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Domestic disasters are unfortunate, but they provide ideal training grounds for Canadian emergency reponders to be ready for deployment overseas. Canadian citizens expect our country to take part in any concerted response to natural disasters. Less well-known to most are the civilian emergency response teams, with their emphasis on immediate post-disaster search-and-rescue (SAR) activities.
To date, Vancouver's CAN TF1 is "the only Canadian team certified to deploy around the world by the coordinator for UN Emergency Response."  A heritage worth protecting ? Government of  Canada must commit ongoing funding to maintain the five Canada Task Force teams if they expect to deploy [ these teams ] for national and international emergencies. What could  the Federal Government do to make these specialized civilian SAR  teams more deployable?
HUSAR team leaders have asked  the federal government for annual funding of $400,000 per unit to sustain operational readiness.
The PHAC Liaison is also pre-positioned to facilitate intelligence sharing during events of national and international concern for both countries and to assist with the co-ordination of international public health measures implementation. Andre has over 13 years experience in Canada’s federal health portfolio, including regulatory and international affairs, science policy and health of First Nations and Inuit populations.  Most recently he was the manager for surveillance and information policy at the Public Health Agency of Canada and was responsible for their efforts to reach information sharing agreements with the provinces and territories.

As part of its efforts to build a Weather-Ready Nation, NOAA’s hurricane experts will tour six Atlantic coastal cities to raise awareness about the importance for preparing for the upcoming hurricane season.
Knabb encouraged people to begin preparing now for the start of hurricane season, and said a good start is to find out if they live in a hurricane evacuation zone.
The NOAA G-IV is part of that agency's fleet of highly specialized research and operational aircraft.
Staff from local emergency management offices, FEMA, non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, and several local NOAA National Weather Service forecast offices will join various stops on the tour. NOAA has conducted the hurricane awareness tour for more than 30 years, alternating between the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. NOAA’s mission is to understand and predict changes in the Earth's environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and to conserve and manage our coastal and marine resources. There are photos of this team exercising their firefighting skills at the following website: Fire Fighting in Canada magazine. PSC continues to take credit for the HUSAR teams but the pressure is on to restore funding. Vancouver-based CAN-TF1 was Canada's first response team to arrive in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Air Force Reserve from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, 403rd Wing, located at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi.
The G-IV is operated, managed and maintained by the NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations, based at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.
The tour is followed by NOAA’s hurricane hazard education campaign during National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 24 to 30. Air Force Reserve WC-130J hurricane hunter aircraft and the NOAA G-IV aircraft, both of which are used in hurricane forecasting. When flying a hurricane mission, military air crews fly directly through the eye of the storm several times each flight. It flies at high altitude around and ahead of a tropical cyclone, gathering critical data that feeds into hurricane forecast models.
They collect and transmit data by satellite directly to NOAA’s National Hurricane Center so that forecasters can analyze and predict changes to the hurricane’s path and strength.

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