently on the verge of World War III, and therefore, the danger of the extinction of mankind. Now, if you kill somebody in an officially declared war, that may be terrible and tragic, but it happens according to rules of established international conventions, like the Geneva Conventions.
The fact that we are already in a war, in a sort of global war, means we are sitting on a global powder keg, whose fuse has been lit in many places—in Ukraine, in the Middle East, in the Pacific.
The potential alternative fortunately already is in place: What the LaRouche movement has been working for, for 39 years, what Mr. The good news is that the Chinese government has put the Eurasian Land-Bridge, or the New Silk Road, on the table.
Now, while the trans-Atlantic system is about to blow out financially, there is a gigantic dynamic of the New Silk Road development very, very rapidly.
He also went to several Africa states and promised that China will connect all African capitals through a system of high-speed rail. This is the only hope to stop and reverse this war and terrorism, which is now exploding in the Middle East, and prevent it to come into Europe, Asia, and Africa.

If you look at this from the African Atlantic coast, all the way through the Arabian Peninsula, and into China, you have one big band of desert. There was recently a two-day conference in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, of the new Central Asia Expert Club on Eurasian Development, where the director of the Center for Strategic Studies Sayfullo Safarov spoke, and also Yuri Krupnov, of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Institute for Democracy, Migration and Regional Development, and they presented an economic development program for the elimination of drug production in Afghanistan, a program which [Russian anti-drug official] Viktor Ivanov had already proposed in March, in Moscow, and which again was then presented in Islamabad, Pakistan, for a development program for Pakistan and Afghanistan. Yuri Krupnov presented four key areas of such development for Afghanistan, agricultural and food processing, machinery production, transportation infrastructure, rapid construction of hydroelectric power plants along the Panj River, science and technology education. This is not a theoretical question, but as I said, the trans-Atlantic financial system is about to blow. Pobisk Kuznetsov, the late Russian scientist, several years ago announced at a scientific conference in Moscow, that Mr. So the evolution does not occur from below, like a Darwinian survival of the fittest, according to Cusa, but from above. Cusa already discussed this conception in principle, by saying that the Creator created the physical universe, but after He created man, man continued the creation of the physical universe as imago Dei through his vis creativa, his creative powers. The problem with the present system of Empire, of globalization, of monetarism, is that it measures all mankind from the level of the organic, or the inorganic, from the standpoint of money: That is why it leads to such inhuman results. Nicolaus of Cusa already said in the 15th Century, that each human individual recapitulates the entire evolution of the universe in his mind, and when he becomes conscious about it, he can determine, with absolute scientific accuracy, what must be the necessary next step of discovery. So we have to get a situation where the true identity of mankind is that of a creative species. The perpetrators of this war must be brought to court, and I suggest a new Nuremberg Tribunal. Blair is trying right now, to campaign to become the new President of the European Commission, by making machinations to not have [Jean-Claude] Juncker have that post, and I’m totally committed, and I call upon all of you to help, that that should not happen, and that Blair should have a quite different place, maybe less comfortable, but secure.
So therefore, we have a tremendous situation, and I can only say that having been in this movement for 40 years, the LaRouche movement, having gone through quite some unpleasant experiences, which Ramsey [Clark] also knows a lot about, but nevertheless, I must say, the world is in great peril. Let?s play global thermonuclear war. MAD is a real time strategy game depicting a future battle between two superpower alliances. He has already won the game but decided to play on for fun, or rather to make some nice pictures. People may remember that at that time, you had the battle over the deployment over the Pershing missiles in Europe. But before I go into the discussion of why I still have profound optimism that we can accomplish this goal, let me just reference a couple of ideas which went into the founding of the Schiller Institute 30 years ago. So, when you’re talking with the United States, you should not think about slavery and the Vietnam War, and many other things, but you should think about Benjamin Franklin, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, John Quincy Adam, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. So, I want to go into the question, how did we come, 69 years after the end of World War II, to the point where we are on the verge of World War III, which, if it occurs, would be, by the nature of things, a thermonuclear war, and therefore lead to the extinction of civilization.
And rather than using the opportunity of the vanishing of communism, to create such a new peace order, they decided to go for the so-called New American Century Doctrine, which was really a prescription for an Anglo-American-dominated world empire. And the means by which they accomplished that was to apply the so-called shock therapy, by which, for example, Russian industrial capacities were reduced to 30%, from 1991 to ’94. They went, after the second superpower had vanished, for what is called globalization, or unrestrained globalization, which meant the complete deregulation of the financial system, creating cheap labor markets, turning the whole world economy into a casino economy, protected by private security firms, turned into what my late friend J.C. The criteria for the European Monetary Union, the Stability Pact, were agreed upon, which turned the EU into essentially an instrument in the interest of the banks.
4, 1999, you had the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which was the starting point for the complete deregulation of the financial system, and at the same time, these forces cleared up the final conceptual underpinnings for the empire. Putin, who said that international law must be respected, that the UN charter is to be upheld, that the national sovereignty of every country cannot be violated—as compared to Blair, who said no, we can find pretexts to intervene militarily around the globe. If you look at the condition of the EU today, which is committing genocide against the people of southern Europe, you can see that nothing of the words which they use has any truth in it.
It’s an undeclared warfare, but it is war, with a different characteristic appropriate to each country.
11, what kind of hysteria gripped the population, with their yellow ribbons, with the over-and-over TV showings of the planes flying into the World Trade Center, and all the other pictures.
Recently it was published that 85 individuals on this planet own as much as 3.5 billion people! And naturally, they again have another, new generation, where you have the interventionists around [U.S.
Here you have Nadia Diuk from the National Endowment for Democracy, and McFaul (Figure 2); another participant was Gene Sharp (Figure 3), who is really the author of the color revolution. They were shipped into Ukraine, and they were in large part responsible for the atrocities which were committed there: the barricades, the molotov cocktails, the snipers who fired on both sides, both police and the demonstrators, and who were responsible for the coup in Ukraine on Feb. They have now seven members of Svoboda in their government, which is a Nazi organization; the Right Sector is integrated very closely with the Ukrainian Army, and they are conducting presently air strikes against their own population in eastern Ukraine. This was in the context of the Moscow Security Conference, which took place on May 23, where they declared that the use of color revolutions is a form of warfare against Eurasia. Vladimir Zarudnitsky, who is the head of operations at the Division of the Military Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, declared that “the color revolutions are a completely lawless, medieval and disgusting form of aggressive war.
Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, to the May 23 Moscow Conference on International Security. It begins with the non-military tactics of the color revolution, but then behind that, military force, and if the potential of the upheaval is not sufficient, military force openly intervenes for regime change, as we have seen in Ukraine, Syria, and many other places. Because if Russia says that the color revolutions are an undeclared war of aggression, then that means, we are presently in a state of war! It is the basis for the Prompt Global Strike doctrine, which is the idea that you can, with modern means, cyberwar, and other modern technologies, somehow sneak behind the defense lines of an opposing country, and take out their second-strike capability (Figure 8). And there are some military, even in the United States, who have made the point that these first-strike doctrines encourage both sides to go for a first strike, because if you wait too long, then you are defenseless, so it’s better to be the first one. Petersburg, that this policy of the Western states, using the pretext of humanitarian interventions, is leading to regional wars, including the use of nuclear weapons. And then, the question is: Can we stop this in time, before the self-extinction of mankind? Lyndon LaRouche proposed for the first time in 1975, to replace the IMF with the International Development Bank, and then, in particular, after we proposed the Eurasian Land-Bridge, 25 years ago (Figure 9), it is now on the table. Last September, in a conference in Kazakhstan, and in the meantime, at the recent Shanghai Russian-Chinese summit, Xi Jinping and Putin not only concluded the 30-year gas deal, which was talked about a lot in the media, but they had also 46 cooperation agreements on the New Silk Road, and the fact that on the highest level, namely, between the two Presidents of the two countries, there is an agreement to cooperate, which gives hope that also on lower levels and regional levels, still-existing tensions can be overcome.
The new Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has expressed his full intention to cooperate with Russia and China on this New Silk Road, and to help to build the north-south extension of the Silk Road.
At a Schiller conference in November 2012, which we also had called because of the increasing war danger, we presented a comprehensive plan for the Eurasian Land-Bridge, for the entire region between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean, Central Asia, and the Gulf. They also decided at that conference to impose preventive measures to ward off a Ukrainian scenario in the region.
Basically, a global program for the reconstruction of the world economy and that program is becoming a reality. LaRouche has presented a four-point program: It is a scientific document, a basis for legislation, for the United States to adopt.

LaRouche says, the only hope to stop this danger is to end the Empire, to end this monster which has developed after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
This is why LaRouche, who developed this concept of the potential relative population density, which goes along with the absolute necessity of higher levels of energy-flux density in the production process, has determined that mankind will only get out of this crisis if we go into a crash program for thermonuclear fusion power.
If we want to survive, we have to rid our institutions from oligarchy and Empire which have turned Satanic. Even the British Minister of Interior Norman Baker said, in respect to Iraq, that it was the intervention of Blair and Bush which has destroyed that country and made it open for the extremists, and that what we see now in Iraq, is the legacy of Tony Blair. Whoever basically supports this person, who is a war criminal in my view, is himself not up to moral standards.
And I cannot give anybody the guarantee that we will be here in a couple of weeks or days, because this is very, very dangerous.
Your contributions enable us to publish, sponsor conferences, and support other activities which are critical interventions into the policy making and cultural life of the nation and the world.
There was great concern about the danger of a situation escalating out of control, leading to a potential world war, a potentially disastrous thermonuclear war. A lot of people were talking about us being on the verge of World War III, and I think people were much more aware than they are today—even though we are at a hair trigger from the potential extinction of civilization. That every human being has the potential to become a genius, and that eventually, mankind will arrive at that condition, where all people born will be able to unfold all the potential which they have. And in the meantime, over the last 25 years, we have enlarged that to the World Land-Bridge, meaning a real in-depth development of all parts of the world, and that is still absolutely the concept for a peace order for the 21st Century. Then you had eight years of the Clinton Administration, which was sort of a mixed form—a little bit imperial, a little bit more republican. And to turn the United States into the military arm, into the muscle, with the British having the brains, was sort of the precondition for the rest of the regime changes to succeed. And that was used then to implement the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act [in 2012], the total extension of the NSA to spy on the whole world population, violating the human rights of practically every citizen on this planet.
You have, between Iraq and Afghanistan, 120,000 traumatized [NATO] soldiers, whose lives have been destroyed.
He sits in the Albert Einstein Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, and is the author of a three-volume book, The Politics of Non-Violent Action, which he wrote as a dissertation already in 1968; From Dictatorship to Democracy, A Conceptual Framework for Liberation, which was published in 1993.
And then they would supply these activists in the targeted countries with buttons, with flyers, sometimes with rock bands, with clothing, and they would have false references to such people as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, but in reality, it is basically just paid activists. And as a result of it, several African nations are about to disintegrate completely, as a result of what happened in Libya, because then, the Tuareg and others fled to Mali, and other countries, spreading the terrorism. At that same conference, then-Chief of the General Staff General Nikolai Makarov said that Russia will not accept the continuation of the U.S. Recently, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in India pledging full support for the Indian development to upgrade the railways and express highways, set up industrial parks, build many nuclear plants in India. And the only hope to have peace in this region is to green the desert, using aquifers, river redirections, large-scale desalination of ocean water through the peaceful use of nuclear energy (Figure 10), and have the hope that Russia, China, and India, Iran, some European nations that hopefully free themselves from the yoke of the EU Commission, and a changed United States, work together on development being the new word for peace. LaRouche has declared in the recent period many times, the only way to stop World War III is the return of the United States to its Constitutional character as a republic—and that may require a change of government, which we will also hear about later today.
And the only way to do it is to bankrupt Wall Street, declare Glass-Steagall, do it exactly as Franklin D. And this ability of man has led to an increase in the relative potential population density, and therefore, that must be the yardstick for the physical economy, for the decision whether an investment is good or bad.
Vernadsky based himself on Nikolaus von Kues (Nicholas of Cusa), the great thinker of the 15th Century, who was the first to discover the biogenetic law of evolution. Therefore, one can never measure the higher domain with the yardstick of the lower; you cannot measure the biological realm with the yardstick of the inorganic, and you can not measure the human mind with the tools of the biological sphere. Because only then, can we have any hope that mankind has a future as a species in the universe, because our planet is not only a planet in itself, but we are sitting in a Solar System, in a galaxy, and the challenges coming from there have to be met.
But nevertheless, I can tell you, I’ve never lost my profound optimism, in the true character of human beings, and I believe that Leibniz was absolutely correct when he said that a great evil also brings forward in human beings a greater desire and power for the good. And it was in that context, and a period of a certain bitterness back and forth between the United States and Europe, that Helga took up the task of founding the Schiller Institute, in order to create the historical and cultural foundations for a revival of trans-Atlantic cooperation around the great principles of liberty and justice that were the cornerstone of all of the writings of the great Poet of Freedom, Friedrich Schiller.
But after that, they went into the idea of eliminating all sovereign nation-states, which were regarded as an obstacle to this control by the world empire.
Administration came into office, where he said that this administration would be confronted with so many problems in the financial system, that they would go for a Reichstag Fire. And what happened was then, more and more, by Bush, and later by President Obama, government by decree, eliminating the separation of the three branches of government. In Afghanistan, the training of the so-called security forces looks more like a mafia, which is already now, with U.S. It did happen, what was promised in both Iraq wars: the bombing of the country back into the Stone Age, and all of this was based predominantly on the lies of this man (Figure 1), who instructed MI-5 and MI-6 to make the famous dossier, which then was used by Colin Powell in his infamous UN speech.
From Mosul alone, more than 1 million people are fleeing, and the ISIS has announced that they will topple King Abdullah of Jordan. They are using new techniques of aggression, with the geopolitical aim to destabilize countries that have an independent policy, and they are targeting, according to this general, Russia, China, the Middle and Near East, Africa, Central and South Asia.
ABM system to its third and fourth phase, because it would then give a first-strike capability, which would make Russia defenseless. In the meantime, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang was in Bucharest, where he met with 16 heads of state of Central and Middle Europe, and announced that China is going to build a high-speed rail system in Eastern and Central Europe, something the EU obviously is incapable of doing.
Roosevelt did it, and then go to a program of National Banking in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton, the American System of economy, and to replace that present monetarist system. He was the first to distinguish between the inorganic, the organic or biological, and the third level, creative reason, and he also then defined a fourth level, which is the Creator.
Therefore, the human principle of an upward evolution, of the increase of the power of the noösphere, is the only yardstick to measure human affairs. And therefore, I still, after 30 years of the Schiller Institute, I still believe: Now Comes Schiller’s Time! And for Europe, they decided to turn the European Union into the regional expression of this empire.
He said: The evolution in the universe occurs in such a way that each species is only fully accentuated in its character, if it participates at least in one point, in the next higher species. It was demanded from Chancellor Kohl to give up the D-mark, to establish the European Monetary Union, as the price for the German reunification—especially with the aim of preventing Germany from developing strong ties with Russia, which it had historically many times.
Gene Sharp says he was also a key figure in the Tiananmen Square upheaval in 1989 in China.

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