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Of course, no film in the '30s would have dealt boldly with racial realities, separate education systems and the endless ugliness of exclusion. And who better to light the pilot light of those budding intellectual flames than Denzel Washington?
The megastar doubles as director and actor on this one, playing debate team coach and future poet Melvin B. Washington commands the screen as Tolson, the demanding professor who tells his students they must be willing to take on their opponents body and soul.
Once the Wiley debaters find their way, they make the leap to debating white schools and ultimately take on the reigning national champs: Harvard University. Looking back at the 1990s, Cleveland was a marquee stop for some of the biggest artists in the world, from Britney Spears and Eminem to Rolling Stones and U2. The USS Missouri served in World War II, the Korean War, the Gulf War and other hot spots throughout most of the 20th century. Compare the ship above to the ancient Greek war trireme,  which was usually 120 feet or less in length with a draft (displacement) of about three feet of water.
NetflixNetflix Families shows parents how to use Netflix and recommends family-friendly movies and TV shows. But the company is hoping to see an even bigger spike in family and children's video streaming this summer. Another list called "TV for Curious Kids" contains shows like "How It Is Made" and "The Planets," which are intended to provide educational programming for kids in the summer off months. But the real intention of Netflix Families is to get more people using the service and streaming.
On Monday, Netflix announced it was partnering with DreamWorks Animation to provide original kids programming, including new shows and movie releases, through the service.

But if all that sounds overwhelming, the new tutorials on Netflix Families will explain how to access the service and the whole idea of streaming vs. Netflix plans to offer new features to make the service very enticing to families and its more than 36 million users. Still, Netflix says it is well suited to appeal to both kids and adult users and is trying to capture both those key markets by just getting families in the door. Of course, no film in the '30s would have dealt boldly with racial realities, separate education systems and the endless ugliness of exclusion. He wants the story to shine through his young debaters, Henry, Samantha and James, played by Nate Parker, Jurnee Smollett and Denzel Whitaker (no relation to Forest). He also moonlights as an organizer for the Southern Tenant Farmers Union and is hounded by the bigoted local sheriff (John Heard). It's a moving film, and he generates especially good sparks when he spars with Forest Whitaker.
Weighing about 45,000 tons, with a waterline length of about 860 feet and a speed of about 64 kilometers per hour, these were the most heavily armed ships ever put to sea. The Iowa class battleship was constructed to a length of 887 feet, with a draft of about 29 feet. The historic signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender took place on board, signed by General Douglas MacArthur and Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu, with numerous Allied military officials in attendance, on September 2, 1945. Those are just a couple of reasons why streaming-video service Netflix sees a 30 percent uptick in kids and family usage during the summer months. Starting today, a new section of the website, called Netflix Families, will provide a breakdown of the Netflix basics for newbies and lists of family-friendly video content that's available through the service.
There will be more than 300 hours of video added to Netflix through the deal, which begins in 2014.

The service is also available through Internet-connected set-top boxes, TVs and gaming consoles, like the Xbox or Wii U.
In August, it will add a new user profile feature, allowing parents to set up a profile for themselves for their personal adult content and another for their kids. Amazon, its lead competitor in the space, continues to provide access to Viacom's popular kids programming. Just as he did with Derek Luke on his previous directorial effort, "Antwone Fisher," Washington elicits excellent performances from his young cast members, who should expect loads of job offers. Despite reaching for higher purposes, Tolson and his students head down the wrong road one night and witness the gruesome aftermath of a lynching. Click the image to see a larger picture, with enough detail to show sailors standing on the deck, which gives a better idea of the scale of this vessel.
The subscription service costs $7.99 a month and includes unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes. With that, Netflix's recommendation engine will be able to provide more tailored and appropriate recommendations to families that share one account.
The Missouri weighed about 45,000 tons and carried a massive complement of guns described more fully in Wikipedia.

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