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Recently Tested and Audited - You can add all sorts of bells and whistles to make a plan work but if the basics are not tested and do not meet compliance requirements then it is of little use. My mom once told me that when I see tragic disasters and accidents that to look for the good. Orlando Bloom, once while comparing failure and fiasco, remarked, a€?Failure is simply the non-presence of success. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life.
Rudy and Maria’s home was flooded and severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, just 14 months after also being flooded by Hurricane Irene. Good Charity Inc has a special Financial Assistance Program through which applicants can request funding to help them deal with specific events and costs.
Through the Financial Assistance Program Good Charity, Inc and the Disaster Aid and Relief Fund were able to provide help to the Scafo’s as they worked through the rebuilding process. Every year, millions of innocent people suffer the effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floors, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. We are fighting an ongoing battle to raise funds so that we can help as many people as possible.
It seems appropriate that we should begin with the most infamous natural disaster in recent history. The hurricane first touched US soil over southern Florida as a relatively modest Category 1 hurricane, where it caused some deaths and flooding.
Although hurricane Katrina caused loss of life and property damage from central Florida all the way across to Texas, the city of New Orleans in Louisiana was worst affected as it suffered a catastrophic failure of its levee system. Although hurricane Katrina is still fresh in our minds as the most well-known natural disaster to hit the State,A Louisiana has endured a catalogue of devastating storms throughout the history of its occupation. As of 2010, this hurricane was the only recorded cyclone to hit Puerto Rico at Category 5 strength.
Although hurricanes are the most deadly type of natural disasters (not including heat waves), one of the costliest in terms of loss of life and property damage was in fact an earthquake. At the time of the disaster, San Francisco was the 9th-largest city in the United States, with a population approaching 500,000. Galveston is a small island off the south coast of Texas; laid bare to the raw might of any storm that gathers in the Gulf of Mexico. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 would cause an estimated 6,000-12,000 deaths as it smashed into the island as a Category 4 hurricane.
At the time of the disaster the highest point in the city of Galveston was less than nine feet above sea level. There will always be natural disasters and local communities will always need help and aid in order to save lives and restore normalcy.
We recently took a trip to visit some of the people affected by who applied for assistance through Good Charity, Inca€™s Financial Assistance Program.A  It was a short trip but we packed in as much as we could within a short period of time.
The goal of the visit was to connect with people who came to Good Charity for assistance so that we could better learn about their experiences, struggles and hear their messages of hope.
The Disaster Relief and Aid Fund is proud to financially support the residents of New York as they rebuild their homes and lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
Good Charity Inc, is happy to have been able to provide funding for relief efforts in response to Hurricane Isaac.

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Below we have a cover letter for a Retail Sales Manager with experience working for a premier electronics store. This a good cold cover letter that can be sent to many retail shops even if they don’t have any job postings. The job seeker includes experience with retail sales, procedural development, inventory, cash receipts, customer service as well as hiring, training and supervision of employees. The bullet points identify scope of work in terms of dealing with $15 million in annual sales. One of the most difficult aspects of a retail sales manager is finding, supervising and scheduling good employees. As a manager, you will realize that stores like to hire lower paid young adults and teens to work the register and help the customers. Good employees lead to productivity and eventually allow the retail sales manager to employ tactics and strategies to improve store sales. Various types of natural disasters occur because of movement of tectonic plates, within the earth's crust. But a fiasco is a disaster of mythic proportion.a€? As such, failure is only minor misfortune, but a fiasco or disaster is a major catastrophe. Through the Disaster Aid and Relief Fund, Good Charity Inc was able to help a family in Howard Beach, Queens rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012.
A Many homes were left uninhabitable, including the Scafo’s, who saw most of their possessions destroyed when flood waters surged into their home, filling it with water to the top of the basement steps. At Good Charity Inc., our Disaster Relief and Aid fund was created to help those victims of natural disaster in dire need of help and assistance.
It then gained strength considerably over the Gulf of Mexico and by the time it hit southeast Louisiana on August 29th it was a Category 3 hurricane. The rescue effort would be ongoing for many weeks and the effects are still felt in the region, eight years later.
One such storm was the CheniA?re CaminadaA hurricane, also known as the Great October Storm. The Category 4 hurricane caused an estimated 2,000 deaths and resulted in widespread property and crop damage.
It would leave a path of devastation and take over 1,500 lives during its journey through the Caribbean and Bahamas before hitting the US mainland over South Florida. A storm surge from Lake Okeechobee breached the protective dike surrounding the water mass and flooded an area of South Florida spanning hundreds of square miles.
And although the San Francisco earthquake occurred more than a century ago, it is an event that all Californians (and most Americans) are all too familiar with.
The result was catastrophic — an estimated 3,000 deaths and property damage that left 80% of San Francisco destroyed. Though the city would be rebuilt quickly, its destruction diverted trade, industry and the human population south to Los Angeles, essentially permanentlyA reshaping the development of the West Coast of the United States. Its precarious positioning was exposed by what is the deadliest hurricane and natural disaster in recorded US history.

Although there was some warning of the storm’s approach, there was disagreement amongst meteorologists as to where the hurricane would head, and local residents of Galveston heeded warnings to evacuate. The hurricane created a storm surge in excess of 15 feet which blanketed the entire island.
That is why we consider our Disaster Relief and Aid fund to be so critical in a time where lives can still be devastated by acts of God. Governments, citizens, charities, etc., respond after the event and help to ameliorate suffering and begin the rebuilding process. What can be expected though, is that when disaster strikes, Americans always come together to help those in distress. Teachers may adapt it to suit their particular course, and various aspects are introduced and emphasized at different grade levels. Anyone working in large or small retail stores will get some value from reviewing this document sample. In this format, the cover letter isn’t responding to posted jobs online or classifieds.
For that reason, retail sales is one of the most effective industries for sending cold cover letters.
So having a knack for finding, recruiting, mentoring and training good employees is certainly something that should be accentuated on the cover letter.
This is even more important for smaller stores that don’t have branding or pricing power. Disasters should be fought with bravery and fortitude, so as to compensate for the loss of life and property; the two major losses that accompany a disaster, invariably.
In this post we want to explore the five most devastating natural disasters in the US to hammer home the point that helping people affected by acts of God is a cause well worth contributing to. When the disaster was over, the hurricane had claimed over 4,000 people and caused property damage estimated at $1.34 billion in 2013 USD. The death toll was as a result of the earthquake itself and devastating fires that broke out across the city and raged for days. Over 3,600 homes were destroyed and only buildings with the stoutest of construction remained erect. Most stores are looking for good employees so don’t wait for a job posting before you send out a resume and cover letter. If you have had success improving sales, then you need to include this information on the cover letter. We were honored to support Rudy and Maria directly through our Financial Assistance Program. In its wake many charities were set up to collect and distribute relief funds and other forms of aid to victims; Good Charity, Inc. Bullet points work very well or you can include this information in the 2nd or 3rd paragraph after the introductory statement.

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