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Free ToolsTime saving tools, templates and ideas that I have written, trialled and tested, that work. Valentinea€™s Day, also called Saint Valentinea€™s Day, is a holiday on February 14th celebrating love and friendship.
CELEBRATE by finding out what your students love, what they are passionate about, what their interests are. Top Ten Online Australian Dating Sites Love them or hate them they are part of the new world order for relationships. Film critic Rob Lowing racked her brain to settle on her favourite flicks, ranging from futuristic thrillers to screwball comedies to Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. Cinema's very ambition is reflected in the quest of these characters - to be more human than human. An eloquently simple set-up about a blind photographer epitomised the best of Australian movies: stylish filmmaking, ironic humour and great performances, all made on the smell of an oily rag. The great, humane tradition of 20th-century Italian cinema delivered an eerily heart-breaking drama about the next century's biggest challenge: refugees.
Adults must remember this: a triumph of delicate, bittersweet nostalgia over a vague story about spies and cynics caught in Africa during World War II.
Souped-up action thriller displayed the kind of feral, teeth-rattling energy that unfortunately would rarely be seen again in Australian cinema.
The best computer-animated family film to date allows you to see every purple-and-green monster hair. Audiences fell in love with westerns again, thanks to this exciting, intimate story of a Civil War soldier (Costner) who heads for the last frontier.
This Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ensures the songs enhance a genuinely involving, fast-paced story. The laughs went all the way up to 11 with what is still the best (some say only) music mockumentary.
As if Morris's moody visuals and Philip Glass's haunting music weren't enough, this superb documentary about a 1976 murder uncovered false witnesses, a man wrongly imprisoned - and the real killer.
Maybe no one will ever match the joyous energy of Flynn's dashing hero in the ultimate swashbuckler.
Every fantasy, from Harry Potter to The Lord of the Rings, owes homage to this hugely enjoyable sword-and-sandal romp.
Unlike his annoying Moulin Rouge, Luhrmann's eye-popping excesses were forcibly restrained by the Bard's moving romance. He might have worn his underpants on the outside but elegant Reeve was still one of the few comic book heroes who wasn't silly on the big screen.
Approximately 150 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine's Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas.
Ridley Scott layered his 21st-century man-hunt with classic crime noir, tender romance and techno-brilliance for what is still the benchmark for all visions of the future.

The result is a classic screwball comedy cartoon about monsters who scare kids for "scream" energy. New recruit Sheen is torn between two soldiers (spiritual Dafoe, aggressive Berenger), two father figures and two ways to survive war-as-hell. Rebellious nun Andrews becomes governess to the family of dashing widower Plummer in Nazi-era Austria. This collects highlights from the Seven Up series, which began with British children at age seven, who were then interviewed every seven years. Guest (Waiting For Guffman) and Shearer (The Simpsons) are the failed rock musicians enduring a disastrous comeback tour, exploding drummers and midget stage props. He's backed by glorious duels and chases, witty insults and swoon-worthy romance, all in fledgling Technicolor. Director Malick paid homage to WWII soldiers in his elliptical version of James Jones's Pacific story. Ray Harryhausen's fighting skeletons and mega-monsters enhance this quest for the Golden Fleece. This bank robber adventure just seems effortless, thanks to dream casting and William Goldman's flawless script. Jackson and his team delivered better special effects and better story-telling in what could be the new millennium's greatest epic.
Since the early history literature, love has been a major contributor to many poems, plays, stories, and novels. These are films that pierced the hearts and minds of audiences in their day and still enhance our screens years later. Scriptwriters such as Aldous Huxley may have toiled over "Pee and Pee", as they called it, but Jane Austen has never been bettered on screen. Being fed on a host of extremely trashy and mediocre masala films which have become Bollywood’s staple these days, Anil Sharma gives us a welcome change. Love is a particularly interesting subject because it seems simple but it is most complex with many possible variables, and it also ignites great passion.
Love is easy to compare but difficult to define, maybe because wea€™re fundamentally biased; we try to define love while falling in or out of it. Sunny Deol and Prakash Raj make the film worth a watch for their earnestness and ardour at portraying their respective roles. And love feels differently to every person who feels it, but this subjective emotion has evolutionary explanations, too. His life comes to a standstill following a posting to Bhadori where the corrupt Bhudev Singh’s (Prakaj Raj) words is the law of the land. But the determined man maintains his will power and mental strength emerging as a social worker under the name of Singh Saab and fights Bhudev’s intricate web of evil doings. The film traces the story of Singh Saab, who was formerly the Collector of a small town in North India.

The topsy turvy change of events lands him in jail, which kicks of the vigorous chain of events.There is something about stereotypical Bollywood heroes, the notions of which are constantly shifting contours these days. Interestingly, Singh Saab The Great reprises the same flavor of righteousness in the film and gets preachy without hitting the wrong note. The film makes a comment of how the worst of evils can’t overshadow the kindness and goodness in the world. The last movie which came closest to this theme was Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha which lost plot despite being well intentioned.
Anil Sharma, however, uses a more layman method to reach out a similar message to the public. Despite spending years in the jail after being falsely framed, he turns to the good path with the same strength and potency.
Singh Saab‘s story is largely simplistic which makes its an easy feed for every kind of audiences thus widening its reach.
The story uses very stereotypical props which comprises of an idealistic collector and a slimy plotting villain. However, after watching a series of films which subtly glorify criminals this one is surely a respite.There are heavy hindrances in the plotline too. In the role of an intense and upright man, Deol fits perfectly with his gentle eyes that reflects goodness. When Sunny Deol thrashes someone with that intensity it sounds more plausible unlike a lanky looking hero beating goons to pulp. Failing to bring out the chemistry with Sunny Deol, I did not feel very bad when her role was unceremoniously cut short in the film.Amrita Rao is  good in parts. Though I did not like her in Satyagraha, I can safely say this film is an improvement to her last one in which she was absolutely wasted.Prakash Raj delivers a lip smackingly delicious evil performance.
Rather it is an exclusively loud film but in an era where Bollywood is becoming unusually predictable, here is a story which shows a flair of rare novelty.
For Sunny Deol and Prakash Raj’s pummeling duels, I found the film satiating for its potent message. It is way better than the ranks of awfully mediocre masala film we are compelled to watch week after week. Reply akash November 21, 2013 at 19:50 I am glad for Sunny Deol, that this film got very good review.
Since opening may be around 7-10 cr considering another film releasing, less shows in Multiplex and Ram-Leela factor.That said, after many years, we will see roaring dialougues and action from Sunny. Reply NISHANT CHAUHAN November 22, 2013 at 16:29 fantastic movie,a must watch for sunny deol fans.

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