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I first started my personal blog back in 2005, which I’m pretty sure makes it the one of the oldest continually updated sites devoted to the post-apocalyptic genre. My interest in the post-apocalyptic genre remains as strong as ever, but over the last couple of years, real life has conspired to eat into the time I have to devote to writing reviews and other articles, so my posts there have been few and far between. Its purpose is not to replace, or stand above, the other genre sites, but rather to create additional exposure and share traffic with the sites listed.
So, it’s a site of the post-apocalyptic genre, made by content creators in the post-apocalyptic genre, for the fans of the post-apocalyptic genre.
I’ve had the movie 5ive on my to-see list for a long time, and finally took the time to sit down and watch it. Released in 1951, 5ive is the earliest example of a true post-nuclear war survival story that I know of.  Other movies like Things to Come from 1936 showed a future where civilization had crumbled due to extended war, but coming out just six years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 5ive is likely the first such story of the Atomic Era. The titular five are survivors of a world-wide nuclear apocalypse, four men and a woman, who stumble across each other and gather in a home up in the mountains.
Also considering it’s age, there were a lot of plot points that were fairly progressive for the time. On a recent episode of Podcast at Ground Zero, Jarred mentioned that he was on the lookout for a British documentary called On the 8th Day, that had been shown in the US after the airing of Threadson TBS in 1984.
The 70s appetite for post-apocalyptic tales rolled on with the American release of The Ultimate Warrior (TUW) in late June of 1976. Seeing the civilized world we like to assume is permanent, in a state of abandon and decay, has a curious fascination. TEOTWAWKI — Exploring the notion of The End Of The World As We Know It, has shown up periodically in books since the early 1800s, and later in movies. Taint of Doom — Within The Baron’s group, can be seen the legacy problems that plagued mankind since Cain slew Abel. We’re Not in New York Anymore, Toto — Even though the story takes place in the ruins of New York City, the filming was actually done in California, mostly on sound stages and back lot generic “city” sets. This article originally appeared on John Kenneth Muir’s Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV blog. Although it was likely He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983 – 1985) that captured fully the imagination of young fantasy audiences in the early 1980s, I have always boasted tremendous affection as well for another genre piece of roughly the same age:Thundarr the Barbarian (1980 – 1982). This NBC Saturday morning series was created by Steve Gerber of Howard the Duck fame, and featured production design from Jack Kirby and Alex Toth.
The premise of the series is that in the far-flung year of 1994, a runaway planet passes between the Earth and the moon, destroying man’s civilization virtually overnight.
Two-thousand years later, a new world has arisen from the ashes, one of monsters, mutants, barbarians, and even heroes like Thundarr.
These three warriors ride together through the ruined and dangerous landscape, and battle many different colorful villains, including Groundlings (humanoid rat creatures), powerful wizards, and lizard people too. In Thundarr The Barbarian’s first episode, “Secret of the Black Pearl,” Ariel, Ookla and Thundarr rush to the aid of a “courier of the black pearl,” named Tyron.
Tyron has been attempting to keep the mystical black pearl out of the hands of a deadly wizard named Gemini.
Now Thundarr assumes that mission, but faces the minions of Gemini, who are hell-bent on stopping delivery of the pearl. In one of the first episode’s finest visual inventions, we see the sword-carrying knights of Gemini jump from a hovering helicopter to attack Thundarr and his friends on the ground below. The latter half of “Secret of the Black Pearl” involves Thundarr, Ookla, and Ariel battling Gemini in the ruins of Manhattan, and there are many impressive frames of the ruination.
Later, Gemini utilizes his evil magic to bring the Statue of Liberty to terrifying life (a moment that forecasts the Weeping Angel Statue of Liberty in the new Doctor Who), but Thundarr is able to vanquish the monstrosity by using Gemini’s pearl against him. Overall, “The Secret of the Black Pearl” is a pretty straightforward fantasy adventure, with elements of the productions I have listed above, as well as Star Wars, and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.
But clearly, Thundarr the Barbarian is a kid’s version of much of the adult entertainment of the era, focusing on the end of technological civilization, and what might come next, after the fall of man. A tweet and a blog post gave me the idea for the next set of post-apocalyptic media to archive, a collection of public domain apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic comics. There are hundreds of reviews of the book around the web, so I’ll just stick with a few thoughts.
But the material that’s covered is perfect for anyone who wonders about how civilization would fare after an apocalypse. Ish struggles with the answers to these kinds of questions as he tries to preserve and pass on enough knowledge to keep some semblance of civilization, if not simply his people, alive.
So like I said before, if you’re not a fan of the genre, or are looking for a more action-oriented story, this might not be for you.
Also the book has a couple of nifty little Easter eggs scattered around for the careful reader to discover.
The next book you really need to look into is The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeir. This book centers on a farmer (who is somewhat intelligent) stumbling on a time capsule containing relics of the past. It all starts at a laboratory with a scientist who creates a bacteria that reanimates ancient life. The general premise Year Zero is that a very nasty, super contagious, and uniformly fatal plague is unleashed. Reposted with permission of the author, Fear Death by Water, author of the Cosy Catastrophe blog. Now we’re back with a completely redesigned look, and some new features that should make it easier to just let the site keep going on its own. There may be some paid options in the future for enhanced or featured listings, but those are just vague ideas right now.
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Wasteland Sandbox is a free post-apocalyptic survival mod for military simulator ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead. New survivors must choose one of three factions to side with, two military factions and an independent faction. Immediately the hunt begins, to survive in the wasteland you need supplies, equipment and a vehicle. There are quite a few things to do in the wasteland, however players will quickly find their survivors life very short lived if they don’t prioritise essential supplies first. Upon gathering some essentials, players can then begin thinking about what I think is the coolest feature of Wasteland Sandbox – base building.
Bases are built by collecting base equipment from towns, things like bunkers, deer stands, walls, towers, sandbags, ramps, the list goes on and on. Players are encouraged to build their base with a defensive perimeter in mind, and should group up with friends to defend it.
Wasteland Sandbox is a mod that is still under heavy development, and while it has been a lot of fun building bases and getting stuck in fire-fights against other survivors, there are some features yet to be added that are quite crucial.
While you can do everything you want and will probably be long logged off by the time it restarts, it would be nice to set up permanent bases, but I am told that it is coming and is being worked on. Blackroom is the new action-packed, hardcore FPS from John Romero and Adrian Carmack and it is blowing up Kickstarter right now! tops the UK app store charts, with the iPhone version of the game climbing from last week's no 4 position to join the iPad version in the number one spot. The YouPorn eSports team, Team YP, has been banned from the Electronic Sports League due to a rule prohibiting certain types of sponsors. The concept of a post-apocalyptic world has been told and re-created in countless movies (Mad Max, Waterworld, Planet Of The Apes, 28 Days Later, Judge Dredd all spring to mind) and albums (Nine Inch Nails 'Year Zero' for example). It usually the same format too, humans living in cramped confined conditions with limited resources, on the break of civil war, a totalitarian regime in place, whilst 90% of the world is uninhabitable and a barren wasteland.
Which is why these startling digital artworks by Nick Pedersen are as unique as they are refreshing. He's painstakingly created a world, not where hope is lost, but where nature has taken back control, slowly devouring man-made monuments and reclaiming mankind's urban environment. It's beautifully illustrated, a mashup of our present and our past - a modern-day Jurassic Park if you will.
That depends much of an interest we have in taking care of the present, whether we want to reverse global warming, the talk of nuclear war & greenhouse emission or if we're simply willing to carry on unaffected and unaware.
Yet another bout of end-times hysteria is sweeping the nation, or at least our flat screen TVs.
One of the most popular new dramas on broadcast TV this year has been Revolution, which depicts a world in which all electricity has gone off, and stayed off, for 12 years and counting. Meanwhile, on the cable “reality” front, the National Geographic Channel’s most popular show is Doomsday Preppers, in which a weekly collection of actual citizens are shown preparing for whatever apocalyptic scenario has seized their fevered brains—from Abrams’ universal power outage to a currency collapse or a terrorist takeover.
Y2K may have passed with a whimper, but September 11 and the looming likelihood of a climate catastrophe have since given plenty of inspiration for those inclined to expect the worst. NBC’s Revolution seems to take much of its inspiration from The Hunger Games series of young adult novels and now films.
But this is TV, after all; and the real drama in the series turns out to be the moral crisis of a middle-aged character, Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell), who must struggle with the choice between individual desire and the common good in the starkest of terms.

Once you’ve accepted those far-fetched premises, it makes perfect sense to spend every spare moment doing target practice, or maybe mapping the sewer system under your town.
Back in the late 20th century, there was a spate of pop culture doomsday mongering—including the film Testament and the TV miniseries The Day After—prompted by what was then the very real threat of global nuclear war. The preppers are right that we have some pretty apocalyptic problems today, with climate change topping the list. Danny Duncan Collum teaches writing at Kentucky State University in Frankfort and is the author of four books, including the novel White Boy (Apprentice House 2011).
Initially, they appear to get along and work together, but eventually differing opinions lead to arguments, and ultimately, to violence. That newspaper thing has been used countless times since then, but considering the movie is 60 years old, that was probably an original idea back then.
Roseanne is revealed to be pregnant early on, and in a photograph we see that her husband was African-American.  One of the survivors, Charles, is also African-American, and when the racist Eric arrives, that sets up a conflict where his exclusionary beliefs are definitely shown in a negative light.
The story is not really “science” fiction, as much as it belongs in the post-apocalyptic genre.
Writers and audiences had a sinking feeling (every now and then) that the civilization to which people had grown accustomed to mightfail. They cling to hope, and try to maintain some semblance of order, but the fallen nature of humanity shows through the widening cracks.
The only visuals to place the action in New York, are still photos at the beginning and end.
The opening credits of the series are very picturesque, and reveal the moon shattered in two, and volcano lava encroaching on imperiled urban areas. This great hero (another descendant, no doubt, of Howard’s Conan…) carries a special high-tech weapon called a “sun sword” which, like a light-saber, can retract into a special hilt. Thundarr’s journeys often take him inside the ruins of ancient cities, where danger and intrigue await.
He was en route to the ancient city of “Manhat” (Manhattan…) when intercepted by Groundlings. I find the series generally inventive, in part, because it couches its premise of apocalypse in terms of being an accident or disaster, rather than the result of nuclear war. It follows Isherwood Williams, known as just Ish, for a period of about 50 or 60 years, starting after The Great Disaster, an unknown plague that wipes out all but just a few pockets of survivors.
They face actual dangers, such as wanderers bearing disease, but the greatest threat to the future of The Tribe is their apathy. These relics are books and diagrams as well as scale models of fantastic machines that just might be able to send the society on a path back to its former greatness.
Also everything as well.Fossils in the museum, cuts of meat in the grocery store, and all people in the all the cemeteries. It spreads from the tiny island of Corfu in Greece and eventually spreads all across the globe and the last bastion for humanity turns out to be Los Alamos. It’s offered as the journal of boy who is seven years and seven days old as the book starts.
They can be be dispatched in the traditional way; a good blow to the head that shatters the skull will do it. He chooses to spend the last six weeks of his life watching television, smoking pot, spanking the monkey almost constantly and also hanging out with his parents. If you choose to side with one of the military factions you will be punished for killing other survivors from your own faction, if you choose the independent faction you are considered to be FFA and able to attack anyone. All of these things can be found in a town, so players generally don’t have to go far before they find their first abandoned vehicle or barrel of water. After gathering a bunch of supplies and loading them in to a vehicle, you are going to need somewhere to store them. Players can individually place each piece however they choose, rotating and moving freely throughout the map. Putting enough defenses in to scare off a small army will generally help keep a survivor’s assets safe, but nothing is guaranteed in the wasteland.
The mod offers a lot in the areas of base building, survival, and firefights but it will be nice to see if the creators add more to do in the world. Set your filter to search for servers with the word Wasteland in them, this should show you the servers currently running the mod.
The help was saying you should have guards to defend your base, guess it meant players guarding the base haha. Initially the launch of the dinosaur-themed survival game was scheduled for June 2016, but the release has now been pushed back to Fall, 2016. First there was the Christian radio evangelist who predicted that the rapture would occur on May 21, 2011. Certainly Revolution has plenty of very attractive young people engaged in lots of choreographed hand-to-hand combat.
Rachel triggered the worldwide blackout by unleashing electricity-absorbing nanites to keep her terminally ill son alive.
For these folks it’s all about “me and mine.” Preppers have convinced themselves that some sort of natural, economic, or political disaster is imminent.
Then you have to consider the fact that a social collapse could result in martial law and the confiscation of firearms, which means you’re going to need that catapult you’ve been working on. But those tales of apocalypse, while they often placed typical families at the center of the drama, ultimately were not hymns to the primacy of kinship ties. But we can’t save ourselves from that, or any other looming disaster, as individuals, or even as families.
The time frame may be immediately after the catastrophe, focusing on the travails or psychology of survivors, or considerably later, often including the theme that the existence of pre-catastrophe civilization has been forgotten (or mythologized).
In the city, there is a compound, fortified with junk ramparts, in which a remnant of civilized mankind lives. It interesting to see in the beginning montage, that the Twin Towers were still standing in “2012”.
Here, the ancient helicopter has been re-purposed as the weapon of primitives who would have no idea, even, about its construction centuries ago. We see The Tribe, as they call themselves, started from just seven survivors, as it develops into a group of over a hundred people in the hills of San Francisco.
Would they care to learn to read or to carry on the knowledge of the “Old Ones”?
I’ve noticed that most people when listing their favorite book will normally put the first one they read at the top of the list. Basically that humans can be divided into three groups: Those still alive on earth, the recently departed (remembered) (sasha), and the dead (forgotten) (zamani).
It starts because Niko, the collector, liked to find artifacts and the best of these in his opinion were sealed vials. I haven’t read The Dying in a good long time but as I read it I kept thinking about how it reminded me of that book. He’s a book smart sort and gets help from another scientist who specialises in Arctic Peoples and customs.
In this brave new world they have thought of some pretty interesting plans to outwit hunger.
A future archaeologist stumbles upon a vast complex that has been untouched since the time of the great cataclysm. A glowing high light of this work is Abraham Lincoln’s vengeance against John Wilkes Booth.
The deal is that a giant asteroid is going to strike the Earth just off the coast of New Zealand. If you preordered it the book came autographed and with a bonus chapter called ‘Speaking of Butler’. Players will have to group up with other survivors (or not), gather supplies, build a base, and defend it from other survivors wishing to kill and steal. Choosing a side, survivors are spawned at a random location in the world, generally at a town somewhere on the map. Gathering food, water, and other supplies is a high priority at first, but it doesn’t take long before you have enough to last at least a few hours or even the remainder of the day. Player built bases provide the perfect location for storing all the loot you scavenge, a place to park vehicles, and a small patch of land to call home.
This generally happens once every 24-48 hours from what I have experienced, giving more than enough time to set up an awesome base, have some fun killing other players and be ready to start again. The creators have some great ideas and there may be some great things on the way, like reputation systems for towns, enslaving and capturing of AI civilians, ability to become a warlord, AI raiding parties, and more.
Then, for the post-Christian types, there was the claim, allegedly based on the ancient Mayan calendar, that the world would end December 21, 2012. Abrams (who made the long-running cult favorite Lost), Revolution focuses on the former United States, which has devolved into a patchwork of fiefdoms at war and a rebel movement that aims to bring back the old republic. Rumors of apocalypse seem to be a natural by-product of the Judeo-Christian tradition’s linear view of history that sees all of time aiming toward a messianic fulfillment.

In addition to several upcoming end-time-themed releases, this spring saw the opening of both the post-apocalyptic Tom Cruise vehicle Oblivion and an apocalyptic parody, This is the End. Also the series’ central female character, Charlie (played by Tracy Spiridakos), is, like The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen, a mean hand with a crossbow.
She knows how to bring the power back, but for a dozen years she has watched her nation degenerate into a Hobbesian war of all against all. So they devote their time, and sometimes their entire lives, to building bunkers, collecting weapons, and devising schemes to escape the doom awaiting the rest of us. Or, as a last resort, you might want to bury a solid steel bunker, so your family can ride out the storm unscathed. They were cautionary tales meant to inspire a mass movement to turn back the threat of nuclear armageddon. Post-apocalyptic stories often take place in an agrarian, non-technological future world, or a world where only scattered elements of technology remain. Yul Brynner stars as a freelance “warrior” amid the tribal societies of a post-apocalyptic New York City.
Max von Sydow does a good job as The Baron, the world-weary (yet resolutely hopeful) leader of a decaying society.
In the industrializing era of the 19th century, teotwawki fiction did not get a lot of traction.
The Baron saw the only hope for the survival of civilized man, was to once again become producers of food, not scavengers.
One, Carson may not have had the strength left, after all those fights, to pull heavy Carrot up high enough. Even when a few of them gather to start a community, the writing style is mostly descriptive, without a lot of talk. Would they view the Old Ones as people like themselves, or would they look on them as gods who created all the indecipherable wonders they see around them?
So they live off the corpse of the old world, eating wild animals or out of cans for decades, not bothering to learn how to plant their own crops or keep their own farms. While The Stand is my favorite book, I consider the portions when the survivors are regrouping and the denouement as my favorite parts. Residents of the city stay as long as there are people living on earth that still remember them well; their faces, their personalities, the actual sound of their voices.
He broke them open a give the ol’ sniffer sniff to the rarefied air of millennia past. Loves the part where the scientists were tracking the progress of the virus with satellites. The whole family is under the stairs with their dog (a wolfhound my personal favorite dog breed) because the bombs have fallen.
Anyhow one day she told me about this book she used to use when she taught an archeology unit.
So he says his final tearful goodbye to his mom and dad and sets out through a world that has no tomorrow, second thoughts, regrets or punishment. Keeping a good supply of food, water, and medical supplies is very important to surviving and players will find that’s the first prirority to go on to their list.
There are no restrictions on how much land you can own, you keep whatever you can defend – and you will have to defend it.
Building a nice base is fun, but players will have to keep in mind that other survivors have no problem with walking in and stealing from your base.
Players will rush to these areas to kill whoever is there and take the supplies, essentially the PvE side of the mod. For now, what they have made is an extremely exciting project proves once again that ARMA II is the perfect modding tool for creating mini-MMO mods. Despite 12 years without electricity or modern personal care products, all these young people of the future are remarkably well-groomed as they go around in horse-drawn wagons waving their swords. They are puzzled by a man who just stands in front of the library, for days, in a meditative trance.
Between the two tribal camps were the “street people” — unorganized feral humans who preyed on the weak or the stray. A few lines of dialogue explain that there was a plague which not only affected people (in the subway tunnels are skeletons wearing gas masks), but more importantly, the plague killed the world’s food crops. One man, a sort of Judas character, steals a tomato (forbidden fruit) and plants it in another man’s hut. Second, is that Carrot would not have simply held still enough for Carson to make the chop, which leads to: Third, to have his cable-gripped hand within range of the axe, would put the axe within range of Carrot’s free hand.
Fans of Clouse for his martial arts and fight scenes may be disappointed, as fighting is not the focal point. Also I am surprised to find out from time-to-time that there are apocalypse geeks who haven’t heard of nor read The Stand. When the last person remembering them dies, they go to the zamani and are then recalled by name only. When all of the people who remember them live in the city, they vanish along with all their belongings, house and stuff.
The Stand is clearly Good (Mother Abigail) versus Evil (Randal Flagg) and in Swan Song it Life (Sue Wanda) Versus Death (The Man With The Scarlet Eye). The point of the specific lesson was how sometimes professional archaeologists have to take a guess about the purpose and function of some of the things they find.
I’ll open the cover start reading and before I know it half the night and the book are simultaniously gone. Finally Rachel had to acknowledge that his life had not been worth the damage done, and she set out on a journey of redemption aimed at restoring the juice.
Convinced that the man is the warrior he needs, The Baron makes him an offer of food, lodging, freedom and cigars. Those who did not die of plague, or starved to death, were reduced to scavengers of whatever food existed before the plague. The framed man gets no support from his neighbors, hinting at offstage tensions or rivalries.
To swing at Carrot’s wrist was to risk Carrot grabbing the axe and pulling Carson down too.
The governments of the world knew about the asteroid for years but chose to keep the knowledge from everyone until there was only six weeks left.
Not too long ago lots of otherwise sane and normal people really expected that every computer in the world would stop working on January 1, 2000. Robert Clouse, famous as the director of martial arts films such as, Enter The Dragon, wrote the story as well as directed. He was even willing to sacrifice his own hand to insure the micro-family would be safe from evil. Fourth, is that pulling Carrot up high enough to chop his wrist, would put Carrot’s free hand within grabbing distance of the edge of the hole. The basic premise of the book is a military project to engineer biological weapons has a breech. They deal with hunger (them and the dog), cabin fever from being sequestered in the closet under the stairs for weeks on end, and roaming scavengers looking for food. With the advent of the nuclear era, the prospect of comfy civilization crumbling looked a lot more plausible. Carson and Melinda, while never cast as a romantic pair, become a sort of Adam and Eve with their Garden sanctuary off the coast. Also a sequel that picks up the action right where this book ends and ties up all the loose ends.
Her teachers use the looming disaster as an excuse to pile on the homework with not one, not two, but three essays about the moon. When the late 60s-early 70s added angst over pollution and overpopulation, people had even more reasons to picture teotwawki.
He is growing food plants that are immune to the plague that decimated the earth decades ago. Only The Baron’s lieutenant seems to realize afterward how they had suddenly decayed into a savage mob, ala The Lord of the Flies. Just when you think they can finally settle in for simple survival, volcanoes begin erupting bringing on an ice age.
He wants Carson to take his pregnant daughter, Melinda and Cal out of the city via subway tunnels, to go live on an idyllic island off the North Carolina coast. One shrew of a woman ventures out beyond the gates, assuming that she knows where some powdered milk is hidden. Members of the rival (and criminal) gang, led by a read-headed man named Carrot, catch the couple in the bakery and kill them.

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