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Netflix streaming titles expiring: The best movies and shows to watch before they're gone on Feb.
Apocalypse Now is just one of the many films you should watch before it disappears from Netflix in February.
Every month, Netflix adds dozens of new titles to its growing collection of streaming movies and TV series. I know it’s a punch to the gut, but let’s start off with the movies that are disappearing from Netflix, shall we? Moving along, there are also films like Zodiac, Batman & Robin, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a handful of old James Bond movies, Nacho Libre and the first live-action TNMT movie.
Brandon’s deep love of technology stems from watching the Back to the Future trilogy one-too-many times. That’s my feeble attempt at small talk, because I am trying to avoid the topic at hand, which is: February is looking like a sad, sad month for new and outgoing Netflix content. The most famous of the bunch is probably Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, which is where that line “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” came from.

A lot of good flicks; the kind of movies you can watch over and over without getting tired of them.
The standout will be the third season of House of Cards, which is set to officially be available in full on Feb. It’s a terrific, violent Vietnam war movie that any film history major should be familiar with. If it's about species survival or the end of the world, and it's good, we probably have it listed here. But a lot of quality content is expiring from the service’s library next month, and not a whole lot is being added.
At the end, I've added a list of shows I found on my Netflix "viewed" list that are now unavailable for streaming. Like with legit buyouts and acquisitions, where 21st Century Fox becomes a subsidiary of Netflix. Or, in the converse, I'd simply appreciate if the rest of the content holders would get their streaming game in order.

In fact, they pulled The Terminator while I was writing this article (and lost a respectable #3 spot, I might add!) BUT I'll keep this list updated all year, so if you see something good on Netflix that I don't have; please let me know about it in the comments, via email, or in the web form on our Tips page. And come back to this page periodically to see a current list (until the 2017 list is published).Released in 1997, this dark vision of the future asks what humanity would be like if our very survival were on the line.
Robotic slave labor is great, but what happens when the slaves learn how to break their chains?
But I'll give you the short version: In the world of Halo, humanity is in an all-out war for survival against an alliance of several powerful alien races. This isn't the first rodeo for these killer aliens, but humanity is putting up quite a struggle. With the help of machine-augmented super-soldiers called "Spartans", and sentient AI, we just might find a way to survive.

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