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Manara uses only lines to create a lot of the lighting in this scene, which is pretty impressive. The tone of the story shifts as the Africans rise and drive out the whites, and Manara shifts the style of his art a little, with impressive results. Anyway, once again Manara uses line work to create the lighting on the characters, as the flames flicker below the singer and the tops of his sleeves and the upper parts of his facial features are more heavily lined, while the lower parts are left largely untouched. Manara uses racial stereotypes in his work, and while he tends to hit or miss with his portrayals of American Indians, when he examines black stereotypes, it’s to mock those who use them and show how ridiculous they themselves are.
Manara even inserts himself into the story, as Lulu is apparently talking to him on the telephone as the story ends.

In discerning the plot, it looks like the oppressive government is concerned with creating a master race (which, historically, is not a great move) and they can only be stopped by one chosen man. A single mom just trying to make it in the big city with a little help from some new and unlikely friends (including Freddy from House of Cards!).
This movie looks genuinely scary and its like, if military trained soldiers can’t survive this, what shot do the rest of us average Joes have?
Thanks to a Rolling Stone profile, he finished college with a reputation as the country’s biggest party animal. In this movie, however, the only thing that can stop them is the entirety of one man’s thoughts uploaded onto a VHS tape.

He spun that into TV hosting gigs and a stand-up comedy career – Bert is always on the hunt for adventure, and he loves sharing his experiences on stage. That aside, this movie is a zombiepocalypse that you or I could have filmed given the time and money. And by time I mean roughly a week and a half and money I mean, like, a $50 7-11 gift card and access to mom’s car for the week.

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